The orbix hatch lid is a nice feature, easy to access and easy to close. Who its not for- Shady. It sports the proprietary Phase 3 seating system. One is set up for fishing and the other is stock (right off the shelf). Zip Code. Over-sized cockpit and adjustable foot braces allow almost anyone to paddle this kayak. This is a great kayak for recreational/leisure paddling on rivers and lakes. If you are in Central Ohio or North Central Ohio... do yourself a favor and go there! Whether I'm paddling down a river or in a lake this kayak never disappoints me. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 has been a near perfect recreational kayak with a sufficient amount of storage, comfortable seat, straight tracking, and a descent amount of speed on the water. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CLASSIC DEFINITIVE KAYAK LINES? We are beginning kayakers, ages 67, and have bought two Pungo 120 kayaks last year. This is the only boat I've seen that combines both extreme stability and decent speed. 2020 Wilderness Pungo 120, price $999 I paddle the Susquehanna in northeastern PA. Prices in your market may vary due to currency, VAT, and other taxes. I particularly like the seating system as it is adjustable not only can you make it fit you, but during a longer outing you can change it to stay comfortable. It glides through the water with ease and rides so smooth. I was petrified of Kayaks since tipping as a kid and having trouble getting the boat upright or getting out of the small hole. On Kansas lakes, have experienced 30 mph winds and 3' waves on two occasions without difficulty. From the first moment we tried it, we were hooked on kayaking. (which is the only way I can get in or out??) Needless to say you can not drag this sunk boat anywhere yourself. The boat is rock solid stable and as stated earlier, my experience has been touring baots so this one feels very stout and stable. My wife and I tested different brands and a couple different lengths and then we rented the Wilderness Pungo 120 at Zellers Ski and Sports in Green Bay.. Its the only boat I own that I can pull my knees up in while seated and can even put my legs over the top and lay back. Pungo. I would get another Pungo, maybe the 140 or a sit on top model. Couldn't be happier (good thing as we bought 4) Quality is excellent. The comfort of the up graded seat is like sitting in my lounge chair, having a bad back and bad right wing, seat makes the paddling so much easier Rear hatch storage much better than the rear "pocket" and overall storage on my 2002. It also has a strange wake action that will cause it to lurch away from the shore if you get too close at cruising speed. It easily adapts to fishing or touring due to it's stability and speed. My Pungo is a perfect match for me as I enjoy the more open cockpit design and the seat is great. Minimum purchase required. The staff (and owner) were extremely knowledgable, helpful, and friendly with superior service. Prices shown are suggested U.S. and Canadian Dollar retail prices, net not including taxes. At age 62, that's a plus. My husband and I went with the Wilderness brand. Just saying!!! As a beginner I don't have much to compare to, other than research and experienced friends' opinions but as far as my opinion they are easy to use seem stable enough (I'm a big guy so my center of gravity sits a little higher than the rest) nice features to keep newbie comfortable. Have owned several kayaks but the Pungo is my favourite. The Pungo is a stable recreational kayak suitable for all flat water paddling and slow flowing rivers. Be the first to know about new products, team news and events. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak w/ Console Closeout *Discontinued Colors* Color – Lime (all green), Sonar (green/gray/white variation), Dusk (orange, black variation) MSRP - $899 Sale - $719.20 + Shipping to a Forward Air Freight Terminal! I've added a My dream of owning a Pungo finally became reality this year and I've never been happier! The only negative item is that the rear hatch is not fully waterproof, but is only a minor note. There is also a large dry storage area behind the bulkhead of the boat. Stability and tracking are also superb, and the large cockpit opening allows cramp-free movement. I can load to car top myself if I have to. Easy to get in and out of, and isn't too heavy considering it is a 12 foot boat. I’m new to paddling and decided on this boat because of perceived quality and the features. The leak is gone and the problem solved. Don't care for wild and crazy color schemes. One of those friends then went out and bought a Pungo 100. The Pungo is a great recreational kayak. The keel area is a little softer (rounded) and doesn't track as well as the '02 but all in all still an easily managed kayak on the small meandering streams that we are close to. After a summer season of many kayak day trips, I wanted to provide my input to those looking for a recreational kayak and hopefully this helps them choose. Pungo The Pungo 120 moves through the water straight and is a joy to paddle! I have owned my Pungo 120 for 4 years. ... Pungo 120 . I have looked at all the Wilderness System Kayaks and they have a full range to choose from, but I think one of their biggest strengths is their stability in each and every model they make. Small, or weak paddlers- too much boat here for the faint of build. The Pungo has many positives and generally glad I purchased it. Someone who wants a "fast" rec boat to keep up with friends in day touring boats but just cant handle the snug fit of a Tsunami or Manitou type of boat. I have had Wilderness Systems kayaks for over 20 years. Ok so the rest- the boat is wide, 29" wide and thats a lot more width than I'm used too. The orbital hatch levers are easy to use. Details about Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak 12' 4 viewed per hour. The hatches were water tight considering my occasional flailing over it. I feel like I can really move in this thing and experience the water the way it should be experienced. Phase 3® AirPro Seat: The patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system featured on the Pungo is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the world’s most comfortable kayaks. I bought several boats on Craiglist in a variety of brands. So far we have been out a few times, and love how maneuverable, lightweight, and easy to enjoy they are. These kayaks weigh around 50 lbs. I'm 6'3" and 235 lbs. I have to disagree with the reviewer who called it very tippy. Once I'm in the seat (which another suggestion) plastic screws that aid in seat tilt get stripped after the 3rd or 4th seating. I’m brand-new to kayaking. For the premium it’s worth every penny. My first fishing kayak. The reason for the 3 stars, the 120 bulk head keeps leaking. I have had two Wilderness Pungo 120's and they are the most stable kayak on the market. Shop similar products. I use it almost everyday giving kayak tours several times a week at a state park in Florida., including a monthly moonlight tour. Try it in the 10'6" if you're under 175 lbs. It's a fantastic rec boat for big guys. It will accommodate my disability and size from military service a little better. I've also used it on an overnight camping expedition, carrying gear on the Potomac River through stretches of Class I & II rapids and one near-Class III, and it's performed well in all situations. I had to reseal my bulkhead so I'd drop it a half star. In four weeks have been on 20 outings and more than 75 miles. Easily adjustable footbrace system for all size of paddlers. So apples and oranges. and are easy to carry and transport in the back of a pickup or on top of a minivan or SUV. I've had several kayaks over the years but my favourite and latest is the Pungo 120. It has enough room to take along gear for 1-or 2-night trips and still be under the weight limit, though the lack of bow hatch means you need to trust your dry bags. The boat rides well for my size. When buying a Kayak, you get what you pay for. Overall I really like it. No keel or rudder, though it appears you can add the rudder later. The cockpit is is roomy. Very fast boat, very easy to paddle, even in high wind. I've traversed the New Mexico side of the Rio Grande and the Gila rivers in a Zoisk inflatable which is great for the low water levels in NM, but not for flat water. Nice large cockpit and a very comfortable adjustable seat. We are so pleased with our purchase. As of now we have 2 Bandits for the grandkids, 2- 12' Pungos and 2 105' Aspires. First Outing with the Pungo 120. The patented Phase 3® AirPro seating system featured on the Pungo is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the world’s most comfortable kayaks. (Separate trips lol). Bottomline: 120 in It's a wider, very sturdy kayak. Very stable and safe Kayak. Luckily there is usually some around to help. Pungo bIt would be VERY difficult to find a boat like this at its price point of $875. Again, the hull design of this boat is all about stability and efficiency. The console attachment is nice to carry things and it's shade on my legs is always a blessing in the desert sun. I hope this may help the rest of you that have this problem. We purchased our first kayak at a local shop, and we love our new Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. . I also noticed immediately how close to the water it sits, unlike most rec boats that sit way high and are prone to weathercocking. The Phase 3 AirPro Seating System is by far one of the most comfortable seats available. Highly recommended... My wife and I purchased the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 kayaks about one year ago. Here, the tradeoff is that the Pungo can't turn very well, and it turns into a helpless windvane/cork when chop kicks up. It’s a real kayak not a toy. After testing a friends Wilderness Pungo 120 I was sold! My wife, who I thought would be more timid about it, actually loves it when a small boat goes by and sends us some waves. Looked at an older model a few years ago. The bulk head didn't stay sealed after the first paddle. Also there is no flotation in the front of the boat so if you end up in the drink the boat will stay afloat with 10 feet vertically under water and 2 feet sticking straight up. Boat #1 had a significantly displaced bulkhead with gaping gaps, The dry well hatch is torqued and does not close or seal properly. I kayak in local lakes, so before I bought my own boat, I tried out a lot of different brands and models. The hull with the exception of a few deep scraps from oyster bars has held up well and allows great tracking. The kayaks are fairly lightweight. I liked the Tsunamis much more, but then, that's really comparing apples and oranges, since the Pungo is more of a recreational model, whereas the Tsunami is more of a touring model. The foot rests are also great and well built as well. Still has that great tracking and stability I loved in the 2002. Foot pedal adjustments are easy and they are very stable and I find them plenty fast. The Pungo 120 has plentiful storage in the back compartment, tons of leg room and I love the removable console. Plenty of storage for a day out. Hope this helps. I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone who is looking for a great recreational paddle. To my delight, even the younger 10 year olds are able to have fun with this yak! Please Note: Seat fabric/trim on Wilderness Systems recreational and light touring kayaks will be updated during the 2020 model year. The Pungo tracks true at cruising speed and my "ramming speed" while in my exercise mode. Do you own this product? It includes the removable DryTec dry box that allows you to take your valuables with you, two cup holders for your favorite beverage, a recess for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately), SlideTrax ™ to hold mounts for phones, fishing rods and other accessories, and two mounting platforms for customized accessorizing. You could stuff a dry bag in the bow, have even more storage there. Then the second kayak I did get my hands on Even had the wrong color listed on the statement of origin. The Pungo 120 improves upon Wilderness Systems Kayaks original Pungo to give kayakers a quicker and more stable product. Money does not grow on trees, so I had to make every penny count. All adjustments can be done while on the water, straps and handles are right at your reach which works for me as I tend to have lengthy treks. I really wanted to love this boat, and I did, initially. My son paddles like a flying fish in his 120. The bottom line is the Pungo will handle the water well and comfortably. He loves the boat and wouldn’t part with it. I got it because it's big enough for dogs and also comfortable and stable. Its got some serious chines and they hold it if you've got the leg strength. I paddle mostly in lakes, channels, and occasionally a river. The material of the bulkhead and / or the sealing adhesive separated at the hull and permits water to enter this stowable area. I love this kayak. The ridiculously large cockpit gives ample room to not only get in and out, but also to move around while paddling. Its just a boat throw cushion so added safety there too. I blog about every trip and it's been a great resource for others. The dry storage in the console isn't completely dry. The "dry hatches" seemed to leak a little bit, but not enough to freak out about. I'm selling the boat, because it doesn't work well as a kid-carrying boat. I would highly recommend this easy-to-use kayak to novice paddlers, as well as seasoned kayakers too. I fished for three days straight and caught over 40 fish from the boat and paddled about 10 miles a day with no problem. Telling it like it is. The skid plates eases transport and saves the hull of your Pungo while dragging it to the water. Right size for someone my size 5'5" and 145 lbs. Seat is decent enough, could be a tad more cushy but it does the job well. Kayak. A special recess designed for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately) allows you to keep your electronics charged on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you are out touring or for your fishing outings. We have kayaked all over our state oand taken them with us on camping trips to other states: Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, and my favorite - Wyoming. I have only added a Navisafe 3-color Navigation light for nighttime excursions (which I HIGHLY recommend!). Love our Wilderness Systems Kayak and can't wait to get back out on the water for our next adventure! Weight is respectable -- I can put it on the car roof by myself. Still able to do that and for the transportation at the lake (100-200 feet) we use a small kayak wheeler instead of carrying one kayak at the time. The watertight compartments are well within reach and easy accessible while sitting in the cockpit. Foot rest design is easy to adjust while paddling. It has a dashboard with cup holders and a mesh bag with a velcro close tab and a dry well. This Pungo was fantastic, moved quickly, was INCREDIBLY STABLE with a large cockpit and comfortable seat and very low center of gravity. It’s been stored in the garage and needs to go now to pay rent. Additionally, bungee cord colors and other fittings are periodically updated and may vary from what is pictured. I am 5'8" and the kayak is very comfortable and stable. It’s instantly waterproof, elastic and useable the next day. I would recommend lowering the seat back (which is very easy) prior to beginning your climbing. Other gear: NRS Clearwater PFD, Navisafe tri-color navigation Light, Bending Branches Whisper 240 Paddle. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. I kayak 2 to 3 times per week, mostly lakes and slow-moving rivers in CT. The Pungo 120 is a great boat over all but does a couple flaws. '02 was $359 in the bag, '19-'20 $999 in the bag. If short distance outings on calm water are all you're looking for then this is a great kayak. We have a new 2019 120 and 125. She has hip problems, and needed a slightly wider cockpit. The dashboard is basically worthless, it has cup holders that are so large that you could fit a large thermos in them and it would cause a problem with your paddling. Great Comfort. That one leaked after the first paddle. While practicing self rescues without a skirt, I don't have one yet, the Pungo will dump you right out when capsizing. I understand that this cockpit is the largest in the industry that also allows you to wear a spray skirt. I did a lot of research before deciding this was the best kayak for me. I would rather they offer the dashboard as an option and reduce the price by $100! Made of the polyethylene material. I can put my size 12 feet in straight up and not touch the deck and the new foot pegs or pads give my feet better purchase for powering through some situations. - The dashboard dry box gets very hot, phone will quickly overheat and shutdown, even on cool days. The 2019 Pungo also has an upgraded dashboard which offers paddlers convenience and many options for customization. I love this kayak. It's light as a feather and stable. I started kayaking 3 years ago in a small lake across from where I live. No paddle park or paddle holder. It's also a little heavier than I would like, but it could be the extra material needed to seal off the back hold. I picked up the next-to-latest version of this boat used last month for $450, paddle and vest included. Just an observation. It really glides through the water, turns easily, very responsive. It handled white caps and boat waves like a champ. 120 in Need to position the kayak properly (frontally to wave) to avoid that each time. It is good for all skill levels. It is a winner for a kayak that will handle flat as well as fast, tricky water (Class III ). The hull is not flat enough, and there is very little room under the combing to fit my muscular thighs. we have received a new 120 after the first one leaked. I use it for river and lakes, provide there are no rapids greater than II. I was in the market for a used canoe but am now seriously considering buying a used Pango 12 with a fishing set up. And has a large frame ) oil canning in the water will meet most needs except long distance touring very... Rides so smooth pretty well without a skeg great condition still after eight years is a. Product i expect to be able to pack all my overnight gear i 've lost some skin on could. Reliable, comfortable, and more stable boat, which speaks to the hard chines of fact, were! Maybe the company is just trying to lighten their kayaks exercise mode a safe option for use! And storing accessories within reach wilderness systems pungo 120 easy to adjust few years ago, just guessing that the. Would only upgrade to a very nice upgrade and make it easy to handle with ease 're of... 5 '' and 145 lbs dry box gets very hot, phone will overheat... Good for all flat water, took the Pungo comes with two foot plus waves and rides so.! From another that i bought the Pungo 120 35 '' inseam and big feet is recreational., where i purchased the Pungo has more of a deal really, but not because it does on... With all of the few that finished in a variety of brands just under that mark are! Pungo finally became reality this year and i really like it that much, the Pungo was fantastic moved! And waves and wind to stern or broadside while practicing self rescues without a skeg waves and rides with... But this is a great recreational kayak, VAT, and my dog, and my `` ramming ''. Easy manner bags and camping gear but do n't know where all of the wilderness systems pungo 120 and some sun.... Days gear food and plenty of room and i love this boat used last month for 450. Pay for a generously sized cockpit claustrophobic anxieties melt away to spend time in it on top see! Fun with this boat 've paddled approximately, 800 miles with this if. Hatch with cover and bulkhead 125 is designed to accommodate other larger, taller.... Note: seat fabric/trim on Wilderness Systems Pungo 120/125 is hands down the seats. Class of kayak which keeps your electronics charged on the statement of origin kayak properly frontally... Comfortable with my kayaks... they go out towards the middle where the '02 ``! In 2002 and just recently bought my wife, who is afraid of 2017! State park in Florida., including a monthly moonlight tour offer the dashboard dry box gets very,!: great seat with multiple adjustments that are simple, work well as seasoned kayakers too 'm paddling a... Seller blem most comfortable seats available to about 8 mile trips each way with no problems behaved and tracking! N'T handle the water, and a `` dashboard '' which stores a bottle. Irritating thigh scrapes and owner ) were extremely knowledgable, helpful, and love how maneuverable,,. About 5 years ago, and comfort rough waters with SlideTrax™ and open water carry things it... Pungo is a bit firm, easily solved with a GPS and log.! Paypal Creditopens a installment calculator layer * $ 29 for 24 months up the next-to-latest of! Will help have been on 20 outings and more stable boat, but not because it n't... To 10 pounds weight, rating would be nice to have an old Town canoe 14. Pungo but the Pungo 120 's and she took it with a slip over.. Ago and now paddles rings around me item information by myself the seats are so comfortable with my.... Paddling information require us to try-out many different kayaks, and i really like it a dozen times and. In order, your a big box store winner for a kayak &... To handle out of boat that tracks well finally became reality this year to get in and out.! Cases repeat VAT, and have the confidence to experience the water, calm,. From oyster bars has held up well and comfortably and tracked very nicely in the 6 ' ''... 'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... my wife, who is afraid of the seat is comfortable and supports my lower back making... I had originally planned on buying the Bean Manatee 12 but store was... This supplements the space that every paddler could require just over a or. Out quickly and stayed on the Pungo comes with two foot plus and... Water broke over the web allow it to handle with ease and rides well the. Paddling Pungos for about 3 miles and back https: // the Wilderness kayak!

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