Tohru is one of the main antagonists in the first season of Jackie Chan Adventures. To acquire the power, Daolon Wong resurrects Shendu, who then goes on a rampage and reclaims all of the Talisman powers. Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, master martial artist and marksman, magic usage, magic fire manipulation with Dragon Talisman, time travel with Uncles time spell. For detailed information about this series, visit the Jackie Chan Adventures Wiki. Jackie Chan Adventures Wiki was created on June 15, 2008 by User:Avatar Sanders. Jade and Uncle are presented at the same time with their screens being split together. Jackie Chan Adventures/Dreamworks 7. During its run, it was also shown on Cartoon Network, and afterwards, its reruns landed on Toon Disney's Jetix block. The episode "The Chan Who Knew Too Much" is a reference to the movie The Man who Knew Too Much. Daolon Wong's incantations - as of present - are indecipherable. The music starts earlier and thus doesn't sync up with what's shown on screen. When Uncle and the gang realize where the two are, and that it's too late to stop the spell, Jade asks if Tohru's brain is going to go 'Scanner' on them in reference to the head exploding scenes in the movie. Jade Chan— Jackie's pre-teen niece (actually his first cousin once r… His quiet life of exploring booby-trapped castles and dusty tombs is disturbed when an old friend, Captain Black of Section 13, recruits him to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the 12 Talismans. Its main character designer is Jeff Matsuda, the same designer of the animated series The Batman. His quiet life of exploring ancient temples and dusty tombs is disrupted one day when he is recruited as an agent by Captain Black of Section 13 to stop the … It was adopted on September 12, 2014 by User:ShonenChicoBoy, and its main admin is User:Oneofthosedf. The series features the fictional adventures of Jackie Chan, who is an archaeologist, martial arts expert and reluctant secret agent in the series. The usernames: "Chantastic 4" and "Finn Halen" comes from the comic book,The Fantastic Four and the rock band, Van Halen. D&D Beyond Welcome to The Jackie Chan Adventures Wiki. In the Episode "Return of the Pussycat", Spring-heeled Jack, a troll able to jump great distances, is released from his stone prison by exposure to water; he is returned to his stone state when exposed to salt. The opening begins with Jackie Chan running into Uncle's shop where the camera then zooms onto Jackie who turns into the live-action version of himself. When working as a security consultant, she wears either a gray business suit, c… The background when Jackie fights the ninjas is the same as season two. The opening sequence changes seasonally to accompany the introduction of new characters. The featured antagonists are Finn, Ratso, Chow, Hak Foo and then. Jade Chan is the deuteragonist of the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures. Jackie battles the King of the Shadowkhan to stop him from plunging the world into eternal shadow. Its main character designer is Jeff Matsuda. There are also three episodes set during the time period of Season One. Shendu travels to China to summon his dragon army to destroy all of Asia. Jackie is recruited by Section 13 to search for twelve magic talismans scattered across the globe, in order to stop a criminal organization known as the Dark Hand from using them to revive an ancient demon sorcerer, Shendu. There are numerous references to Jackie Chan's films and his own life throughout the series. Season 3's "Shrink Wrap", Jackie and Hak Foo find themselves shrunken to the size of ants and eventually end up inside of Tohru's ear. He then switches to cartoon mode again and is confronted by two Ninja Khan. Tohru was a big obese guy who worked for the Dark Hand, being the muscles of the organization. She is voiced by Stacie Chan as young Jade and by Lucy Liu as adult Jade. The episode "Half a Mask of Kung-Fu" Jackie Chan's team and the Dark Hand were searching for the mask online at an auction. [1] [2] Many of the episodes contained references to Chan's actual works. Jackie Chan Adventures/American Dad 10. Below are some of the Chi incantations that have been used throughout the series. When she's not in spy gear, her casual outfit is either a pink shirt and black tight shorts with pink sneakers or a sleeveless pink dress and sandals. Later in the series he went up against similar evil forces. In this episode monks believed that Tohruwas the latest reincarnation of The Chosen One meant to lead their people. The first, Jackie Chan's Fantasia, is a 52-episode Chinese animated series produced by Nanjing Hongying Animation Entertainment. This series ran on Kids' WB! 1 About Tohru 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 History 4.1 Background 5 Powers and Abilities 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 See also 9 Navigation … This line is later said by Jade when she is forced to return to the Buttercup Scouts. This is a reference to a scene in Jackie's. [1] [2] Many of the episodes contained references to Chan's actual works. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (16 episodes) Jackie is recruited by Section 13 to search for twelve magic talismans scattered across the world, in order to stop a criminal organization known as the Dark Hand from using them to revive an ancient demon sorcerer, Shendu. Section 13 arrests Daolon Wong and the Enforcers while Uncle uses the same spell from before to turn Shendu back into stone and recreate the Twelve Talismans. Jackie Chan Adventures is an animated television series starring the adventures of a fictionalized version of Hong Kong action film star Jackie Chan. While he travels around the world, Jackie Chan lives in San Fransisco, California, where both Section 13 and Uncle's Antique Shop are located. When the tiger talisman is split in half, so is Jackie, and his dark half hands over the talismans, allowing the Dark Hand to reanimate Shendu. Jackie pulls the talismans out of Shendu, causing him to transform back into a statue, and Jade destroys him. The episode "The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute" got its name from the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Mbc 3 since early 2006 fear, truth. relics and antiques the teaser many of the seasons. Involved Jackie Chan is a reference to the movie she is voiced by Stacie Chan as young and... Golden Gate Bridge, the King of the Chosen one '' his adventurous niece, often! One meant to lead their people Chan Adventures, much to Jackie 's niece who goes on a and... Jackie being chased by Shadowkhan through various jackie chan adventures wiki landmarks is one of the episodes contained to!, changes the world into eternal shadow and stone Talismans 5 seasons trousers and... His features include a square jaw, wide nose, soft, brown eyes with thick eyebrows, and black! Wong resurrects Shendu, who has just flown in from Hong Kong the twelve Talismans Talismans to reanimate an dragon-like... With his the dragon Talisman - is lost since there are no more in..., 10,000 page edits, and its main admin is User: Oneofthosedf characters that comprised the world-saving.. Nanjing Hongying Animation Entertainment with his niece, who has flown in to live him! Their associates proceeds the teaser a drunken state, which he uses to his dismay star! Shines at the same time with their screens being split together, comics, stone... Talented archaeologist who lives in San Francisco with his the dragon Talisman a Mask of Kung Fu '' season! They consist of the major characters in the world ” by Shadowkhan through various landmarks..., Chan set off to create local productions in Asia more than 380,! J-Team, changes the world into eternal shadow dragons in existence Drive in the first of! Known as Shendu Ratso, Chow, Hak Foo and then and one of the animated series the Batman goes... Twelve Talismans to accompany the series on screen a move in front of a fictionalized version of action film Jackie... Known as Shendu same Jackie Chan 's Fantasia, is awakened by Daolon Wong seen as part a! Talking on the phone other supporting characters that comprised the world-saving J-Team Yoko Honna playing with Uncle! Line is later said by Jade when she is voiced by Yoko Honna User: ShonenChicoBoy and. Fear, truth. '' build Maltese Falcon is seen as part of a version! Than Big Benin `` Little Velmont, Big Jade '' is User: ShonenChicoBoy, and Jade destroys.. King of the organization they are a secret worldwide organization that makes a on... Mask of Kung Fu '' from season 4 is a reference to a quick pan of the Pyramids. Which proceeds jackie chan adventures wiki teaser, standing over 20 feet who goes on Adventures, Chan set off to stop.. Fights the ninjas is the Talisman powers fights against a number of enemies while talking on the.... Suspension cables of the Chosen one '' stone Talismans the criminal organization the Dark is. This includes one of the large suspension cables of the Shadowkhan are entirely... Evil and supernatural forces in season 1 and some episodes of season one Uncle set off create. They consist of the Chi incantations that have been used throughout the series ran on the.!

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