Punisher. Zemo leapt after the serum that fell out of his suit, with Captain America in hot pursuit. It began as a scam—the megalomaniacal Baron Zemo recruited his fellow Masters of Evil to pose as heroes, forming the Thunderbolts with the goal of a power grab. This thread is archived. Thus, Helmut resolved to find his father's perfect serum to achieve his goals. Baron Zemo next appears in Avengers: Secret Wars. Baron Helmut Zemo was a nobleman and scientist, and son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, one of the original founders of HYDRA. Baron Heinreich Zemo was the leader of HYDRA, a terrorist organization that plunged the world into World War II. During the fight between the Avengers and the Zemos, Heinrich started to see Helmut as a disappointment enough to use the time machine to bring forward a Zemo from the year 2099. Initiating a backup plan, Zemo unleashed a supercharged Ulysses Klaw against them, while he escaped. As the word “Legendary” has come to refer to a very specific type of event (and related characters), that trait will not be used on any of the aforementioned four characters and will be removed from their event cards. Zemo has a confrontation with Black Panther and Ant-Man while obtaining a Wakandan relic hidden away by T'Chaka and Heinrich. I would have preferred they waited and made the fifth for the non minion hydra team be Viper/Madame Hydra … Legendary+Tech has 4 characters once Doc Ock comes around (if you count Ultron as legendary), maybe once we get a fifth it could be used to unlock MODOK or something? This attack is unavoidable and cannot be Blocked. Zemo attempted to formulate his own version of the serum, but it was imperfect, leading his test subjects to turn into hulking abominations. https://avengersassemble.fandom.com/wiki/Baron_Zemo?oldid=19388, Zemo was a member, and the leader, of the super villain team, the, Zemo's role possibly reflects his role in. Your chance to accelerate your roster progress continues with the Catalyst Blast login calendar. 1 History 2 Biography 2.1 World War II era 3 Background 4 Personality 5 Powers, Skills, and Abilities 6 Paraphernalia 7 Appearance 8 Appearances 9 Notes 10 Trivia Baron Heinrich Zemo was a nobleman and scientist who was a founding member of Hydra, alongside Johann Schmidt, theRed Skull. Rebound chain to 4 adjacent targets for 270% damage + apply Slow for 2 turns. Bullseye. As both super-soldiers fell, Cap quickly grabbed Zemo's hand, but Zemo refused his help to pull him up, stating he wanted to maintain his father's legacy, forcing Cap to release his grip. For a limited time, earn double character shard payouts in Campaign missions featuring Mercenaries: And after you’ve fortified your Mercenaries, send them into battle in the upcoming Payday event. Maybe for something like the iso-8 campaign though... Hopefully. In the comics, Zemo's father Heinrich developed a serum called Adhesive X, an extreme form of superglue (as noted by Black Widow) which after accidental exposure became the reason Heinrich never took off his hood. I’m not sure what the timeline is here. Marvel Strike Force Character Overviews. To take on Chapter 1 of the Doom War Campaign, you must have completed Nexus Chapter 8, and you’ll need to assemble teams with these specific traits: Missions 7-9: S.H.I.E.L.D., Wave I Avenger, Fantastic Four. HYDRA allies gain + 5% Armor. But first, we’re lifting up the mask of Hydra’s newest member... Hydra’s squeeze on the battlefield gets tighter with Baron Zemo! On Spawn, gain Charged and apply Immunity for 1 turn and Defense Up for 2 turns to self and all HYDRA allies. Wrapping up the week is Crystal, the Inhuman Blaster, in the Royal Princess Blitz, with rewards that add the power of earth, wind, and fire to your arsenal. The result was the megalomani… Base Stats: +10% Health +5% Damage +3% Armor. Would probably be a very hard event, but give out really good rewards (considering legendary characters are absurdly good). On Turn, if Charged, attack all non-MINION enemies for 300% damage and all MINION enemies for 400% damage. save. Please make captain America part of this team. As Helmut had cooperated with Captain America, he won't be sent to the Vault. Back again for the first time since our Fun in the Sun Event is Catalyst Cataclysm! Baron Helmut Zemo was a nobleman and scientist, and son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, one of the original founders of HYDRA. For players that have been around since the game launched in March 2018, you may remember that some events were labeled as “Legendary” for the characters of Elektra, Crossbones, Thanos, and Deadpool. FINALLY a decent counter for Nobu!!! Gain +5,000% Extra Focus for this attack. He also enjoys synergies with Winter Soldier, Crossbones, and Hydra Grenadier. Press J to jump to the feed. Zemo attempted to formulate his own version of the serum, but it was imperfect, leading his test subjects to turn into hulking abominations. To prepare for Baron Zemo’s arrival, several Hydra members have received updates to meet the high standards of their new leader. We wanted to announce this ahead of that future change to reduce any potential confusion. Baron Zemo is a nazi and a greatest enemy of Captain America. Join S.T.R.I.K.E.’s fight for survival as they journey home to Nexus Earth and face off against Doctor Doom and his forces. Marvel's Avengers Assemble Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. team, Hydra team with Red Skull, Kree Team, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Baron Zemo's might just be one of the most dangerous names in the Marvel Universe, because of it's legacy. Tremble before your next great adventure: Doom War! Support our Patreon! Despite being empowered by the hidden relic (to the point of insanity), he is defeated by the two members of the New Avengers. To achieve this goal, the now-elderly Zemo placed his father's old nemesis Captain America under a special state of hypnosis that forced him to relive his final days with Bucky during the war against Hydra. Baron Zemo will lend his skills to the Hydra team as their Controller. team with Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. New: If Zemo is an ally, Heal self for 30% of Max Health instead. If Zemo is an ally, gain +20% Max Health. Thus, Helmut resolved to find his father's perfect serum to achieve his goals. Attack primary target for 300% damage + apply Ability Block for 1 turn and Slow for 2 turns. Bonus attack 2 times for 150% damage + 75% chance to apply Bleed. Also seems like they're going to be good counters to Mercs too cuz of all the evades gained during minion turns, Something tells me the "Legendary" trait addition gunna be required for a potential unlock down the road. Feel free to browse the latest game news, discussions, strategy, and quality creator content that our community offers. And if squaring off against the destroyer of worlds doesn’t get your heart rate up, we’ve got Blitzes that are a force of nature, a godly Bonus Event, and a chance to strike gold. When Captain America arrived on the scene and aided the Allies in their battles against HYDRA, Zemo created their version of the "Super-Soldier Serum". On Spawn, if Baron Zemo is an ally, generate Ability Energy for self. Smite character shards for Asgardians in the following Campaign missions: Activate your guns-for-hire, because the Merc Mayhem event is locked and loaded for another round. He’s a genius tactician, a brilliant scientist, an Olympic-level marksman, and a deadly combatant, especially with a broadsword. I mean at least giving the trait would not make it easier to track them, but also utilize them for an event of some kind. New: If Zemo is an ally, Heal self for 30% of Max Health instead. However, Captain America broke out of Zemo's mental control thanks to Bucky materializing himself as Cap's conscience telling him that the events playing out in his mind weren't the ones that actually occurred. He valiently led his forces as they conquered all of Europe. Any particular order for hydra? Mercenary Soldier. Updated: Attack primary target for 210% damage + apply Bleed. Injecting the two Hydra soldiers flanking him with his crude serum, he followed Captain America to his father's laboratory, where he injected himself with the super soldier serum and rejuvenating himself, by giving him a younger more powerful form. Black Widow. After being freed from the debris from Captain America, Helmut worked with Captain America to send Heinrich back to 1943 which also erases Zemo 2099's existence. Ultimate - Detonate. Edit: Added Black Bolt subsequent to publication. Does that mean he will be replaced in the Raid Store, or that there will be some updates to it? If Zemo is an ally, gain +20% Max Health. This will make the characters easier to sort in the roster, and identify where their character shards are located for newer players. Along with Arnim Zola, he was espically involved in the bio-weapons division of HYDRA. Are they a good Asgardian counter? In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be adding the trait, “Legendary,” to all of the characters that are acquired through contemporary “Legendary Events,” which includes: Iron Man, Nick Fury, Starlord, Magneto, Shuri, Invisible Woman, Ebony Maw, Phoenix and Black Bolt*. HYDRA allies gain +5% Armor. Build Team Compare Want to remove Ads? Hand Blademaster. The name Zemo is passed through the family and it carries with it a certain set of principles and beliefs. Attack primary target for 450% damage. Upgrade your roster with the upcoming 1-day gear and Gold Blitzes: Orange and Blue gear will be featured on day one, Gold on day two, and Purple gear on day three. Baron Zemo is a Hero specialized for Alliance War Offense who can show his power only when he is in a team with Crossbones, Winter Soldier, and Hydra Grenadier. hide. As mentioned above, Hydra Grenadier gets added to Zemo’s team as the 4th member. Non-MINION HYDRA allies gain +40% Speed. What is the best team for Baron Zemo? to defeat the H.Y.D.R.A. Zemo followed Captain America to Castle Zemo in order to find his father's version of the super soldier serum, but was briefly interrupted by Iron Man and Black Widow. For a limited time, earn 3x Basic Catalysts from these select Campaign missions: Villains 7-3 : Superior Basic Catalyst Part, Mystic 1-3: Advanced Basic Catalyst PartMystic 3-3: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part. Harbin ZemoHademar ZemoHeller ZemoHerbert ZemoHelmuth ZemoHackett ZemoHartwig ZemoHilliard ZemoHoffman ZemoHobart ZemoHerman ZemoHeinrich Zemo (father) Later, he becomes the leader of a group of supervillains known as the Masters of Evil. 82% Upvoted. His attacks can apply negative effects, but where Baron Zemo really shines is against minion teams. Too easy for an unlock. report. To that end, Zemo located Vasily Karpov, one of the former leaders of the Winter Soldier Program, who was in hiding with HYDRA having been wiped out. Gain + 5% Armor. On Spawn, if Zemo is an ally, generate Ability Energy for self. Originally, his plan was teaming up with the Masters of Evil, and disguising them as a new superhero team called the Thunderbolts. Researcher. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. My first thought was against Ultron or Nick Fury. Sort by. Baron Zemo. Yelena Belova. Hand Archer. Unless MODOK is the fifth, then like...Galactus or something. On WAR OFFENSE, on enemy MINION turn, apply +1 Evade, up to a maximum of 3, to self and all adjacent allies. He is an enemy of Captain America and the Avengers and is a major antagonist in Season 3: Ultron Revolution and a minor antagonist in Season 4: Secret Wars and Season 5: Black Panther's Quest. All around good. To achieve this goal, the now-elderly Zemo placed hi… Yeah frees up inhumans and gives people with 6 or 7rs on WS, Crossbones and HG a home. HYDRA allies gain +40% Focus. But along the way, members like Songbird, Atlas, and Moonstone discovered within themselves the desire to do good for real, and ultimately turned against Zemo. His Special ability, “Dominating Blow,” can prevent minions from Reviving. If Baron Zemo is an ally, gain an additional + 20% Max Health. Gain an additional +10% Crit chance for self and all HYDRA allies. Add gear and the elements to your roster with this week’s Blitzes. share. If primary target is a MINION, attack for 900% damage + 20% Piercing instead. Baron Helmut Zemo, the 13th Baron Zemo and the son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, the master Nazi scientist and enemy of Captain America during World War II. Baron Heinrich Zemo was the original Baron Zemo from World War II and a scientist to HYDRA. The rewards for Doom War will include Superior Gear Pieces required for Gear Tier 14 and character shards for Thor and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Crossbones . Then clear 3 positive effects from all enemies, apply Disrupted for 2 turns to all MINION enemies, and lose Charged. Filter. Gamora. He took the other remaining vial of the serum for his own use. The 13th Baron in the Zemo bloodline. Baron Helmut Zemo is a German nobleman and scientist, leader of Hydra, and Masters of Evil/Thunderbolts. best. A.I.M. If Zemo is an ally, gain an additional +20% Max Health. 4 months ago. On War Offense during an enemy minion turn, Baron Zemo applies Evade to himself and adjacent allies. Gain an additional +10% Crit chance for self and all HYDRA allies. Baron Zemo will lend his skills to the Hydra team as their Controller. In theory Hydra team with Baron Zemo in charge should be a counter to all Alliance War Defense teams with minions such as A.I.M. Updated: Heal self for 20% of Max Health. Main Allies: BlackGarurumon, Cronus and Hans Gruber Worst Enemies: Captain America, Nick Fury, Phineas Flynn, James Rogers He was once one of the first leaders of the terrorist organization HYDRA. The trio also underwent base stat improvements as well. If I open an elite 5 now will I get a 5 red Zemo in my inbox when he releases or should I wait a couple of days? I got 100 Zemo shards from an orb (yay) and I intend on investing resources on him. Baron Heinrich Zemo is a powerful Nazi scientist and soldier who appears as a major villain in Marvel Comics, most commonly serving as an enemy to Captain America as one of his archenemies alongside Red Skull.He was the founder and original leader of the original Masters of Evil and the main villain of any storyline involving them.. His attacks can apply negative effects, but where Baron Zemo really shines is against minion teams. I'm expecting him to be a place holder for someone else like how Rescue ended up being moved directly to blitz store to make room for Ironheart. 995 Shards in the Store from 2/25/2016 - 2/29/2016. Cut off one head, two grow back. Zemo fell into the rocky waters, but Iron Man's scans showed that he had disappeared. ... Red Guardian. 2. He eventually was able to bring his father from the 40s during World War II to the present day, just as Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow arrived. I put Yondu on the Zemo team.-Basic and passive removes buffs-Has an AOE to help with RS's minion spam-Can summon minions to take advantage of zemo's evades.-Otherwise homeless. Baron Zemo will lend his skills to the Hydra team as their Controller. This is all great news, but is the 'Thor' node a typo? Question. I'll use the H.Y.D.R.A. He sought to carry on his father's legacy and attempted to recreate the Super Soldier Serum to create an army of super soldiers. Corvus Glaive. Prepare for the royal arrival of “Unite the Kingdoms,” the Black Bolt Legendary Event, with 4 Asgard! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Heinrich brought his son up to believe in the Nazi ideals of a master race, and that only the Zemo line should be ruling the world. His Special ability, “Dominating Blow,” can prevent minions from Reviving. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Don’t miss this chance to stockpile even more Gold. Reply. His attacks can apply negative effects, but where Baron Zemo really shines is against minion teams. However, when their secret was exposed, the Avengers and Masters were left to die in a collapsing warehouse while Zemo as Citizen V gained public sympathy from their deaths. And, not to be outdone, Red Skull received a small update to balance his gameplay. Interesting team, I usually use Zemo with his Hydra buddies but this sounds much better. level 1. His Special ability, “Dominating Blow,” can prevent minions from Reviving. Level Required: 64 7 comments. A.I.M. He sought to carry on his father's legacy, and attempted recreate the Super Soldier Serum to create an army of super soldiers. Gain +5% Armor. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Here’s a complete rundown of the improvements: Updated: Gain +40% Focus. Question. Winter Soldier, Crossbones, and Hydra Grenadier now all have specific synergies with Baron Zemo via their individual Passive abilities. Later on in his life, Helmut was exposed to the serum as well, disfiguring him, though it doesn't appear to be the in-show reason for why they never showed his full face after his rejuvenation and empowerment. UPDATED. Traits: Villain, Global, Skill, Controller, Hydra. UPDATED. Killmonger. Yeah I thought the same, kinda weird isn’t it? Zemo later resurfaces as the superhero Citizen V, helping the Avengers defeat Growing Man. Morgan Le Fay(Ancestor), Leader and Founder Member of the Masters of Evil/Thunderbolts,Member of the Shadow CouncilMember of the Secret Avengers, Hydra,Masters of Evil/Thunderbolts,Shadow Council (formerly)Secret Avengers (formerly). Apply Assist Now to a Hydra Grenadier ally. Updated: Heal self for 20% of Max Health. Donning a hood reminiscent yet different from his father's, Zemo fought the other two Avengers, easily able to handle them due to his enhancements. If you bought him during the first 24hrs, there was a rebate of 100 shards. Gain +20% Max Health. More posts from the MarvelStrikeForce community. An elite Hydra agent who assaults his chosen target with deadly attacks that prevent healing. Captain America joined the fight and was evenly matched with Zemo until the baron fired his pistols at the walls of Castle Zemo, causing it and the cliff side they fought on to crumble. So hydra 2.0 is a hard counter to hydra 1.0? Heinrich resolves to strand the three Avengers in his own time period, forcing them into the portal. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Each turn, when Charged, Baron Zemo attacks all enemies, but does increased damage against minions, in addition to applying Disrupted to them. I use scientist, sniper, skull, trooper, guard. NEW. Yeah definitely hard counter to Hydra 1.0. share. Hey just want some advice. Asgardian Black Order Report Save. Updated:If Zemo is an ally, Gain Defense Up. However, the Avengers and the Thunderbolts, now genuinely reformed, exposed his true identity to the city, foiling his plan. Happy gaming! New: If Zemo is an ally, gain +20% Damage. Special - Wrath. Helmut followed in the footsteps of his father before him, becoming an enemy of Captain America and the Avengers. Best order for hydra team? And then fight each other. I'm sure there are better characters to put as a fifth, but zemo hard counters hydra anyway Seems like a weird place to put him when he's been easily farmed in the raid store for everyone for so long. The battle for Nexus Earth rages on with a new Campaign that could spell D-O-O-M for the members of S.T.R.I.K.E. Here’s where you’ll find their shards: Start preparing your forces now for this new adventure! Gain +40% Speed. A descendant of a long line of evil, Baron Zemo is one of the leaders behind Hydra and has devoted his life to conquering the world and eliminating his greatest foe: Captain America. UPDATED. MINIONs killed by this attack cannot be revived. Starting August 11, 12:00AM, log in every day to earn tons of Improved, Advanced, and Superior Basic Catalysts.

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