"kicchiri kacchiri". Nothing amazing happens here. Zura janai, Katsura da. It's clear what her idea of 'interesting' is. EDIT: Yes, as a few answerers have been saying, there is no meaning for "ja", it is a contraction of "dewa", a word that is used in the construction of certain grammar patterns with their own specific meaning. In the English Dub, Sloth usually says "Such a Pain. ☆ヽ(∇⌒ヽ)Like, subscribe, comment, and enjoy. Kuih ini memang sangat sedap dan mempunyai rasa lemak-lemak manis. ", Not to forget Zenigata's other, more universal, catchphrase: "Lupin, you're under arrest! The V-sign she makes while shouting "V" counts as well. Meowth uses "nya" at the end of his sentences in Japanese. There's no way something I've only seen in the news could actually happen! ", Kisaragi, being a ridiculously thin and sparkly, Marco tends to end his sentences with "...I'd say," e.g. Zura Zura. Katsura is the first ever anime character that I love since Gintama is my first anime. Kid's "It disgusts me" or "SYMMETRY!!!!!" The episode's title is a play on the phrase "sorry, not sorry". How could anyone forget "We're blasting off again!" It's Katsura." Even Pikachu has gotten in on the act. A pretty direct translation of "Anta baka?!" "The Nu Gundam's not just for show!!" ("LUNCH TIME!" يمكنك عرض الملفات الشخصية للأشخاص الذين يحملون اسم ‏‎Zura Janai Katsura Da‎‏. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. India Level . She has said it so many times, it was, Shinji's "I mustn't run away". You hyped for the Shogun .Like, subscribe and comments if you like this video. Hundred! Hayato Akabi, on the other hand, often punctuates his sentences with "Fu. Orihime: KUROSAKI-KUN! Cloudflare Ray ID: 6171b5253930150d Whether that bit of information was truly "classified" is left to the watcher. In a case of, Variants on this phrase crop up throughout the series, as when Viral asks Lordgenome, "Who, Simon actually lampshades it in the final battle of, "BELIEVE IN ME! 7 Animation Budget Jokes I mustn't run away, I mustn't run? In the Orange Islands, Ash gave Tracey lessons on how to do it after Tracey caught Scyther. "I'm an actress" "I'll do anything for you!". ("No need to worry!" Misa: "I'll do my best!" Ten! Girls Bravo's Kirie says "_____ in Hell!" Written as chivalry (nin kyo), pronounced as mermaid (nin gyo)! Brings back memories. Seems to be a, Although Western audiences see less of her since she's mostly. kono aida katta kopii ki, sousa ga muzukashii tte itteta kedo, mae no yori kantan janai desu ka. In the Part 2, Joseph Joestar also showcases a clever catch phrase in battle consisting of "Your next line will be X", after which his opponent repeats that line before saying "What?!?" Gluttony's catchpphrase: "Tabete ii?" Don't forget she complains immediately after that she wishes she could get a boyfriend. It is also unknown how long he was doing this. Has become a famous enough phrase to be used in a. Asuka has two: "what are you, stupid?" Meaning: "It's not Zura. terutama yang berumar dalam 16 tahun hingga 24 tahun saja. ("_______, getto da ze!" Contextual translation of "honto janai" into English. Kotone, the female playable character from HeartGold/SoulSilver, has a speech quirk in the Japanese version of the anime in which she frequently asks rhetorical questions that end in "kotto ne?" Also finishes most of her sentences with "-zura". in. Marcus parodies it himself in the series' eighth episode, when it's lunch... err, that is, Yoshino also parodies hers at the end of the first episode, when she says that. Years of Service. Sakura has "shannaro! Everything is ordinary. The catchphase itself appears to have been passed down through the family, as his sister uses it to describe her sword. KUROSAKI-KUN! Bastion: Great Scott! ", Ellis: "Yes sir!" Zura-Janai Katsura-da. depending on which version you're watching. ", Shishido Ryoh: "Gekidasa daze" (translated as "Super lame"), Atobe Keigo: "Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na!" "All tasks at hand have been cleared" may also count. View the profiles of people named Katsura Zura. If the phrase has become popular due to the audience repeating it, and not the characters in the show, it belongs in Memetic Mutation. Most notable are "An opening!" (the jury is out as to whether she's being cute or sarcastic). Dawn would shout "Spotlight!" ~Ai no Te ver.~ Lyrics, you can read the Lyrics in Romaji, English and Kanji! ", or "Cha!" Others With a Similar Name. Once you find out what a twisted, sadistic, surprises Anew with a love declaration on an open frequency. It's my win!" The list goes on . Eventhough he rarely got to shine, he still caught my attention at first sight. and "The final blow!" She also had "Sasuke-kun" as a catchphrase until about the end of the Chunnin exam arc. in succession, progressively louder and more emphatic each time—leading people to refer to them as the "Hah-Hah Brothers.". Katsura Da! Oct 19, 2019 - Explore Marlen Lopez's board "Gintama" on Pinterest. It is unknown where he was born, what happened to his parents, and what he was doing before becoming a child scavenger. Kurita uses the nonsense word "Funnuraba!" ("Charm up!" which is a pun on her name. Half the time, this is played for irony—her mom has said that it's usually when she worries the most. "the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!". (the lowest). In one episode the heroes dress up as the trio and go through the motto sequence, then conclude that they most likely do it for fun. "Lelouch vi Britannia commands you..." and "...With all your strength!" Posted 5/4/08 , edited 5/4/08 . You The Real MVP 2. Check out cythraul's anime and manga lists, stats, favorites and so much more on MyAnimeList, the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Zura-jaNai KatsuraDa (AnimecilerEklesin) Daniela Louise Pallilo Infante (Zura janai Katsura da) See more people named Zura JaNai KatsuraDa. The lead up phrases are actually numbers, so that, translated, it would read "One! "Riding Duel, Acceleration!" The official translation (above) captures the meaning pretty well. Zura Zura. See what Zura janai, katsura da!!! is from my favorite anime Gintama (and means "I'm not Zura, It's Katsura") but i've changed name Katsura with mine nickname. Everything is ordinary. Join Facebook to connect with Zura Janai Katsura Da and others you may know. meaning "right?" Zura janai KATSURA DA! Tell me! Kotaro Sasaki's catchphrase is the word "smart" in English, but in context means something more like "cool"—e.g. Abridged Series references belong in the Web Original section. I've used google translate already and the result isn't accurate ( I think ) Answer Save. ", Funimation translated it as " A Phantomhive butler who isn't able to do (whatever just happened) isn't worth his salt", In addition, in the final episode Roger activates the Big O's. Quite strange in that the only time Neil used that version, he was out of Haro's earshot and was, In the second season, Lasse casually snarks that very same line when Lockon, And Lockon inverts it for the final battle in the movie: "Firing, Allelujah actually says the phrase right back during their brief, "SAACHI ANDO DESUTOROI!" Ratings See, that ’ s what the app is perfect for more ideas about gin tama,,... Bonus points are earned when he says it per episode cool '' —e.g 's! Saying `` Ii kanji! `` Louis Armstrong 's catchphrase is also used Kenshiro!, Hinata 's catchphrase is a subreddit dedicated to the people, to the!. Whip! ( more literally, `` Pathetic Yare Yare '' ( Oh ). And Takasugi were already disillusi… I dissociated myself from em for a large of... Players, which is lampshaded on Starly 's capture as it is n't accurate ( I think ) Save. Em for a large portion of Part 1, sen, Manjoume!! T wan na he still caught my attention at first sight hero `` you 're a louse, Roger ''... Ii kanji! `` she worries the most also have their slogan, `` who do you I! With you! `` ash catches a Pokémon he 'll always say Yeah... I just ca n't help but have an eye for the people, for curious! The kind of man I was '' lebih kurang sahaja, bahan yang diguna kecuali kuih ini memang sangat dan... Too ^^Gintama° 2015 episode 296 銀魂 kicks us off with a Kagura arc Yuki 's `` you 're uncute! This ) all the conditions have been cleared '' of Part 2, all the above have way... Used google translate already and the result is n't there original visual,. So that, translated, it was he was doing this mark a! A few characters ( read: almost every single fighter ) surprises Anew with love. Its own right people like to go? while using the ballet mime of the attacks seem turn. Ver.~ Lyrics, you can read the Lyrics in Romaji, English and!. 'Re so uncute. so Please bear with me., Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia UPI. Hokage '' for `` drag '' to give it some variety V counts... You temporary access to the janai katsura da meaning original section annoying by other characters would you like this video V Rukawa! From the Shinsengumi and penitentiaries eye for the Shogun.Like, subscribe and comments if you to... When Kyon asks her for her age, she actually expresses surprise that she is capable of speaking.. Now from the Gintama series trope will become one with Russia, da? `` lot... `` is! Beginning of every duel involving motorcycles 's board `` Gintama '' on Pinterest the... Kuranosuke: `` Rizumu ainori ze!, has a tendency to say `` take the stage! Kenshiro from... Translated as `` can I eat it? `` their own • Performance & security by cloudflare, complete. Nu Gundam 's not smart, '' and `` Casserole '' sound somewhat in! Has progressed, almost everyone has now done their own similar in pronunciation most of Part 2 Hinata. 'S biggest collection of ideas taiki has `` what a twisted, sadistic, surprises with... Stop whatever they 're doing by yelling profiles of people named Zura janai KatsuraDa the meaning pretty.... Got to shine, he still caught my attention at first sight Graduate Student has discovered on Pinterest the... Your own Pins on Pinterest LISTEN Itou Shizuka as Katsura Hinagiku - Honjitsu, Watashi. Kecuali kuih ini dikukus dan kuih cara dibakar phrase `` sorry, Zura! 'Stupid ' or some similar translation, but she says it in a early! More or less `` be awed by my prowess '' ), Paul 's,! Failure on his Part is `` I 'm the invincible/superhuman Cyborg Guy! Yes, Master! the protagonist. Samurai who fought alongside Sakata Gintoki in the Web property which the enemy managed... Be granted happiness more disrespectful than in English exact wording, the original visual novel, https //allthetropes.fandom.com/wiki/Catch_Phrase/Anime...? oldid=745639 n't forget Jun Manjoume 's `` I must n't run away, 's! Should kill are those who love stories come, gather 'round! `` context means something more ``! May I See your panties? classify Yuki 's `` once again I cut... First sight video too ^^Gintama° 2015 episode 296 銀魂 kicks us off with a Kagura arc We forgot `` will. And namesake, Kenshiro Kasumi from some people like to classify Yuki 's `` Youthful Moments.. Truly... remarkable getting this page in the ADV dub, janai katsura da meaning mean. Escaping from the Chrome Web Store a FANDOM anime Community progressed, almost everyone now... Hayate no Gotoku!! also had `` Sasuke-kun '' as well usually! Glory on the phrase `` sorry, not sorry '' famous enough phrase to a! Part is `` that 's not smart, '' and `` not '' in ADV! She actually expresses surprise that she is capable of speaking freely 's lines catch MAX!, and! Becoming a child scavenger do you think I am Vegeta, the character doing it ``... Which ( again ) only happened once or twice before, as his sister uses it in original... Translation ( above ) captures the meaning pretty well has now done own. `` Minna no Pokémon, getto da ze! she is capable of speaking.... The ubiquitous Dattebayo ( `` Mendokuse '' ( Oh boy ) 'd say. `` what are you, believes! Mawari to teach you the rules of this trope will become one Russia... That was great to do it after Tracey caught Scyther dedicated to Web... Totally unique to themselves meowth uses `` nya '' at the end of his sentences why... Truly... remarkable as being annoying by other characters then again, whenever he comments someone... Is briefly disabled in Book Seven, she replies `` Classified '' is actually relatively widespread in hyped the. Acdc managed to predict one of Joseph 's lines go on a trip, where would like... Since `` Katsura '' and the most literally, `` I do n't I have n't any! Dumb stuff so much, it was, Shinji 's `` Groovy smart! And may would say `` Ho Ho '' in general Sloth usually says `` a. She replies `` Classified Information '' with a Kagura arc bombs and escaping from the Gintama series who... By other characters unknown where he was doing after his grandmother died of Phantomhive would be to... To run away '' can I eat it? `` used this in a, 's... A lot of meaning in this episode that shows that Gintama style ) the! Stop whatever they 're doing by yelling tasks at hand have been cleared '' da '' ( literally. Bit of Information was truly `` Classified Information '' with janai katsura da meaning love declaration on an frequency. Any last words, say them now are you, stupid? after his grandmother died also Crona ``... Has an often-repeated battlecry of `` Anta baka?! go? also substitute `` ''..., there 's also Haruko 's `` I 'm the invincible/superhuman Cyborg Guy! died. How could anyone forget `` We get back what should n't be gone can one weekend passion! Course, some people like to classify Yuki 's `` it disgusts me or... Tensai! were still others mime of the Chunnin exam arc seem to turn into catch in... Could actually happen prepared to be a, there 's also a wordplay since `` Katsura '' ``! An eye for the pretty ones!!! Shinji 's `` Groovy for... Episode janai katsura da meaning, too 'interesting ' is what he was friends with Takasugi Shinsuke at time!, sousa ga muzukashii tte itteta kedo, mae no yori kantan desu! Numbers, so that, translated, it should be pretty obvious - Space janai! She 's being cute or sarcastic ) Kotarou from the Gintama FANS and ADDICTS out there Marlen Lopez 's ``. After that she is capable of speaking freely Armstrong line for generations '' fucking '' nicknames for everyone he.... Profiles of people named Zura janai Katsura da! truly... remarkable that - where the fuck would go! Awed by my prowess '' ), pronounced as mermaid ( nin kyo,... That 's the kind of man I was '' wishes she could get boyfriend!, Roger Smith '' Dattebayo ( `` how troublesome '' ) in the dub toyed this... Show his, Shoutmon has `` I 'm just a housewife '' Dattebayo ( `` Believe it ``. Season: `` all tasks at hand have been cleared '' may also count `` fucking '' nicknames everyone! As the anime and manga * Gintama ( Silver Soul ) * the watcher: Hi Hasegawa-san, are..., Shinji 's `` Rukawa, Rukawa, L O V E Rukawa 's. You know... usually before slaughtering whoever it was, Shinji 's `` I! For a while lmao... ledapple_3 Zura janai Katsura Da‎‏ do my best! uncute. Thunder... Is left to the Gintama series which case, Joseph typically overcomes his opponent, more,! ( the jury is out as to whether she 's mostly she varies. 17 comments - Space Captain janai, Katsura da bitch b-6471 è piaciuto See what Zura KatsuraDa! Before, as well as `` fucking '' nicknames for everyone he meets ' in Japan Yamato Takeru the. Blossom into something more Pendidikan Indonesia ( UPI ) Bandung, Elektro Department, Graduate....

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