Kip and Biederman, Debbie Thornberry (sometimes), Donnie Thornberry (sometimes), Tyler Tucker (sometimes), Sloan Blackburn Bree Blackburn Charlotte Pickles | She wears a safari outfit, with long green socks and a red bandana tied around her neck with a watch on her left wrist. Last Appearance Karen Plankton | Roachie • Boots | Despite her best intentions, sometimes Eliza's stubbornness that she's always right leads her strong desire to help to become destructive. Mama Cosma, Jimmy Neutron • Betty • You see, my dad hosts this nature show, and my mom shoots it. It's really cool, but totally secret. Zuko • Jake Slade | Zix, Travoltron and Tee • Donatello • Directed by Cathy Malkasian and Jeff McGrath, the film follows Eliza Thornberry, on her quest to rescue a baby cheetah cub named Tally from ruthless poachers. She quickly changes her mind about the place when they tackle with some poachers out to trap and kill her pachyderm pals. Mean Bob • This often upsets her, since she greatly desires the creature comforts that most teens take for granted. The Semprini Triplet, Eliza • Darwin: Darwin is Eliza's best friend. Arnold Shortman | Mako • Sid | Trudy X • • Chas Finster | Tintin | Dan Danger | Hobby Gus and Cooper | TMNT Heroes, Student (HomeSchooling), Documentary Host (Age 22), Skilled in Talking to Animals Survival skills Intelligence, To save Tally from The Blackburns (succeeded). Eliza Thornberry plush toy. Carlitos Casagrande • Trixie Tang • Check out our eliza thornberry selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costumes shops. Chloe Carmichael • Kitty the Hapless Cat | Daisy • Iroh • Crane • When Eliza is lost in the African rain forest, she comes across two friendly wildlife researchers. Mark Chang • 5 out of 5 stars (326) 326 reviews $ 4.25. Puff | Donnie Thornberry | It isn't easy for Eliza to keep such a big thing to herself, but luckily she has her best pal Darwin to confide in. Freddy | Free shipping . Squidward • Donnie often accompanies Eliza on her adventures. Eliza also met Roy Prong, a stubborn … Do-Gooder Musa • Eliza and Donnie ten years later. Michelangelo • Her natural curiosity means she often leaps before she looks often with amusing or disastrous results. Bessy | Dunglap • Aang | Eliza's 23 and Donnie's 15. ELIZA AND NIGEL (Wild Thornberrys) 3" TALL - Funko Mystery Minis FREE SHIPPING. Rhonda • Splinter | Snowy | Eliza, being the main protagonist of the series, has appeared in every episode of The Wild Thornberrys. Elizabeth Thornberry Sheldon J. Plankton | Brad Carbunkle • Crash Nebula • Eliza is voiced by Lacey Chabert who also voices Aleu from Balto II: Wolf Quest and Zatanna in Young Jusitce. T-Midi • The Wild Thornberrys Nigel Thornberry (Father)Marianne Hunter Thornberry (Mother)Debbie Thornberry (Older Sister)Donnie Thornberry (Adoptive Brother)Darwin Thornberry (Pet Chimpanzee)Cordelia Thornberry (Paternal Grandmother)Radcliffe Thornberry (Paternal Grandfather)Sophie Hunter (Maternal Grandmother)Frank Hunter (Maternal Grandfather)Nancy Tucker (Maternal Aunt)Dennis Tucker (Maternal Uncle)Tyler Tucker (Cousin)Joe Hunter (Maternal Uncle) Thatta Boy | Goddard | Stu • Rango | Katie • Betty DeVille | Student (HomeSchooling), Documentary Host (Age 22) Chase • Ranger Margaret | Dave | Jelly | Update: Something I feel I have to know, even though I ain't a kid anymore! Occupation Debbie: Eliza loves her sister but has a hard time showing it. Alive Karen • When Eliza discovers a secret temple, a group of jaguars believe that she is their long lost queen. Stella • Jamal the Funny Frog | Harold • Goals Donnie: Eliza loves Donnie and accepts him as her brother. Carlos Casagrande • Teddy | Mrs. As a twenty-two-year-old woman, Eliza keeps her red hair in a ponytail, and switch from her large glasses to smaller and oval shaped ones (much like her mothers). Kimi Watanabe-Finster | Chas • Drake Parker | The girls search through the market place to find the perfect gift for their mother. Moon Juju • Home Base, Tak • Frostbite • Duke | $4.99. Elizabeth "Eliza" Thornberry (born September 30, 1987)is the main protagonist of The Wild Thornberrys and is a 12 year old girl, who (unknown to most except to her big sister Debbie) gained the ability to speak with animals after an encounter with an African shaman (as shown in the episode "Gift of Gab"). Trixie | Wounded Bird | It's been over a decade since I first saw the show, I just thought about it a minute ago. Rachel Bighead | Carl Wheezer • Fred Figglehorn | Nigel • Mrs. Turner • Carl Wheezer | However, unlike most children her age, Debbie travels around the world with her parents, sister, adopted brother, and a chimp. Wilbur | Media The Wild Thornberrys S1 E1 Flood Warning When the Thornberrys are forced to spend the night in the middle of the Savanna, Eliza seizes the opportunity to go hunting with a pride of lions, only to discover that Debbie is about to become a midnight snack. Elizabeth Thornberry, more commonly known as Eliza, is an 12 year old who is always ready for adventure. She possesses the power to speak clearly to animals and understand their reactions. SpongeBob SquarePants | Catman • Animation: Masters of The Universe - Tung Lashor #994 - Brand NEW. Pip | Buddy Gecko, Arnold • "Season 1Pilot" Eliza's and Marianne's day is April Fool's Day on which Eliza is Marianne's partner in pranks. Templeton | Zuko | Tootie • The Wild Thornberry's make their big screen debut. The Wild Thornberrys - Did Eliza ever end up telling her secret?

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