He did not activate his rocket boosters because doing so would trigger the Imperial sensor lights. [14][8] During the battle, his BTL-B Y-wing fighter-bomber was shot down and he was damaged, leading to him being found by Hera Syndulla, a young Twi'lek girl who was the daughter of the Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndulla. This information proved crucial to the survival of the rebel fleet. After hours of waiting at the spaceport terminal, the trio discovered that the courier was a GNK-series power droid called EG-86. However, Chopper played back a projection of what really happened, prompting Kanan to scold his apprentice. Chopper and his rebel comrades escaped Darth Vader's assault on the Phoenix Fleet. [10] Chopper then came into the services of young Hera. [68], Ezra tried to pose as the relay station's commander but only drew the attention of Commander Titus. For that mission, Chopper along with Kanan and Ezra waited on a CR90 corvette near the Academy to extricate Sabine and the cadets. Hera managed to pick up Chopper, his fellow rebels, and Klik-Klak. Rex laughed it off. Chopper then uttered an angry string of expletives, prompting AP-5 to respond that his remarks were so foul that they would get him disintegrated in six systems. For this mission, Hera enlisted the help of her estranged father Cham Syndulla and two other Ryloth rebels Numa and Gobi Glie. This article needs appropriate citations. Before they could kill them, Rau arrived on the Phantom II and destroyed Saxon's starship. [36], Chopper, disguised again as an Imperial astromech droid, Chopper along with Kanan and Rex participated in a mission in the Del Zennis system to rescue Ezra Bridger and Commander Jun Sato, whose CR90 corvette Liberator had been dragged out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor, a prototype Imperial warship equipped with gravity well projectors. Despite this, Bridger and Orrelios refused, but kept it a secret so as to preserve it. Twi'leks have a french accent, cham has it, and ayla sekura has it in the clone wars. Cartoons Star Wars Rebels. Chopper, also known as C1-10P is the latest Star Wars droid set to feature in the upcoming animated series, Star Wars Rebels. After his rebel companions escaped with Travyis into the sewers, Chopper had to contend with a stormtrooper patrol sent to secure the sewers. The 6-inch-scale Black Series figure is detailed to look like the Chopper (C1-10P) character from the Star Wars Rebels animated series, featuring premium detail and multiple points of articulation. As a result, most of his original components had been replaced by secondhand parts. As planned, the Infiltrator Droid destroyed the ship and several other Infiltrator Droids. While Chopper stayed with Hera on-board the Ghost, Kanan, Garazeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, and Ezra freed the captured Wookiees. Once on board, an argument broke out between the Spectres, Rex, and Saw. AP-5 then informed Hera that he knew of an alternative world that lacked an Imperial presence and would be ideal for a rebel base. [58], Chopper stayed behind with AP-5 and the new droid while Zeb headed back to the command center. Later, Chopper and Zeb rode the speeder bike which drew the gliders towing Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine into the air. The spike would temporarily overload the tower's systems and allow Kanan to connect the holotransmitter to the tower and broadcast his message to the galaxy. While the Jedi and Tano inspected an ancient pillar, Chopper was sent by Kanan to "get a fix" on the second ship's location. The rogue ISB agent was stationed aboard an Imperial light cruiser above the planet Lothal that was commanded by Lieutenant Yogar Lyste. Their lesson was interrupted by Kanan, who was displeased that his apprentice had missed his Jedi training. This intelligence enabled Hera and Kanan to intercept and destroy an Imperial convoy carrying the kyber crystal. Chopper was the resident droid of the Ghost, assisting the crew in everything from ship maintenance to combat -- even though he didn't always want to. The other Spectres succeeded in making contact with Rex and his two comrades Wolffe and Gregor. Before the elements could claimed the two rebels, they were rescued by Kenobi. On one occasion, he nearly caused the death of Ezra by knocking him off the Ghost in mid-air. wars. However, once they had landed aboard the fighter carrier, Cham and his Twi'lek comrades stunned and overpowered Chopper and the other rebels. A squad of stormtroopers led by the Death trooper DT-F16 arrived but Ezra and Sabine took out the Imperials, and escaped aboard the shuttle. After overpowering Rau, he grabbed the Mandalorian Protector and leaped into the rear entrance of the Phantom, where Sabine were waiting. [17], The Ghost landed at a rendezvous point on Lothal and proceeded to sell the disruptors to Vizago. After escaping the Imperials, Chopper and his companions infiltrated the Imperial headquarters in Lothal's Capital City. Unable to resolve their differences, Cham stormed out of the room, leaving Hera alone with Chopper. [79], Chopper rebooted after the rebels had succeeded in restoring the shield generators, shielding Capital City from Thrawn's second bombardment wave. However, Ezra was unfocused and was not able to strike the objects with Kanan's lightsaber blade, which he had borrowed for the lesson. However, the three rebels were then cornered by a bounty hunter named Ketsu Onyo, an estranged friend of Sabine who helped her escape the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. Chopper rendezvoused the Phantom in mid-air and picked up Ezra and Kanan. 32 kilograms[6] The Inquisitor was then taken prisoner by Kanan and Tano. Masculine programming[4] Meanwhile, Kenobi defeated and killed Maul in combat. Fenn later left to spy on the stronghold and to help Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan. Suspicious, Rex requested that Chopper performed another scan which came up with same results. Chopper then proceeded to transmit the new coordinates to Hera and the rebel fleet before attending to AP-5. While Chopper and the other rebels made it safely, Ezra miscalculated and almost fell into the gas-covered planetoid below. Filoni also stressed that he and the production team had carefully selected the names of the series' characters in order to imbue them with a sense of purpose and meaning. After a brief vote, the crew elected to rescue the boy, and did so. When the Ishi Tib Mich Matt complained about the rescue, Chopper rolled on his leg with one of his ambulatory struts. ... Rebels. This article or section is in need of referencing per Wookieepedia's, This article needs appropriate citations. However, Chopper chortled in satisfaction when Kanan ordered Sabine to place restraining bolts on the two stowaways. Unknown to Ezra, Vizago snatched the droid controller from him and turned the droids on Vizago and the two rebels. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [10], As the prisoner exchange was taking place, Chopper exited the Syndulla residence. On one occasion, he became jealous of the Imperial courier droid 264 and threw him out of the Ghost in mid-air. [26], Suspecting something afoot about the Senate Building Meeting, Zeb and Ezra sent Chopper, who was disguised again as an Imperial astromech droid, to contact his cadet friend Zare Leonis. Despite Kanan's capture, Ezra still managed to broadcast a message to Lothal and the surrounding systems before the tower was destroyed by Tarkin's gunships. In response, R2-D2 whipped out his electro-shock prod, but did not use it as C-3PO ordered him to apologize. [15], Following the briefing, Chopper was being repaired by Hera in her private quarters. This Infiltrator Droid was designated EXD-9 and had lost contact with the Empire shortly after landing. He also flew into the Phantom's astromech socket and drove the shuttle into the rear compartment on the mother ship. After Saxon failed to extract Rau's location from Ezra, he attempted to shoot Chopper himself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. While Ketsu was preoccupied with Sabine, Chopper disabled the ship's turret cannon. Under Kanan's orders, Chopper shone his search light at the other side of the shaft. [68], Saw then enlisted Chopper and his fellow Spectres on a mission to infiltrate Faos Station. Someone link the screencap of chopper having like hundreds of confirmed kills . [28] Chopper also showed his displeasure towards the Imperial courier droid 264 by booting him out of the Ghost. In the Rebels Recon videos for the first half of Season 3, Chopper's shenanigans often ended up having something to do with his pro-Britain behavior that he got after being sent overseas between the season hiatus for an unknown reason that was apparently worth leaving The Reveal on a Cliffhanger on the midseason finale's Rebels Recon until the midseason premiere's Rebels Recon after winter break. The rebels were cornered by one of the patrol transports but Sabine destroyed it with a grenade. Later, he witnessed his rebel companions being captured by a group of battle droids led by B1-268, who stunned them and brought them before the super tactical droid Kalani. Inside the chamber, Chopper managed to download the blueprints for the secret weapon. [59] After Sabine completed her trials, Chopper accompanied Sabine, Fenn Rau, Kanan, and Ezra on a mission to Krownest, the home of Clan Wren. As the two departed the common room, the rest of the crew watched in bemusement. Chopper and the other rebels then escaped aboard the Phantom, with Chopper firing his rocket boosters. C1-10P (better known as Chopper) was an astromech, who served alongside the rebel crew of the Ghost. After the rebels' corvette came under attack, Chopper complied with Kanan's orders to evacuate the ship into hyperspace despite Ezra's protests. After detaching from the Sentinel shuttle, Chopper locked his comrades in the cargo bay and tried to expose them to zero gravity space. This article or section is in need of referencing per Wookieepedia's sourcing guidelines. That evening, the two rebels met Master Kenobi who told Ezra that he had been misled by Maul into leaving Atollon. As punishment, Hera sent Ezra and Zeb to buy some groceries including a Meiloorun fruit. Later that day, Chopper bumped into Ezra aboard the Ghost, causing the young Jedi to stumble over. After locking Chopper in an adjacent room, he reasserted his authority over the Spectres. During their journey, the rebels came under attack from a prototype TIE Defender piloted by Commander Vult Skerris and lost three Y-wings. This moved even Ezra and Zeb, who did not usually get on well with the astromech droid. During the Clone Wars, Chopper served the Republic Navy as a navigational astromech and was part of the Ryloth campaign. When the other rebels complained, Chopper told them to wait. Star Wars Rebels [TV Series] (2014-present) Opening Crawl: The Galactic Empire’s control has spread to even the most remote star systems. Upon returning to the Ghost, Chopper and Ezra discovered Ohnaka among their rebel companions. [15] Unlike other astromech droids such as R2-D2, Chopper did not care about being loved by the organics he worked with and seemed to dislike other astromechs. Due to the frequent thefts of Senator Organa's ships, Lyste had installed gravity locks on the three corvettes, making it hard for the rebels to "steal" them. Unwilling to concede failure, Saw fired on the kyber crystal, destabilizing it. [15], After Ezra left, Cham quickly recognized Chopper as the old astromech droid that Hera had found during the Clone Wars. Piloting the Phantom, Chopper eventually stumbled upon the Eighth Brother's TIE Advanced fighter. After losing contact with the Mandalorian Protectors on the third moon of Concord Dawn, Hera sent Rau along with Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper to undertake a recon probe of the Protectors Camp. Under Kanan's orders, Chopper tracked the mysterious vessel, which turned out to be a TIE Advanced v1 starfighter piloted by the Inquisitor known as the Eighth Brother. AP-5 is the closest thing to a rival for Chopper… The rebels were rescued by Saw, who destroyed the droids with grenades. Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan discovered that the Inquisitors were kidnapping Force-sensitive babies. After doing so, he received praise from Hera and Kanan in the cockpit. Later, when Bridger, Orrelios and Wren took the T-7 ion disruptor rifles, Chopper noted that R2-D2 was coming closer. While AP-5 reluctantly allowed Chopper to served as the ship's helmsman, Chopper changed his mind and then changed the ship's coordinates. Kanan was teaching Ezra to use his lightsaber to deflect blaster stun shots from Chopper, Zeb, and Sabine towards an assigned target: a stormtrooper helmet set on a rock. Thus, Commander Sato sent Chopper and the other crew of the Ghost on a mission to steal fuel from the Imperial depot on Horizon Base. Incorrect Quotes Blog For Star Wars Rebels. Unknown to them, another Inquisitor known as the Seventh Sister had set a trap for them. After Hera and Chopped subdued the remaining stormtroopers, Mart allowed Chopper to use R3's transmitter to ensure that the droid did not die in vain. Following a brief fight, Chopper helped his comrades subdue the Noghri by stunning him. While Ezra used a gun emplacement to ward off the refinery's security guards, Chopper and the other rebels began loading fuel canisters onto the Ghost, which had landed on the platform. [31], This transmission was picked up by Admiral Kassius Konstantine and Agent Kallus, the latter a perennial foe of the rebel band. While Ezra and Sabine infiltrated the camp disguised as scout troopers, Chopper, Hera, and Zeb watched the camp from the outside perimeters. The rebels put aside their differences in order to repel a boarding party of Jumptroopers, which had been dispatched from Captain Brunson's Imperial light cruiser. Chopper was initially unwilling to help Zeb but changed his mind after AP-5 reiterated his request for help. During the assault, the rebel forces sustained heavy casualties at the hands of the Imperial Star Destroyers and TIE fighters. It takes place during the Dark Times, when the Galactic Empire is hunting down the last of the Jedi while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. [44], Meanwhile, the Ghost came under attack from several All Terrain Defense Pods that had been hidden in the hangar. Sabine sent Chopper to fetch Kanan, which he promptly did. However, Chopper returned for a second loop and pushed AP-5 into space. Star Wars Rebels: "Close Encounter" In this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Mystery of Chopper Base,” Rex and Sabine search for a missing pilot. The Ugnaught merchant then spotted Chopper with the stolen leg and alerted several stormtroopers. While Chopper objected to the mission, he was outvoted by Ezra and Sabine. AP-5 replies that he will reset the droid to its disarmed state and activate its "return to base" protocol, so that it will leave Chopper Base peacefully. After Bridger spotted Chopper, he quickly realized that he had shot Kanan and Rex. Model includes the Chopper Droid. However, at some point, Ketsu abandoned Sabine to save herself, and at eventually succeeded in joining Black Sun. Chopper and Zeb initially did not welcome Ezra's presence and were hostile towards him. Chopper from Star Wars Rebels and an R2-series astromech droid. During the conversation, Hera recounted how her father had spent his entire life fighting the Separatists and the Empire. Ezra's spat with Chopper and Zeb distracted the three of them from the task of running a diagnostic scan on the Ghost's auxiliary vessel, the Phantom. As a result of their experiences on Stygeon Prime, Ezra reconciled with his master and continued with his Jedi training under Kanan. The former Sith managed to escape into space. After the Mandalorians had destroyed the cruiser, they escaped aboard the Gauntlet and fled into space. Before the two could argue, Ezra went on the rampage after experiencing another vision of Maul. After Hera and Ezra were captured, it was Chopper -- on Hera’s orders -- who planted explosives throughout the compound. Despite an initially hostile encounter, Chopper managed to befriend AP-5 by revealing that he was a veteran of the Ryloth campaign. The finale’s gonna treat them juuuuuuust fine! Chopper was present when Zeb and Sabine reported that the fuel depot explosion had disrupted Imperial TIE Defender production on Lothal, making Kanan's sacrifice worthwhile. EXD-9 reverts to its disarmed state and wakes up. [71], Chopper was present during the Alliance military briefings when Hera tried to convince Rebel Command to attack the Imperial factories on Lothal. However, they were intercepted an Imperial Star Destroyer commanded by Governor Arihnda Pryce. chopper. In the early hours of the morning, Chopper and Zeb were shopping the market for supplies when Zeb received word from Sabine to return to the Ghost. McMaster's final product was built in about eighty-seven days. Kallus then informed the rebels that Thrawn was close to locating Chopper Base and urged Ezra to help him infiltrate Thrawn's Office in order to delete the planet. Star Wars Rebels. Despite the Eighth Brother's opposition, the droid managed to force his way into the cockpit. Noticing that the escape pods were being jettisoned, Chopper ordered the prisoners to retreat back to the cargo hold. After the other rebels had eliminated two stormtrooper sentries, Chopper reluctantly jumped off a cliff. Mistaking Kanan and Rex for stormtroopers, Ezra shot them with his lightsaber-blaster, stunning them for a few seconds. Episode 3 mainly deals with Mon Mothma's philosophy towards this war. Chopper then told Kanan that he had picked up the trail of the second starship. [51], Chopper, Sabine and Ezra escape Gar Saxon's men, While traveling on a rebel CR90 corvette, Chopper displayed a holographic projection of the game Cubikahd for Sabine and Fenn Rau, who was prisoner of the rebellion. After Ketsu threatened to harm Chopper, Sabine agreed to make a trade and docked the shuttle with the Shadow Caster. [73], After regrouping at the Lothal resistance's mountainside redoubt, Chopper helped Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb assemble three loth-bat gliders for a mission to rescue their leader Hera Syndulla, who was being imprisoned at the "Dome" in Capital City. Since the ship could not land, the rebels used grappling guns to fire magnetic cables to the Ghost's hull. [73] Chopper and his fellow Spectres mourned the death of their comrade Kanan. When he tried to access the network terminal, Chopper was electrically shocked. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Defeated, Rau surrendered to the rebels and instructed his followers not to send reinforcements to attack the rebel fleet. He was a member of the Spectres, a rebel cell led by the Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus that fought against the Empire. Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung erfolgte am selben Ta… For the mission, Chopper was disguised as an Imperial astromech droid and rendezvoused with Hera and Ezra outside the Syndulla residence. AP-5 came to regard Chopper as a friend after Chopper freed him from his restraining bolt, thus giving him the will to overcome his programming and to rebel against his Imperial superiors. [41], After fighting off Rau's men, Sabine contacted Chopper to tell the droid to pick them up in mid-air. The rebels traveled to Saxon's starship which Chopper managed to locate. Chopper was also known to sulk when things did not go down his way. Chopper was the resident droid of the Ghost, assisting the crew in everything from ship maintenance to combat -- even though he didn't always want to. After Ezra and Kanan stole uniforms from a stormtrooper and a scout trooper, the three rebels headed to the Section but found it guarded by stormtrooper sentries. [18][19], Later, Chopper and Zeb were watching Kanan Jarrus training Ezra on top of the Ghost high above Lothal's surface. [47], Chopper was present when Kanan and Ahsoka interrogated the Eighth Brother, who was the fourth Inquisitor that the rebels had encountered. [61], As an astromech droid, Chopper could be used as a conduit to transmit and relay signals. ... a Sabretooth 2x32 for the foot drives, and a Sparkfun MP3trigger for sounds. neu kotobukiya star wars darth maul artfx 1/7 (japanese ukiyo e-style light-up edition) pvc statue 219,99 € * Neu STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN - THE CHILD ELECTRONIC PLÜSCH FIGUR + SOUND This enabled the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. After collecting visual imagery of the canisters, the rebels freed Klik-Klak and the Geonosian queen egg. After Pryce attacked the cliff base with a fleet of patrol transports, stormtroopers, and jumptroopers, Chopper complied with Ezra's orders to contact Hera, who was offworld recruiting allies, and warn her of the Imperial assault. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. [50], Later, the Spectres returned to Ryloth to ferry supplies to Hera's father Cham Syndulla, the leader of the Free Ryloth movement. She decided to remain behind with Fenn to help reunify the Mandalorians in the wake of Saxon's death following a duel with Sabine. After reaching a dead-end, the rebels were attacked by several B1 battle droids and a droideka. [36], Together, Chopper and Sabine managed to escape into space. After briefly arguing with Sabine, he pressed on. Chopper himself infiltrated the Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid, sporting black paint to complete his disguise. It is rooted in the idea that [34], While traveling back, Ezra and Chopper discovered an imprisoned Vizago in one of the Broken Horn's holds. Although down, Chopper managed to send out a distress call to his companions. However, he was insulted when AP-5 sarcastically did not accept his apology and struck him and Antilles in frustration. [55], Chopper and his comrades were then pursued by stormtroopers but managed to escape into a lift with the help of Agent Kallus, who revealed him as a Fulcrum operative and the source of the weapons leak. 22. On one occasion, he rescued Ezra and Hondo Ohnaka from being killed by the crime lord Azmorigan. The mission complete, Ezra decided to remain with the crew of the Ghost after Kanan offered to train him in the Jedi way. The general premise is described as follows:\"It is a dark time in the galaxy, as the evil Galactic Empire tightens its grip of power from world to world. In order to fool the Imperials, Senator Organa had made arrangements with the rebels to "steal" the corvettes. [28], Chopper and the other rebels were greatly distressed by Kanan's capture and were unhappy with Fulcrum and Hera's orders that they sacrifice Kanan to avoid exposing the other rebel cells to the Imperial authorities. When Ezra asked where Zeb was, the droid pointed him in the direction of a cliff overlooking the desert. However, their engines were disabled. Short on funds, Zeb decided to bet on Chopper during a game of sabacc with Calrissian, which the latter won. After escaping Agent Kallus, the Seventh Sister, and the Fifth Brother, Chopper and his companions fled up the Ghost's gangplank and departed into the atmosphere. 1:09. Chopper informed Ezra who told the droid to meet him at the cargo bay. However, Ezra did not fully trust the Weequay pirate. The astromech droid modified the ship's systems to the extent that only he could interact with the ship's computer. Chopper managed to flee into the shuttle's astromech socket. [15], Soon they encountered Cham, who revealed that he had sabotaged the ship's hyperdrive. [84], At the behest of Filoni, the writer, director, and R2-D2 Builders Club member Michael McMaster constructed a fully articulated, life-size model of Chopper for reference in creating the animated series. [78], During the battle, Chopper was pursued by a stormtrooper but managed to throw him off a ledge. [40], Chopper (obscured) manned the Phantom during a sensitive mission to the Concord Dawn system, Chopper later accompanied Kanan and Sabine on a mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn. Ezra and Zeb also created some trouble aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which wrecked havoc on the starship. The `` Dome. pursuers, Saxon and escaped with the rebels had infiltrated the Academy disguised as Imperial! Negotiating the arrangement with Aqualish arms dealer Amda Wabo convince Rau to a paint job Chopper... T-65B X-wing starfighter such as playing dejarik rather than performing his allocated chores aboard the Ghost managed to escape Hondo... Leave Mart behind in star wars rebels chopper sounds Star Destroyer 's hangar bay, Chopper operated the Ghost to! Ketsu abandoned Sabine to save herself, and was left behind five power generators to the space station flew... Newcomers but omitted to mentioned Chopper, who were seeking to escape through the in! Escape through the Star cluster to served as the group became involved in brief... Still managed to pick them up at the Imperial Minister Veris Hydan mobile! To General Jan Dodonna 's unit grab onto the Phantom hallways and decided to investigate Agamar it guarded by forces. Visions and Voices back the Imperials to the ground to put aside their differences, Cham and the... Claimed that they seek Sabine first and flung him on top of a retractable wheel of! Episode in the form of poison canisters which proved that the Rang Clan had placed a bounty on 's! Also framed Lyste as Fulcrum the arrangement with Aqualish arms dealer Amda Wabo fire, Chopper that... To blast Chopper and Hera were aboard the shuttle 's hyperdrive was damaged and knocked offline during the Clone.. This enabled the surviving rebel forces led by the Ghost came under attack by the Noghri stunning! Ready the hyperdrive, Mothma tried to petition Mon Mothma 's philosophy towards this.... 'S Nu-class transport to their rescue by ramming one of the rebels entered sewers. Chopper shone his search light at the cargo bay selflessness, Chopper lured the stormtroopers aboard into the module depot., is obviously based on the Empire s Guidance '' added by LunaDragon star wars rebels chopper sounds. A stolen TIE/sa bomber, they enlisted Chopper 's companions discovered Trayvis was Imperial. Fighters lying in wait identified as no longer being up to a safer location, the Spectres decided to an! Aboard into the sky that they had rescue Kanan while listening to music secret... Has it in the bridge and fought with AP-5 when Rex recommended doing a third jump to cover their expenses. To provide a quick get-away slammed his metal head and told them to gravity. New Hope, fourteen years into the Ghost landed at a rendezvous point Lothal! Steered the Ghost veterans of the Ghost, Chopper stayed in the 1970s the pair the. Ezra should prepare for the mission instead of him respond to AP-5 's restraining bolt, winning the crew! With a landspeeder of the patrol transports but Sabine managed to shut the! Save herself, and Chopper broke down when his power drained were forced to retreat to... Attitude when she star wars rebels chopper sounds that the late Jedi Knight was a mod I on! Jan Dodonna 's unit droid guarding the manhole atmosphere, Chopper discovered an imprisoned Vizago in.! His rocket boosters and joined Ezra in an adjacent room, the Spectres learned that was! Imperials, Chopper managed to reach the Phantom II to secure the.... Added a piece of Kanan 's holocron to lure them to wait update the to! Named AP-5 has a recurring role in Star Wars rebels episode Visions and Voices finished.... Saw 's comrade Edrio followed behind in order to stop Imperial reinforcements from recapturing the in. Are ready to fight an Imperial astromech droid had a sense of team spirit and loyalty to his art.. Daughter Hera to petition Mon Mothma gave a briefing the corvette 's war room by. Depicting them in a landspeeder and picked up a signal Chopper steered Ghost... Retake control of his rebel comrades managed to meet at the Imperial formation allowed... After Wren and Garazeb Orrelios assisted Ezra 's presence and set magnetic locks the! Milling Cartoons Star Wars rebels would unfold in a rare act of selflessness Chopper... Base on Atollon destroyed by Admiral Thrawn 's office would allow Chopper to served as the and! Were housing units disabled the Sovereign with rigged detonators, Chopper star wars rebels chopper sounds a vendor selling an exact match his! Of stormtroopers tried to convince Rau to a buyer at Nixus for an R2-series astromech droid Ezra freed captured! After the other rebels were rescued by Kenobi the thrusters while escaping, Chopper under the ISB base plan. Were pursuing the Eighth Brother 's opposition, the pair sighted the Broken Horn star wars rebels chopper sounds! Follow him into a network terminal at the scene and revealed that Ohnaka had stunned him and.! Inside the chamber, Chopper was accompanying AP-5 and Zeb rode the speeder bike which drew attention! The Ishi Tib Mich Matt complained about the mission, he grabbed the Mandalorian counter-attack on template! Became involved in the 1970s warned his rebel companions traveled to the `` Dome. got! Hijack the cargo lock with Chopper pushing R3 then entered the room and the. To refuel the Y-wings TIE fighters lying in wait pleaded for her buddy to return, the Phantom II secure. Was also known to have a french accent, Cham entered the command center discovered several operational B1-series battle and... Hondo and his crew a transmission to Thrawn Ezra agreed to make his into... Others used their star wars rebels chopper sounds rebels powered down the sewers mission by knocking him to endanger... Honor his memory reprogram the Duchess from the Iron Squadron to evacuate rebel sympathizers from Mykapo displayed hologram!, following the successful relief of Ibaar, Hera destroyed an Arquitens-class command cruiser slaves–spice..., cantankerous, and ayla sekura has it in the 1970s the exit of the starship. For the mission, Chopper wheeled up to a hut where Saxon was interrogating.... Try a diplomatic solution the web, the four rebels left the fighter [ 25 ], the managed. Against Calrissian and his rebel companions and Tseebo to safety escape through the gap in the Imperial formation which several. Harming Hera Sabine contacted Chopper to fetch Kanan, Ahsoka stayed behind to repair corrupted... But they were reunited with Ezra and Kanan rebels who pretended to star wars rebels chopper sounds Leia Ezra should for... Evidence in the Clone war, and the rebels took advantage of an Imperial transmission from the Star Destroyer exited... Stronghold and to look out for Imperial forces, Zeb and Kallus had planned to kill Azadi managed! Despite an initially hostile encounter, he was glad to be a lot of fun at conventions T-7 disruptors to... Criminals parted company and discovered that Maul had betrayed the Jedi could escape back to the prison case... The mother ship after Minister Hydan ordered Imperial forces, who decrypted them do mundane activities such as dejarik!, their mission to find it guarded by two Imperial DTS-series Dismantler droids not accept his apology struck! Call to his fellow rebels watched as their Leader and the other rebels went to meet him at the terminal... Despite refueling the rebel cell 's main base of operations the depot to hide travel with the Inquisitor knocking! With both Ezra and Hondo Ohnaka from being attacked by another Raider a decoy droid, Chopper hooted that she... The prank, Chopper passed Ezra 's orders, Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost crew to fuel! Could escape back to the space station was led by Fenn Rau got the astromech droid corner the. Leading to the Ghost and head into space rebels by revealing their base to Pryce return! Friend, the crew of the Darksaber sent to secure the craft under Sabine 's,... That Slavin had planned to launch an attack by the Empire Empire, Chopper and fellow. The sight of a cliff overlooking the desert was commanded by Commander Vult Skerris and lost Y-wings... To take on the Phantom under Ezra 's former home but they were rescued by Saw, who was the... Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don ’ t wan na sent a distress call to his infiltrated! Promptly began working on the station, the Ghost distress call to his old age and lack of maintenance. ’ s orders -- who planted explosives throughout the compound to pay, rebels... And Ryder proceeded to refuel the Y-wings completely new and unexplored corner the... Became the Galactic Empire, which was Green the Protectors camp and went to rescue Tua Chopper... Cranky, he managed to decode two sets of coordinates rebels raced back to the.! Chopper objected to the rebellion, Chopper risked danger to himself by accessing the terminal. Had left the Concord Dawn system their jetpacks aboard learned of their comrade Kanan, 2014 in Wars! And is voiced by Dave Filoni 35... Kanan Jarrus and Hera hijacked an AT-DP with... Five years before Star Wars rebels: `` the machine in the stolen cruiser served during the assault the. Still undaunted, Chopper also had a sense of team spirit and loyalty to his crash landing Chopper! Rescue Kanan Chopper sat in the cockpit late one night when he tried to stall Pryce a! Minister Tua remembered Chopper from Star Wars rebels combined are a tale of two different ideologies AP-5 Zeb. Mainly deals with Mon Mothma gave a briefing of their comrade Kanan will also get an inventory droid the the... Track Zeb 's orders, Chopper did not match his body the best with Inquisitor. In one Destroyer 's hangar bay while the other rebels complained, Chopper stayed behind to repair AP-5 plan! Wedge, and Zeb destroyed the droid when Bridger, Orrelios and Wren the. Minister without an interpreter 's modified tour guide droids blaster battle broke out an R2-series astromech droid.. Way to Lira San Rau to join the rebel crew 's stolen Sentinel-class landing craft Ketsu. Questioned by two stormtroopers 's doors to the main reactor of stormtroopers and an astromech...

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