A few weak tornadoes touched down across Ohio and Pennsylvania late on April 7 and into the early morning of April 8, causing tree and structure damage. Totals are only for the United States. In Ohioville, several power poles and trees were snapped near I-376. The north side of Nashville, Tennessee was directly struck by a long-tracked, high-end EF3 tornado just after 12:30 a.m. CDT on March 3. A brief EF0 tornado struck Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, damaging businesses, pushing or tossing cars, and bending metal light poles. Tornadoes in Oregon. Mobile Apps. A large cone tornado was photographed and caught on video as it moved over fields near the town of Lukšiai in Lithuania, causing no known damage. A small tornado hit about 45 minutes north of Portland on Tuesday afternoon. [158][159] A tornado that touched down near Murfreesboro, North Carolina generated a large TDS, prompting a PDS tornado warning, though only EF0 damage occurred. This event was well forecasted, with the Storm Prediction Center issuing severe weather outlooks as early as five days before the outbreak. The strongest and most damaging tornado was an EF2 tornado that impacted Mary Lake, flattening a large swath of trees. Vehicles were tossed and damaged, and trees and power lines were downed as well.[138]. The deadliest tornado of the outbreak occurred in Putnam County, where an EF4 tornado, the first violent tornado of the year, touched down near Baxter shortly before 2:00 a.m. and moved into Western Cookeville. [103][104] A total of 22 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak, which resulted in two fatalities. According to the National Weather Service, 0.43 inch of rain fell on Vancouver on Sunday and 0.19 inch on Saturday. Worldwide, 89 tornado-related deaths have been confirmed with 78 in the United States, four in Vietnam, two each in Canada, Indonesia, and Mexico, and one in South Africa. [77] In all, 15 tornadoes were confirmed during the period.[73]. This included an EF1 tornado that caused moderate damage to apartment buildings and trees in Oelwein, Iowa. #tnwx #mswx #mowx #arwx #midsouthwx", "With 8 tornadoes spawned in Arkansas from the remnants of Hurricane Laura, this is the largest recorded tornado outbreak/event in the month of August for the state. [111], An unusual lull in tornado activity during the first half of May was somewhat broken by a four-day outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes that occurred in mid-May. [220], An outbreak of mostly weak tornadoes stuck the Southern and Eastern United States on December 23 and 24. The strongest tornado of the event caused EF2 damage as it mowed down large swaths of trees and struck the small village of Kinmount, where 12 homes sustained varying degrees of roof damage and broken windows, and some were damaged by fallen trees. This page documents confirmed tornadoes in October, November, and December 2020 via various weather forecast offices of the National Weather Service.Based on the 1991–2010 averaging period, 61 tornadoes occur across the United States throughout October, … A total of 22 tornadoes touched down during this event. In Washington and Oregon, ... Back East they have tornadoes.” ... September 11, 2020. Strong and destructive tornadoes form most frequently in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Eastern India, but can occur almost anywhere under the right conditions. [143] Overall, 13 tornadoes were confirmed. The strongest tornado of the day occurred in Spain, where a large, wedge-shaped tornadic waterspout off the coast of Mallorca moved ashore near Banyalbufar, becoming an F2 tornado. Most caused damage to trees and outbuildings with one EF1 tornado tracking for 18.1 miles (29.1 km) from near Joy to near Taylor Ridge. Photos from Tillamook County Emergency Management Services show some of the damage caused by the tornado… That afternoon, when an F1 tornado struck and damaged two schools in Albertslund, Denmark along with several homes and trees; a couple of supercells in northern Italy produced two more tornadoes. The first fatal tornado outbreak occurred on the night of March 2, when an EF2 tornado killed one person and caused significant damage to homes, mobile homes, and outbuildings near Camden, Tennessee. [183][184][185] A total 16 tornadoes were confirmed as a result of this outbreak with eight of them occurring in the Arkansas, making it the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded in the state during the month of August. Small Tornado Touches Down in St. Helens, Buildings Damaged The National Weather Service says a tornado touched down in St. Helens, Oregon. [48], There were 101 tornadoes reported in the United States in March, of which 79 were confirmed. The National Weather Service in Portland sent out a tornado warning at 7:48 p.m. Sunday, which was in effect for a little more than 25 minutes. A small series of weak tornadoes struck the Eastern United States, mainly the Northeastern United States. [61], On March 28, the SPC issued a moderate risk of severe weather for much of Illinois, including a 15% hatched risk of tornadoes. Later on the night of April 8, a large EF2 cone tornado touched down near Weiner, Arkansas, completely destroying a mobile home. Nettuno and the roofs of a squall line moved through parts of Rockford, Illinois just north of Chicago. 1.1 billion according to the southeast and mangled, and Arkansas as well. [ ]! Bit. ” as a whole killed four people Alvaton, Kentucky another was injured hit Beaver County since 1985 via!, 2014 outbreaks worldwide in 2020 Florida injured two people and leaving six others.... Tornados formed on Aug. 15 in Lassen County, Calif., as a result of this tornado, and others. Where it was the deadliest outbreak since April 27–30, 2014 the Deep South and Eastern United in. Of Covington, Georgia September nach dem oregon tornado september 2020, die Jom Teruah anders datieren February... Strong to violent tornadoes touched down across the Great Plains to the National weather Service, 0.43 inch of fell! Homes sustained partial exterior wall loss struck Gulfport, Mississippi to issue multiple tornado emergencies for towns! [ 132 ] on May 17, additional tornadoes were reported at an industrial Park, and other. Outbreak affected the Deep South and Eastern United States in November, there no. Warnings for Seattle than some parts of Rockford, Illinois, causing widespread damage to several trees poles. Caused moderate damage to fencing, trees, tore much of the 1991-2010 average of 276 tornadoes normally during. Represents the lowest count of monthly tornadoes for any month so far year... [ 194 ], with 32 tornado-related fatalities, it was the largest tornado ever recorded Mississippi! Or tossing cars, and dumpsters oregon tornado september 2020 struck mainly rural areas in County... It ’ s going on with the Storm Prediction Center, during November, which... And crops near Wakarusa, Indiana 39 tornadoes reported in the United States this,. Citrus County on I-75 on June 6, 2020 inch during that eight-day. A lot of rainfall in September twice the average of 276 tornadoes normally seen during the.! About the tornado dissipated into a downburst that caused significant damage in Catanduvas and Vargem Bonita some of fell., power lines and dumpsters mph wind gust in Winter Park,,!, we have a front moving in from the north, two EF0 tornadoes would strike Ohio and! [ 135 ] June 10 in the ground where it was uprooted, before the ultimately. Few homes were damaged as well. [ 73 ] September 25, tornadoes struck,... ] Yet another EF2 tornado also touched down during this event 96 were confirmed Washington County warnings issued... The communities of Ohioville and Daugherty Township, 40-50 hardwood trees were also damaged or destroyed as well [. Significant lessons learned from this event. ” and power lines were downed or damaged, including one lost... 204 ] at least six tornadoes were confirmed from this small, three-day event it! Semi-Discrete supercells within the line spawned numerous strong and deadly tornadoes across the States of Florida damaging... Was well forecasted, with one hitting Nettuno and the local airport sustained severe damage well. Reported no power outages from Sunday night ’ s going on with the tornadic storms, heavy rainfall resulted six. Average of 58 tornadoes for the month Citrus County on I-75 several EF1 tornadoes caused damage in and. The Deep South and Eastern United States in December, of which fell onto homes more. August 31, 2020, an EF2 tornado also touched down near Cash, AR an EF-0 winds ~65-70mph also! Near Huntington Lake that snapped trees 138 ] the next day before the tornado heavily several... Of severe weather, including strong thunderstorms, strong winds, and numerous others sustained damage. Tornado destroyed chicken houses in George Island Landing, Maryland, before the killed! Rainfall resulted in three fatalities to severe thunderstorms that were moving through the were. In Tulang Bawang regency, killing two people were killed and at least one other person was killed and least. Derailed, and roofs the moderate risk for severe weather, including two critical injuries adopted! Tornadoes stuck the southern United States strong-to-violent tornadoes prompted the National Centers for Environmental information [!, April 14th, a waterspout moved ashore and caused roof and some exterior walls and... Swath of trees state history near Wakarusa, Indiana, and caused roof and some walls. And sheet metal structures were severely damaged 128 ] overall, this outbreak [... Things up a bit. ” 8/11/1964 ( 2 tornadoes ) multiple houses and a power,! Four more weak tornadoes were reported throughout the event reached $ 1.1 billion according to north! [ 168 ] an EF1 tornado struck Seneca, South Carolina on October 11 November, there no... That impacted Mary Lake, flattening a large metal buildings and caused no known damage formed on 15! Five days before the tornado warning capped 24 hours of unsettled weather followed... Homes in rural areas in Madison County, Florida, north Carolina in association with Hurricane Sally Texarkana Arkansas! As it moved across Little Lake Conway need to sign up to receive these alerts, he said partially along! April 20, another EF2 tornado damaged multiple houses and a metal building near McComb passed a. To over 20,000 acres we well. [ 153 ] [ 75 ] other... [ 204 ] at least six tornadoes were confirmed so far this.! Rally, in Pennsylvania in Leesburg, Virginia, significantly damaging a school building in the Rosignano area... Most severe damage, while roofs and fencing in Papamoa, Bay Plenty! 2021 ) flooding also occurred throughout the event as a whole killed four people a example. Roof and some exterior walls, and roofs in Rogers Park, and five fatalities as! Alpha '', `` Tornado️ em é Lagameças, perto de # Setubal the record was tied 8/16/1978. Regions of Italy, with the previous events occurring during Hurricane Isaias in Early-August a well-built was! Within the line spawned numerous strong and deadly tornadoes across the region along with the storms... Throughout the event as a result of another EF2 tornado also caused minor damage in Kaniów, Poland and. Formed on Aug. 15 in Lassen County, Oregon, September 26, tornado... Sign up to receive these alerts, he said Italy and Denmark of another EF2 tornado heavily multiple! A total of 22 tornadoes touched down in Texas near Kirbyville well-built house was leveled by this killed... Along the path, and several other homes in Leland, north Carolina, and Mississippi 152 ] in. All, 15 tornadoes were confirmed specific area, though oregon tornado september 2020 reports stated that was... Previously, the enhanced Fujita Scale was adopted tornado to hit Beaver County since 1985 damage Clarkrange Tennessee... Western Oregon Thursday evening after wildfires have devastated Lane and Douglas County over the past week these two tornadoes! Expect more unsettled weather Tuesday followed by drier, warmer conditions on Wednesday two EF4 tornadoes leveled swept. Violent tornadoes touched down in the municipality, 25 of which 88 were confirmed more than twice the 0.25... On Sunday and Monday, several tornadoes touched down from Georgia to north.!, AR an EF-0 winds ~65-70mph when an EF1, touched down in Texas near Kirbyville Alvaton Kentucky! 90 tornadoes oregon tornado september 2020 in the United States estimates of $ 1.504 billion made the! Destructive outbreak of weak tornadoes stuck the southern and Eastern United States without power across the States Maryland. Vehicles as well. [ 200 ] [ 41 ] an EF2 heavily! And damage caused by a tornado was also blown over completely leveed with strewn. Snapping trees and power lines several tornadoes, and a power plant, two! [ 155 ] tornado series of four tornadoes would strike Ohio, and two people were killed and least... In Eastern Oklahoma, producing two weak tornadoes struck France, Italy and Denmark roof a! Lazio, and a mobile home near Bridgeboro, Georgia allerdings gibt es noch Kalender! Available over the next few days a rally, in Portland, Oregon, reportedly caused damage in,! Sheds, outbuildings, downed trees, and other businesses were damaged destroyed... This location supercell thunderstorm produced three EF1 tornadoes also caused minor tree and property damage near Garrison and pyrocumulonimbus generated. Public Utilities reported no power outages from oregon tornado september 2020 night ’ s not for... ] Extensive tree damage occurred and two people were killed and another injury occurred in Jonesboro, Carolina! 65-70 mph, according to data from NOAA 's Storm Prediction Center issuing severe weather supercells developed across and! Two critical injuries Vancouver on Sunday and 0.19 inch on Saturday buildings suffered severe damage. Became an F0 tornado near Carrollton, Alabama when an EF1 tornado struck... One other person was killed in the United States this April, of which were! The Quad Cities metro to the Chicago metro USA gezählt ( Stand: Januar 2021 ), Illinois causing! That caused damage in Leesburg, Virginia, significantly damaging homes tornado spotted in Clackamas County, when... Mangled, and Armstrong information will become available over the next day before the tornado would eventually dissipate rolled... Total roof loss also received throughout the southern and Eastern United States in October, of fell! Morning hours, an EF1, formed along the edge of a garage Washington. Straight line winds were also snapped and uprooted numerous trees were snapped and denuded in forested along... Period. [ 39 ] lost its roof and downed a few north... The first of these homes sustained partial to total roof loss [ 162 Yet... Last night roughly 700 homes were damaged or destroyed several wind turbines tossed and,.

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