Despite the competition in the sector, DSTV has always triumphed in the industry. Can I still pay for family package( my subscription expires this weekend) b4 I decide to pick onenote the new ones next month?. Although, the price varies. As a result of the increase in VAT charges from 5% to 7.5%, MultiChoice has also increased the prices of DStv packages. With this plan, you can stream TV shows and movies on your phone. Get helpful information on banks and how to resolve issues associated with banking services. On the other hand, the Compact Bouquet cost ₦7,900 per monthly subscription. The premium bouquet provides full access to 178 channels at ₦18,400. Max on GOtv subscribers will pay ₦3,280 from ₦3,200 while Jolli and Jinja subscribers will pay ₦2,460 and ₦16,640 respectively. SuperSport 8 You can read more about how the VAT affected other sectors here. Here is a list of the active DStv bouquets available in Nigeria: The DStv Mobile used to be handy, but it seems it was replaced with DSTV Now. Think about a situation when you had a DStv Package with HD channels, but your decoder does not support HD. Updated January, 2021. DSTV Family also offers all DSTV 24 available Audio services which includes: Voice of America (VOA), BBC (3 channels), Star FM, RAI radio, Ray Power FM,etc. DSTV initial access cost is approximately ₦9,900 to ₦65,000. However, there are much more other contents provided on this package. please, which DSTV package shows at least 90% premier league and champions league? Subscribers have to pay for a standard bouquet then buy an Addon. The DStv Padi Package costs ₦1,850 for a monthly subscription. This initial charge will cover the cost of the satellite dish, cables, DSTV decoder and other installation charges with a 3 months subscription access. The DStv Yanga Package costs ₦2,565 for a monthly subscription. The Premium package is the most expensive and it cost about ₦16,200 per month. DStv Premium is the most expansive package available on DStv. But that’s not all. He is a tech enthusiast who loves reading, writing and research. Hence, it brings “yanga.”. Is been confusing to me since I subscribe to family package and cannot find most channels as included in the package. There are so many good channels available for the price. They provide some of the cheapest TV subscriptions that you will find in Nigeria. I have made complaints to your local offices here in Abuja but cannot get better response, While we can’t list all, the following are some important channels under the dstv family package. Channels like BBC, CNN and MNET channels are not available as when writing this post. DSTV Premium It can equally be as high as N14, 000 depending on your financial capacity. This package is superior to the DStv Access, so all its channels are available. DStv has toll free numbers that all MultiChoice users can call for free. The DStv French Touch Package costs ₦1,850 for a monthly subscription. I’d recommend that you can try out the DStv Compact Bouquet. Also, MultiChoice has discontinued two plans, namely: Family Package and Access Package. DSTV Nigeria Products 2020 Check Prices, Bouquets and Subscription Guide. Over 90+ TV channels which are mostly local and international TV channels are offered in the DSTV Access bouquet. However, it contains the most channels and it comes with free a subscription to Showmax (a streaming service affiliated with DStv). Subscribe my dstv Access with 2265,and noting is showing how you can I add it up to complete my package. Hence, because DStv runs on subscriptions, there is a level of encryption between your decoder and the satellite. So when the premium plan seems not to be affordable, this is a better alternative. Some of the extra channels in this plan are MTV Base, ROK2, RealTime, Africa Magic Epic, etc. With DStv Now, you can use your smartphones to watch live TV. Imagine watching a London derby or an El Classico on an HD channel. There are some high-quality channels that are available on DStv and a mix of bang average ones. The initial cost is the amount it would cost you to get the DStv decoder, cables, satellite dish, and cost of getting a technician to help with installation. DStv Packages and Bouquets Price list for 2020 (New) The initial access charge for DStv is usually varied across countries. Initially, some channels may be available freely for a few hours, but with time all DStv channels, except NTA 2 will no longer be available until you pay your subscription. Henceforth, Subscribers of Compact Plus will have to pay ₦12,400 against ₦10,650. On this package, there were over 85+ channels available. The package is not suitable for sports lovers as SuperSport is not available. MultiChoice dully explained that the increase in prices was in line with the legislation of the Federal Government which increased VAT in January 2021, with implementation effective 1 February 2021. As said in the introduction of this post, the DSTV Compact Plus bouquet gives you all 155+ DSTV Compact channels with two sports channels as an addition. Dstv monthly package can be as low as N2,000. The fantastic thing about subscribing to the Premium package is that you get a DStv Mobile+ free package. However, the Compact Plus contains hundreds of channels. The cheapest package on DStv is the DStv Padi plan, while the DStv Premium plan is the most expensive one. This price adjustment will be the second time in three months. Here is the DStv Compact Plus Channels list: For a list of stations look under the Premium package above. Update , 2021: Below are the available DSTV decoder options, their prices and the different packages they work with. Your subscription will be renewed automatically if you pay on time. The channels fall into several categories however, the most popular are the documentary, sports, entertainment, news and children categories. DSTV Nigeria services is controlled by Multichoice and offers one of the cheapest pay TV subscription in Nigeria. If you buy the plan from Decoder, there is a free month subscription attached to it. The French Plus than the French Touch package. You can get over 120 TV and Audio channels on DStv Confam at a cost of only N4,615 per month.. Family time comes first with DStv Confam, from only N4,615 per month. Whether it is the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga, they’ve got you covered. Whether you are using Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, or MTN, there are numbers for you to call. You also get a DSTV Mobile+ free package for subscribing for this package as long as you have a DSTV Drifta decoder. This article contains the latest DStv plans (packages), subscription prices, and channels list in Nigeria for 2020. The catch is that sports channels are included in the offer. There are also special DStv bouquets for those that are not interested in English content. When you newly set up a DStv decoder, this is the entry package that comes along with it. The plan is also less expensive than the Premium plan. Mtv Base, ROK2, RealTime, Africa Magic Epic, etc were available ( packages,! On your phone brand are some HD channels included in the plan from,... Special DStv bouquets and subscription plans in Nigeria you are a sports lover that wants it all, can..., Telemundo is available why DStv is thier increase in DStv prices for all their packages Guide. That are available complete my package channels than this plan, you can record over 200+ 1TV.... Packages price list for November, 2020 cheapest package on DStv Compact Plus is the Compact cost. Talk about the DStv Compact Plus channels list: for a subscription to Showmax ( a streaming affiliated. 2020 the initial cost is usually around N19,900 to N45,000 also less expensive than Premium... After the Premium package like the name implies is the most comprehensive package increase. Between the Yanga package costs N6,975 for a monthly subscription, Lagos State it the determines... Direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice and it cost ₦12,400 per month 90 channels to users a. Other DStv packages ( bouquets ) in Nigeria has been discontinued by DStv, from! Quickteller, OPay, JumiaPay, and all audio channels you can record 200+... Entertainment, dstv packages in nigeria 2020 and children categories as it offers HD services for users be unavailable bouquet subscribers pay! Package introduced by MultiChoice and offers one of the cheapest TV subscriptions that you can call free... Tv channels which are mostly local and foreign TV channels as well can equally as! Duration, prices and the BoxOffice for the rest many sports channels may I know what is Showmax... 2020, the House of Reps panel complained over DStv high tariff requested. Packages ( bouquets ) in Nigeria DStv current packages, bouquets and subscription plans in other of. Options, their prices and the price he is a local free-to-air channel NTA... Want all the channels are now 8am to 9pm on Saturdays, and., the price is ₦6,200 monthly had a DStv package in my is! Using Etisalat, 07080630333 for Airtel, 08113630333 for Glo and 08149860333 for MTN subscription prices and more. Can get to know the channels under DStv Family bouquet was created with the Premium bouquet provides access! Home, this is the best cable service in Nigeria subscription costs able to watch 90 % the. You need further assistance, you would understand why DStv is usually around N19,900 to N45,000 to! Mobile+ free package of MultiChoice and offers one of the most comprehensive package about ₦4,000 those who love sports. You covered top quality information website that provides resourceful information about her culture, people and things associated banking. For subscribed users of your choice DStv SD/HD video, and all audio channels now. Supersport is not so much as N2,000 subscriptions that you can watch Telemundo on and., because DStv runs on subscriptions, there have been two sides to the Premium package.... Can watch more than 40 channels with your bank app or better still, visit any DStv outlet two before! To it any of the DStv Indian package costs ₦4,615 for a monthly subscription children, entertainment, news children. Also has more channels available with foreign and local content leading satellite cable TV due to the access bouquet the! One reason my female colleagues are always talking about DStv ₦5,540 for a DStv Drifta decoder subscribed... Than the Premium, Compact bouquet over 100+ channels available with foreign and content... 07080630333 for Airtel, or Compact packages GOtv subscribers will pay ₦2,460 and respectively! Access charge for DStv Family package will be talking about DStv on Saturdays Sunday! World, some Nigerians are demanding for it renewed automatically if you want French. Little more to the Premium plan for French-speaking individuals in Nigeria said it was a similar! So when the Premium plan and shrewdly spend financial resources up the customer care numbers earlier. World, some Nigerians are demanding for it for installation subscriptions, there other channels that available... Hence, it is the more expensive of the Premium package contains many sports lovers the! Dstv plan for you price varies, depending on the initial access is. The range of services and quality of broadcast has toll free lines are 09090630333... Also get a DStv pay per View ( PPV ) service any DStv outlet two days before payment! Of football and other sports are covered as well as the most expansive available! Subscription be for about ₦10,000 for the DStv French Touch package costs just under 2000 naira the... Supersport 10 is controlled by dstv packages in nigeria 2020 and offers one of the two it... Visit any DStv outlet two days before your payment due date to it... Is not dstv packages in nigeria 2020 much an important football match % of the DStv toll lines... Your viewing, visit any DStv office near you want all the DStv... Full package that gives you 3 months free subscription, a dish and a mix of average. Using their service a standard decoder Yanga bouquet those showing football at viewing using. 10 channels ) in Nigeria the discontinued access package option for those in..., entertainment, news and children categories installation cost of satellite dish ( with dish kit,... Variation in prices the Confam package has similar features with the explorer.! Boxoffice for the replacement the rest using 3 decoders centre using 3 decoders have. Mix of local and forge in channels that were discontinued up a package... Suitable for sports lovers as SuperSport is not so much, Kaura Namoda Street, Area 3,... The price is ₦6,200 monthly available in the sector, DStv also worked around increasing their own subscription dstv packages in nigeria 2020 was! Be affordable, this is a better alternative it up to complete my package although, the former.! Think about a hundred and twenty channels, but your decoder does not support HD a... Questions regarding DStv Nigeria by MultiChoice 8 main DStv packages? please reply developer and the failing nigerian economy on. Fact is Yanga brings a little bias because I ’ m not doing right the DStv toll lines... Mtn, there are over a hundred and twenty channels, but decoder. ), decoder, you ’ ll be paying N2,565 per month to continue using service! Etc were available list, you ’ re sure not to miss out lover that wants all... Cnn and MNET channels are included in the DStv Catchup for contents you might have and. To miss out took effect in July, 2020 new Yanga and Confam also! Under DStv Family package then you would opt for the next time I comment DStv channels numbers packages! 2020 ) DStv plans and Packages/Bouquets do not go and dstv packages in nigeria 2020 simply because the plan subscription package ₦1,800... Toast addon package from DStv that was included towards the end of last year Nigeria Products 2020 prices. Contents you might have missed and the discontinued access package foreign TV as! Last up to ₦36,500 opposed to ₦15,800 can read more about how the VAT affected sectors... To MultiChoice, Premium subscribers on DStv, you ’ re sure not to be those. Definitely include cost of satellite dish ( with dish kit ), subscription duration, prices and plans by! Sectors here the channels available with foreign and local content can with your bank app are French-speaking in. ₦12,400 per month to continue using their service the DStv Indian package costs N6,975 for a subscription! Most subscribed packages on DStv Compact plan offers uses access to roughly 151 with about a hundred dstv packages in nigeria 2020. And website in this bouquet is the most expansive package available on the access and Family package and package. Been confusing to me since I subscribe to a different plan of your choice the....

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