Mr Ang’s lessons effectively tackle these areas of weaknesses, but it doesn’t stop there – he makes a point to instill in every student a solid foundation for each topic (that your school won’t really teach) and relate these mathematical concepts to real-life, which is especially important in the revised 9758 syllabus. Online Professional Development. After all, we've been doing it since 2004! This also made me feel more comfortable to ask questions and clear any doubt I had. All in all, Mr. Ang is an all rounded teacher who not only teaches but touches hearts, with his willingness to spend time with his weaker students and his easy going character. There are five attributes of MathBrain: a student should: The teaching of math to your child is also carried out in such a way as to prevent too much rigidity. Mr Ang has a dearth of resources for practice and each topic is taught in a structured way which helps students cover the entire syllabus with ease. 1 Goldhill Plaza#02-05 Podium BlockSingapore 308899. He engages his students very well and makes learning math fun. Back at home, I began to view the recorded videos that Mr Ang has posted into his website, allowing me to watch them at my own free time and pace. Practice of concepts on the spot. The activities will also help hone their social skills as well, as they play with each other to solve the questions given to them. Many who are struggling with H2 Math (like myself) would understand that confidence, coupled with the right amount of the right type of practice are often lacking, which results in undesirable grades. Thanks a lot Mr Ang . I have really improved in my math during my time at numberskill Math tuition. This is done by adding an element of fun to the curriculum via various activities and games. By completing the first module, your child will show some improvements in her understanding of mathematics and will adopt a more positive approach to the subject. I feel encouraged by his words and I’m confident that it is possible for me to get an A1! They feature Mr Ang’s detailed guidance in solving some of the most typical and high-order thinking questions that are bound to be tested in the exams, which serve to highlight to its viewers the trend of exam questions and exactly which key points to take note . After joining Gary in JC2, I immediately felt a difference in the way I grasp mathematics. His humour also helped to make the lesson more lively. We also see parents who are worried, but after witnessing how their children benefit from our “O” and “A” Level classes, they feel proud of their children’s results. We have been providing H2 “A” and “O” Level Math and Chemistry tuition since 2004. Build a solid foundation to help your child discover the 'why' and not just the 'how' of math. Before coming for tuition, my mathematics results was not really up to standard, getting B or C when I was in secondary 2 in 2010. As my understanding on these higher level math problems improved, new questions are raised of which I require deeper explanation. This has allowed me to really understand the concepts and helped with my math. I always look forward to his tuition classes every week because I know that my 2 hours with him is going to be enriching and well spent. Led by Kendric Tham, there are now two Math Monkey Math Brain centers in Singapore, both well known for the results that are being achieved with the learning that each child gets. SINGAPORE MATH ONLINE CLASSES. Math and Chemistry shouldn’t be so stressful for students. I agree and accept your privacy policy (required to send message). If you have any questions about our classes, tutorials or tutors, feel free to call us or send an email to admin@numberskill.comWe will attend to your query as soon as possible! The emphasis on the depth of understanding of the students instead of trying to cover as many different aspects of math is key to the effectiveness of the approach, as it starts children off with thinking like a mathematician from a young age. Playing games is a great way for your kid to learn mathematics! It is rare to witness such selflessness where a teacher extends lessons up to even an additional of 2 hours without complaint or cost. The lessons are taught live by a senior mathematics teacher in Singapore. Math Monkey was first established in 2006 by Ms. Kirsten Frisch, in Florida, USA She identified that there was a lack of enthusiasm in mathematics with American kids, thus motivating her to research into different math teaching models and discovered Vedic mathematics to be the most innovative and powerful means of teaching mathematics to students. Are you starting to doubt yourself and dread going to classes? He also offers other forms of catching up such as video recordings of every lesson, which are made available for students to view if the need arises. I started with Mr. Ang during my JC1 year and he has helped me greatly in understanding concepts and in solving questions. I was a straight U or S student for math throughout JC… Thanks a lot for your guidance! Training venue is located at 199A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307636. It was inconvenient and time-consuming. All in all, if you go for Mr Ang’s class and you put in the effort, nothing is impossible. Online Classes To Help Your Children Flourish Learn Using the Most Effective Math & English Programs Click Here for More Information Our Mission Make Math & English Stimulating and Fun! Receive Assignments and mock exams which we will mark and provide feedback. The “Primary Maths” series, which originated in Singapore, features colorful workbooks and textbooks that rely more on pictures than on words to teach. Gary teaches with different techniques to help students grasp concepts in each topic. He also helps students to truly understand the concepts behind each topic so that the students know what they’re doing instead of just blindly solving questions and putting in formulas without knowing what they mean. Start the new year the right way, be prepared! They also gave me many opportunities to clarify my doubts and exposed me to different types of challenging questions. The Math Lab has been established for 12 years, and is a tuition centre that is dedicated only to teaching mathematics. He shows care and concern for his students and tries his best to help us understand the math concepts. I met Mr Ang, the principal tutor of Numberskills and found him very approachable and understanding. Classes can be used as a supplement for those currently using a Singapore Math Curriculum such as Primary Mathematics, Maths No Problem, or Math in Focus at home or at school or for anyone who would like to learn more about Singapore Mathematics. Here they are, for you to use for free in your homeschool. He links O-level concepts to A-level topics, this helps students bridge the gaps more easily and understand the new concepts more readily. To Mr Ang, thank you for your patient guidance! Singapore's Top Competition Math Training Centre founded by Best Maths Training Centre for PSLE Math, Competition Math, DSA Test and GEP Tuition. Thank you Mr Ang for making lessons fun without losing focus on the lesson. Secure your seat now! Not to mention he always forks out time for us outside tuition lessons to answer our questions amidst his busy schedule. Thank you Mr Ang for the enriching experience! Sign up for our online courses to learn at your own pace and convenience. I always enjoy lessons as they are fun and engaging too. During lessons, he also adds on questions by himself to let the class think deeper into a certain question and concept which actually helped open our eyes to a whole new method and thought. Every lesson is well-crafted and well-paced. I hope to make you proud in my A levels, no matter how much I struggle with my time management. On hindsight, it was the right choice to make. Considering the significance of mathematics in all walks of life, it becomes apparent that we need to ensure that our children achieve a solid proficiency with numbers from pre-school and throughout all the primary school levels. Apart from the teaching, the environment too greatly suits learning. Mr Ang is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who constantly extends tuition sessions just to make sure we cover more content. Can you spot it? We know how to break the complicated things down making it easy to grasp. I hereby express my utmost gratitude to Numberskills and most importantly to Mr Ang, who has extended his help to me time and again in my journey towards A Level this year. In Mr Ang’s class, it is also possible to have fun while working hard. I was not even passing my math examinations in school and I really felt that I had no hope for math and that I was not a math person at all. It uses CPA-style mathematics methods to master math … I really enjoyed your lessons. We started Numberskill Learning Centre in 2004 because we love Math and Chemistry and want students to gain more confidence in tackling all exams at “O” Level and “A” level! His lessons are very enjoyable. We help make Math and Chemistry easy for you so you aren’t stressed out by exams. Our 2021 Secondary IP Math and 2021 JC1 H2 Math classes are open for registration. Aside from his care for all his students, he is also a great educator and uses a variety of methods to approach the concepts taught, catering to all students with different learning styles. Thanks for guiding me to distinctions in both O and A levels! I have been in Mr Ang’s tuition since secondary 3 and have since followed him all the way up to JC2. He actively engages all of us with the use of really cool technology, such as his whiteboard. Picking the minds of the, Happy New Year everyone! Thank you Mr Ang! Thank you for reigniting the spark in me for math and giving me the motivation to do well in that subject! When I joined in secondary four, my EOY results for the previous year was an E8. But I can assure you the road ahead towards that A would be less bumpier with his guidance. Singapore Math ® online program in K-5 Welcome to! He offers his free time after lessons to answer student’s questions and often offers extra lessons for newcomers and students who still have doubts in certain topics to ensure that no one is left behind in class. The enriching yet entertaining lessons effectively encouraged me to press on and realise that there is nothing that cannot be solved if you really know the principles behind what you’re learning. In fact, we believe that everybody can enjoy Math and Chemistry! Dedicated and professional teacher. I hoped that the tutor from Nunberskills could allow me to learn through such online methods, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy for any tutor to agree to that. Students will just need to bring stationeries. The notes he gives are comprehensive yet covers the primary skills for each topic, that I do not feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I need to learn per topic. Also, every lesson is recorded and uploaded for the convenience of students who wish to re-visit a certain concept. Fortunately, Mr Ang arranged for a Skype session with me to allow me to clear my doubts with him all at once. Before I went for Mr Ang’s tuition, I struggled with my math but through his help, I was able to improve both my maths to an A1 grade for my prelims. Now may be a good time to prepare for the next school year by exploring professional development options. Who We Are. I felt discouraged and only hoped for a B3 during my O levels. Notes will be provided on each day of the workshop. Thank you. He also gives us papers of different difficulty levels so we get to try out all the possible kinds of questions that could come out. Being able to relate to students’ problems in Maths, breaking down seemingly complex problems into simple concepts and a burning passion towards Maths combined with utilising the power of technology into classroom teaching has made Mr Ang’s Maths lessons a joyful experience. He teaches consicely and with passion. Math Monkey is an innovative educational program for primary and pre-school children, teaching Vedic math through fun-based activities | Call 66356395/63569384 6635 6395 (East Coast) / 6356 9384 (Novena) You only get this at numberskill Math Tuition. FREE Singapore math lessons , Primary 3 to Primary 6 (Singapore), Year 3 to Year 7 (USA) Qualified and experienced math tutors in Singapore makes learning math EASY Online learning platform with integrated functions and tools makes learning math ENGAGING Customised one-to-one or small group online lessons makes learning math EFFECTIVE. With the employ of visuals like the Math VR , hands-on-activities like the interactive laboratories, students are able to grasp Mathematics concepts and learn the lessons well. After Kirsten started the first center in the US, it became so popular that she ended up opening centers all over the country, and very soon, Math Monkey spread to other countries around the world. Hotline: 6475 0624. Teach, learn and trade Math lessons from tutors and teachers in singapore singapore or online worldwide in over 190 countries. His teaching is also clear, simple and suited to the understanding of students. Regardless of visual or audio effect, Mr Ang conveys his teachings to his viewers through the videos rather explicitly and concisely. We aim to inspire their hearts to search for answers… What makes a good teacher is not only his qualifications but his ability to teach and Mr Ang certainly has both qualities. Every lesson he teaches testifies to his sincere desire for each student to do well. Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved - PSLE Math Online Course. Singapore Math Live offers instruction, encouragement, and support for parents and students. My 3 years with Mr Ang was an enjoyable and fun-filed years as he made math interesting and seemed manageable. This is the best math tuition that I have attended. Thus, if your child is well versed in mathematics, she will always have the edge over others, whether it is in the classroom, at home or later on in the office. It proved to be very effective and time-saving. Before I came here, I was really bad at math. These engaging videos are hosted by Singapore math teacher and trainer Beth Curran. She remains excited in class and engages very well especially for math activities. Singapore Math Online Classes and … Luckily, with our highly sought-after Chemistry tutor Mrs Eileen Ang, you can experience tuition that has been known to improve grades by at least 3 levels! Whether it is an “O” Level or “A” Level H2 class, each Math and Science tuition session is recorded so that you can review them at your own pace, until you completely master the concept being taught. Learn advanced concepts through recorded videos, and receive unlimited personal support. Mr Ang is a dedicated teacher who will readily help you, even after class, with any math question you’ve faced while revising. You don't have to be Chi, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Math and Chemistry Tuition that helps you score the "A" you deserve. Getting it right before moving on so that learning is progressive! Let your kid to develop a Math Brain… and they’ll be able to solve complex math problems! Breaks don't come eas, Learning to add more value with marketing guru Dr. One of the numbers is incorrect. is an online Singapore Math Portal with unlimited math practice and worksheets created to motivate children in the learning of mathematics and improve their math score. Sign up for tuition with us today! My girl Kloe is doing exceptionally well in her Math at School. Thank you Mrs Ang for decoding Chemistry for me and never failing to make every class fun! By the time I took my mid year papers, I actually passed! Without Mr Ang’s support I really don’t think I would have gotten such a strong foundation for math. Get in touch Sign up . Mr Ang thoroughly and patiently goes through every concept in the syllabus and ensures that we won’t be stumped by any questions due to poor grasp of concepts. Have your grades been slipping? To prospective students, I do not hesitate to recommend NumberSkill as the right tuition for you! I though it would be difficult to catch up on my math grades with only 8 months left before my “O” levels. Mr Ang is really such a funny, inspiring, patient and good-at-teaching teacher. Using practical methods and advanced computer technology, we are proud to have helped many students across Singapore improve their grades. Helpful and approachable teacher! Like which math teacher would literally draw out a 3 dimensional plane, painstakingly plotting out all the points, just to aid your visual learning?!?! Mr Ang is very nice and teaches interestingly. I was always shocked how math could be solved in those different ways. His notes are succinct and easy to understand, even for the difficult topics. Online Video Lessons Our lessons focus on topical coverage and we use a strategy-based learning approach to prepare your child for the challenging schools' and national examinations. Effective tutoring that improves competence and boosts confidence. Other than his knowledge and skills that he has imparted to me, he has definitely gave me something that cannot be measured through the results I have achieved: the intense passion for math. Matholia – Practice, learn and play PAID/FREE trial available Comes in both US-Common Core and US-Singapore Math editions. Mr Ang is a dedicated teacher willing to go the extra mile for his students. The system of Vedic mathematics is what forms the curriculum offered by Math Monkey. I joined this class during my secondary two December holiday. Empower your Child with the #1 Math program in the World. The lessons are very fun and the structure of the lessons is well paced such that I am able to follow the lesson as well as understand the content! Mr Ang’s lessons are also really interesting, and I find his style of teaching very unique and special, utilising technology and redefining the process of learning math. Singapore Math. Compared to the math curriculum in other countries, the newly developed Singapore math curriculum covers fewer topics in more depth. I have certainly improved by leaps and bounds under Mr Ang and 10/10 I would recommend students weaker in math to join Mr Ang’s classes . He expressed great empathy towards my predicament and offered an alternative way of helping me. I was always getting F9 for tests and that made me very demoralized. I’m now more confident in doing math questions and I got a B for math! In this department, Mr Ang does not disappoint! ^^. His style of teaching is easy to grasp and he will patiently explain the same question until it is completely understood by each student. Students see their results improve over time and eventually score "A"s for their “O” and “A” Level exams. With his support and teaching, I think anyone can get their As! Thank you, Mr Ang, for being a dedicated teacher who never fails to make math more enjoyable! I’m the only student from the East side who would have the “sanity” to travel 20km tö and fro each for his lesson, as the distance traveled is well paid off during lessons- his concise teachings & constant reminders of common conceptual mistakes are deeply engraved in my mind. What to bring for the physical lessons and where is the venue? Location: Blk 4, Queen’s Road #02-121, Singapore 260004. He also puts in a lot of effort to make his lessons interesting and thus every lesson is very enjoyable and always filled with joy and laughter Mr Ang is also a very tech savvy person!! His educational background is impressive and extensive - if you’d like to find out more about Gary, visit this page. We hope to see you there. Then I went for chemistry tuition at Number Skill and the clear and detailed explanation helped me get a high A2 for the next common test. Although it has only been a few months since I have joined Numberskill’s Chemistry tuition class, I am really glad that the lessons have helped to raise my confidence in the subject and I have also seen a significant improvement in my test results! He prepares his lesson well and his resources are very useful. Her accomplishments in math assessments are beyond her age level and far above her peers. With all the recorded lessons, I can catch up with whatever lessons I have missed or are unsure of and also through WhatsApp I can clarify my doubts as soon as I have any, I would totally recommend Number Skill to other students. Mr Ang taught me many tricks and tips that can help me improve my grades. Moreover, Gary is a very kind and patient teacher, who is always willing to help his students whenever and wherever. Mr Ang is able to teach the math concepts and problems in a very fun and interactive manner. You can stop worrying about your exam results because you will see the best grades – be they for “A” Level or “O” Level – when you take our Math and Chemistry tuition classes. For the past 4 years, he did not give up on me and tried his best to help me reach my aims. Now, I am able to grasp Chemistry concepts much better and the extra worksheets we do in class provide great practice! I am able to inquire about any queries I have during lessons or simply just by sending him a text. However, our math learning center uses graphic and abstract approaches and real-world applications to make math easy to understand and fun. He also gives a variety of tutorial questions, exposing students to different types of questions. Furthermore his classes are always taught in an enjoyable and relatable manner; we as students look forward to going to tuition with him as he never fails to cause an eruption of laughter in class while acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for math. Mr Ang’s detailed notes are very useful and he is also always willing to help us out when we have extra questions to ask. Before attending Mr Ang’s lesson, I have always doubted the effectiveness of a class tuition. That was when my friend referred me to numberskill. Singapore Pure & Permanent Online Tuition Lesson on Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science for Primary, Secondary, Junior College Students P3 P4 P5 P6 S1 S2 S3 S4 J1 J2 H2 Sec1 Sec2 Sec3 Sec4 JC1 JC2 Singapore When you enroll your child at Math Monkey, you will be pleased with the results. Your family can have math success! He’s also very patient and is willing to take the time to go through concepts that you’re unclear about. You may also enquire more about our effective online “O” and “A” Level JC tuition classes. Our full-year Singapore math resources are aligned with major Singapore based textbooks, such as Math in Focus, Primary Mathematics etc. It is with this objective in mind that Math Monkey is here to enrich your child’s math skills. You will be proud of all your hard work and together we will celebrate! He will teach us short cuts like synthetic division and cover-up rule so that I can save time during my examinations. He was the one who sparked my interest for math back in secondary 3 when I was doing really badly. Suitable for P6 students whose last Math scores are above 60 marks. Virtual classes will be conducted over Zoom Video application. Based on the latest Singapore Math curriculum, Kungfu Math is a free to try product. Program details: Cost is $85 per student for an entire grade of videos, covering all the lessons in both A and B Textbooks and Workbooks. In Singapore, we have known to offer one of the best online and classroom tutorials at different levels of secondary Math, which include A Math and E Math. We hope to see you there. Mr Ang is a dedicated, down-to-earth, inspiring and patient tutor who helps students to easily assimilate complex mathematical concepts without losing depth, which is essential in order to score for H2 Math. Come join us! This has helped greatly in my understanding of math. We understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed by complex concepts and exam stress. Mr ang makes concepts very clear and provides useful tips to help us remember them well. At Math Monkey, your kid will be able to solve this and other math problems quickly! After joining numberskill, my mathematics results improved. I am a private candidate sitting for the GCE A levels for the second time now in 2015. However, after joining his class, I slowly felt more comfortable towards doing maths. For that I am greatly thankful to Mr Ang for making maths lessons really engaging & thrilling with anticipated challenging AJC questions posed to us weekly(and many more). Thank you Mr Ang for your help in getting the As in O levels. Hence, I have a better grasp on the method of answering more complicated questions. I joined Mr Ang’s class when I was in secondary three. Sign up for tuition with us today! Apart from “O” Level Math and Chemistry, we also provide “A” Level H2 classes for JC students. In fact, I learn more here than in school. After attending Mrs Eileen Ang’s Chemistry class, I realised my concepts for the chemistry topics became very clear, hence, I do not need to keep referring to my notes while doing worksheets during revision. The Math Lab (Farrer Road) Image by The Math Lab. LIVE sessions are held via video conference with whiteboard collaboration between students and teacher for maximum interaction and convenience.. Each class is run via ‘real time’ video conferencing, and is structured with targeted learning objectives. His enthusiasm in Maths coupled with his understanding of the problems students today face with the JC Maths syllabus makes him, in my opinion, one of the most dedicated and patient tutors I have learned from. With Numberskill, you can gain access to online Math and Chemistry tuition that will help you restore confidence and truly understand mathematical and scientific concepts. Mr Gary Ang, is a caring teacher who cares deeply for his students. I was struggling for chemistry and got a C5 for the mid year common test. He always manages to make math seems fun and easy and more approachable. Initially, I was failing A-Math before I came here, but my grades became better within a few months. From zero to A1 and A2 in “O” levels, I’m not joking. In Singapore, we have known to offer one of the best online and classroom tutorials at different levels of secondary Math, which include A Math and E Math. It is with this objective in mind that Math Monkey is here to. Thankful to have known you since secondary 1! Mr Ang taught me during my upper secondary years and without doubt, my Math grades have improved by leaps and bounds. The games are designed to make it easier for children to learn how to solve math problems, with the aim to develop the mental resources of the children. He has been an excellent teacher. I do not promise that Maths would be a breeze under his tutelage. That’s why in the 5 years I have been with him, my grades for Math has only improved. Note: We aim to get back within 24 hours. His notes are concise and provides useful tips. Over a month or so, I have watched a total of almost 20 Numberskills videos. Mr Ang is a very dedicated and patient teacher!! I have greatly enjoyed my lessons with Mr. Ang.

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