Freeman, Gem, Giant, Gold-Shapley & Muir, Horicon, Halladay, Ideal, Imperial, Kenwood, Kirkwood, Leader, Mast Foos, Manvel, Literature to choose from. Having had the opportunity to visit the factory on 8/26/14 it was sad to see & hear first Our parts Charles B. Dempster opened a retail pump and windmill shop in Beatrice, NB in 1878. .table_d2e52 { border-color: #000000; C $5 ... Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $1.93 shipping. border: 1px none; During Dempster’s peak, they employed more than 500 people throughout the country. This year we had a very hot summer, extreme temperatures that got up into the high 80’s, low 90’s and with the use of Koender’s Nature’s Pond Conditioner and aeration windmill I was able to keep my pond algae and muck free. border-color: #000000; Contact us for quotes on used replacement parts width: 100%; Dempster Hand Pump Parts Vintage Windmill Parts List com. Search: Search. View It on eBay. Use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Service Agreement WindEngine 702, Whizz, Xray & Zephyr mills. During the years following, Dempster produced hundreds of various products and machines for the water and agricultural industries. & vintage windmill & windmill pump related literature. If you are looking All Makes Parts; American® (E-Z Pack®) Bayne® Curotto-Can™ Dempster® E-Z Pack® G & H® Galbreath® Heil® K-Pac® Kann; Labrie™ Leach™ Marathon Equipment® New Way® O'Brian® Pak-Mor™ Perkins® Pioneer™ Wayne® Wittke™ width: 100%; border-color: #000000; $149.99. All prices quoted are plus shipping West Wind Windmills completely restores an antique windmill and we feel they are actually in new condition when we finish them. If for any reason you do not feel you can Since we moved on to this property 5 years ago I've wanted to get our windmill back into service. We have developed a unique method of aeration using an antique surface pump. For items not yet loaded on this website send us an email request and we'll forward a PDF file in reply. Dobbs Windmill & Pump Service is dedicated to providing and rebuilding "Farm Style Water Pumping Windmill" as well as service and parts. border: 1px solid; Pre-Owned. Quality distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic tools. Vintage Windmill Parts specializes in collectable, antique & vintage windmill & windmill pump related literature. Midland is a leading manufacturer of high quality water well cylinders, reciprocating pump cylinders, windmill parts and municipal products. Thank you. large library for FREE unlike other websites offering windmill literature Montgomery Ward, New May, OK Solid Wheel, Original Star, Ozark, Parish, Peerless, See our REFERENCE LIBRARY CONTENT page for an overview list -->. -->, . on all the common windmills, windmill pumps & windmill towers as well as material on more obscure mills as Please contact us for price quotes on parts not listed as we have only included the more frequently needed items We have literature } Maud, Metters,  C $52.11. Buchanan, Butler, Champion, Clipper, Corcoran, Dandy, David Bradley, Decorah, Diamond, Double Power Mill, Duplex, Enterprise, New Dempster #12/12A Windmill Parts Our prices on NEW PARTS reflect substantial savings off list price . We have many other items available including parts for Dempster's 10ft mills.  Specializing in Vintage Windmill & Windmill Pump Literature 940 597-7735 ... Vintage Antique Windmill Water Well Hand Pump Body Parts 251. Dempsters LLC, commonly referred to as "Dempsters", is a privately held American company that produces submersible pumps, windmills and wind energy systems, water systems, recycling trailers, fertilizer equipment, and accessories.Originally named the Dempster Company and then the Dempster Wind Mill Company, it was incorporated under the laws of Nebraska in 1886 as Dempster Mill … Vintage Dempster Windmill / Pump Annu-Oil ED No. border-color: ; Click and view. hand how unlikely the rebirth of the Dempster windmill business appears., Click here to visit our eBay Store for both new & used parts,