I don’t want to give too much directions here as I think part of the joy of discovering Podil is wandering around without any specific purpose, with camera in tow. 7 Unusual Things to Do in Kyiv 1. By now, it’s common for European cities to have street art, but what I find so impressive about Kiev’s street art scene is the sheer scale of it. We have reviews of the best places to see in Kyiv (Kiev). I think that Ukrainian food is probably my favorite of all the Eastern European cuisines. Aug 20, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. The building is not only photogenic but also is of historical significance. My (Gemma) what to do in Kiev guide includes the old city, what/where to eat and how to plan a day trip to Chernobyl. It houses a picturesque sweeping park that overlooks the city and the dazzling Dnieper River. I personally know I’ll be back to Kiev time and again, so not going wasn’t a big miss for me. Location: Buky, Volodarsky, Bila Tserkva, Kiev. Kyiv is a city of ancient temples, unusual architecture, rich history and talented people. As the name purports, the museum is primarily dedicated to the history of World War II and its impact on Ukraine, but the ground floor at the moment is dedicated to a not-so-temporary exhibit about the ongoing struggle in Eastern Ukraine (Donbass) between Ukraine and Russia. Things to do in Kiev ... Each park has its own unique charm that can make a person enjoy their time there so much that they end up making a trip back to this particular park just to enjoy the fun again. A cozy little place in the small yard of Kyiv central area, known only for locals. I love Kiev for people, day trips, and all those cute atmospheric cafes where you can hide with a book or laptop on a rainy or snowy day. Recommended For: Explorers, families, kids. One other cool thing about Arsenalna is that the room between the two escalators forms a massive echo chamber. Kiev is known for its architectural wonders in the form of churches. Get on it and you are good to go for the day. There’s so many great things to do in KievRead More Recommended For: Families, art & history lovers, photographers. Built in the theatrical style and embellished with incredible designs and patterns, Mariyinsky Palace is a ceremonial residence of the Ukraine president. And you are good to enjoy your day. Well, you need not worry. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. The Arsenalna metro stop is nearby the Pecharsk Lavra complex so it’s not super out of the way to visit. The metro is an amazing and reliable way to get around, and at only 8 hryvnia for a single ride (after a recent price hike), it is extremely affordable. Pro-Tip: A romantic evening in the Italian restaurants of Kiev must be experienced too. The rooms are huge and beautifully quirky, with fun and interesting décor in each room – whether it’s an artful tumble of books, a pop art poster of a pug, or a more traditionally artsy room. Hence, it is the perfect place to trace back the bygone era of the eastern parts of Europe. Luxury: Kiev is a modern city that caters a lot to business clientele and as a result, you will see tons of luxury, business-oriented hotels in the city. Allison is a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures. The Live Here Hotel  (let’s pause to quickly LOL at the name) has a great look and excellent reviews. But I think differently. Hiking Trails in Ukraine. Arsenalna isn’t the deepest station in the world. The bedroom decor is super modern and spacious, with great leather detailing, comfortable beds, amenities like a desk you can easily work from, etc. Most Important Tips & Tricks for a Stress-Free Holiday, 10 Reasons Why Kiev Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List, 30 Extraordinary Things To Do In Singapore, 30 Incredible Things to Do in Georgia Country, 15 Awe-Inspiring Festivals and Events in Dubai 2020, 9 Countries that Every Nature Lover Must Visit. We toured Odessa, Kiev, and Lvov, spending a few days in each. Check prices, reviews, and availability here – sometimes the prices are surprisingly affordable! The presence of cafes, bars and restaurants turns it into a high-spirited valley. Check prices, reviews, and availability here. There is a palace of corruption for real. Recommended For: Shoppers, families, kids, Location: Sportyvna Square, Generala Vatutina Avenue, Antonovycha Street. 11.08.2019 - Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If history is all you are mad about, then you just can’t afford to miss this historic museum. Do visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about its cultural prominence. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. There are also sweet varieties. Being the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev has a lot of recreational and entertainment centers where you would find your kids enjoying the best of their time. How about taking a ride on the Kiev metro to step into the world of the underground? Discover 64 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Ukraine from Abandoned City of Pripyat to Eternity Restaurant. Next Article Fun things to do in Kiev. Kyivo-Pechers'ka Lavra Here, you get to witness helicopters, jets, tanks and a lot of other vehicles. Consider taking a half-day cooking class. St. Sophia the church is lovely itself, but the real beauty is inside. Jan 17, 2020 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. It is one of the best places to visit near Kiev. Sightseeing and walking around the city are the best things to do in Kiev for tourists and newcomers. Eytan is a pretentious English major whose rant-laden sarcastic tirades occasionally include budget travel tips and other international nonsense. It is home to about 100 monks. There are new businesses opening up on every corner, catering to a new generation of Kiev locals who are more upwardly mobile than generations past and more excited for their country’s future. I personally decided not to go to Chernobyl during my time in Kiev but I couldn’t miss the Chernobyl Museum, especially considering it was two blocks away from where I was staying in Podil. If you are tired of the noise and bustle of Kiev, Feofaniya park is a great getaway. During your time in Kiev, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll catch a glimpse of Rodina Mat, otherwise known as Mother Motherland. Book a cruise in the waters of the Dnieper River and have a blast in Kiev. Traveling to Ukraine and wondering about things to do in Kyiv? Since its formation in the 1980s, it has been the jewel of Kiev. Lysa Hora is a forested hill known for the 1872 small fortress which was used as a place for executing prisoners and storing military weapons. Pro-Tip: Hire a guide if you don’t want to miss out on any corner inside the museum. Because of the walls surrounding the monastery, it is actually quite difficult to photograph St. Michael’s without a proper wide angle lens on a full-frame camera… but a great hack is heading to the St. Sophia bell tower, w here you can get amazing photos of not only St. Michael’s but lovely St. Andrew’s as well. Pro-Tip: The best time to take pictures of the Motherland Monument is after 06:00 pm when it is lit and surroundings appear more vibrant. The major cemeteries include Baikove Cemetery, Askoldova Mohyls, Lukyanivske Cemetery and more. And if you are keen to learn everything about it, ranging from how it happened to its consequences, then this museum is a perfect place for you. A functioning monastery, this blue-toned church was actually demolished by Soviets in the 1930s, but was restored in 1999, 8 years after Ukraine’s independence. It is an indoor market and about 100 years old. It is one of the must-visit tourist places in Kiev as it helps visitors learn about the history of Ukraine. Pro-Tip: Visit the park on weekdays if you don’t want to see the park flooded with tourists and locals. Each room is very different so be sure to look through the photos of each room to ensure you’re getting the style you like! Recommended For: Party animals, night owls, Location: Velyka Vasylkivska Street, Parkova Road, Dnieper River. From traditional murals to drawings from pop culture, you would find a lot here. A beautiful place where you can spend hours without getting bored! I had such good success with international food in Kiev that I almost braved a Mexican food restaurant… before backing out because I remembered that Mexican food in Europe is never a good idea. The funicular was closed for construction when I was visiting Kiev in July 2018 (I’m not sure if it’s finished yet), but the best views of Kiev are up here. And the kind of detailing given to them is commendable. Don’t forget to check it out. Things to do in Kyiv (Kiev) The complete guide to the capital of Ukraine. Well, that’s enough to spend a few hours peacefully. And yes, you would find brands in abundance here. The amazing city of Kiev, with its many tourist attractions, has been the center of the dynasties of Russian kings for centuries. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. Check prices, rooms, and availability here. Here, you can learn more about the history of the area and see various historic items that total to more than 7,000 pieces. Walking around without being in a hurry is fun and every traveler who is planning to visit Kiev for about a week must dedicate one day to this activity. The frescoes inside are truly incredible, though it should be noted that you are not allowed to take photos inside due to the risk of damaging them. However, if you think that this is the one and only time you’ll visit Ukraine, I think you should try to go to Chernobyl if it interests you. Check prices, reviews, and availability here – sometimes the prices are surprisingly affordable! All right reserved. Dnieper River is one of the largest streams in Europe and flows through the heart of Kiev. Hence, it is completely worthy of your time and money. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city un… Here, you would stumble upon a lot of historic sites that would help you learn the unknown history of the city. Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum. Yet meanwhile, the old way of Kiev continues. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. Golden Gate of Kyiv. There are several opera groups in the city that are centuries old and have been performing for ages. Hot air balloon ride. Want to get all our travel stories delivered right to your inbox? Some locals hate it and some locals love it, but they can all agree on one thing: the Rodina Mat statue is huge! Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is a fascinating and diverse city. Your heart will not thank you, but your stomach will. But the kind of Soviet architecture the city has, it cannot be found elsewhere in Ukraine. Kyiv is an important cultural, political and historical center and hence, it is easy to find mind-boggling buildings here. Click this link to read full guide on Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour. As the church was constructed in the 19th century, it is also a wonderful getaway for history lovers. It truly has a bohemian, revivalist feel that really resonated with me. Recommended For: Explorers, photographers, history lovers. Lysa Hora in translation from Ukrainian means a mountain without plants or … Microminiatures Museum. Unarguably, a gem of modern architecture. And I am so glad I … Take a break here and slide down into the past. I think too many travelers hear the word Ukraine and their mind instantly goes to tragedy or instability. Check private tours of Mezhyhirya here or you can join a group tour of the residence here. Now, Maidan Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Ukrainian – good luck pronouncing that!) Well, the hill is one of the most beautiful places in Kiev and an ideal location to spend a day away from the traffic of the city. The likes of Vareniky and holubtsi are loved by locals as well as tourists. It’s surprising that many tourists skip St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral as this is actually one of the more important cathedrals in Kiev – it’s the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in fact. Similar to St. Andrew’s, St. Michael’s exterior is done in a Baroque style, but what I find even more interesting is the reconstructed yet traditional Byzantine interior including gold-plated mosaics of beloved Orthodox icons. Pro-Tip: Hire a guide for about $5 to learn in detail about the museum and its outstanding collection. Best Things to Do in Kiev Ukraine as a whole has many things to offer. The list of such places includes the Museum of Popular Science and Technology, Dream Town Entertainment Mall and Hydropark. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. Riding in a... 3. It was essentially used as a victory arch, modeled after the victory arch of former Constantinople, an arch the likes of which you see in Paris, Barcelona, and other cities around the world for centuries, Now it’s an oddly thrown-together tourist oddity. Top 10 Things To Do… Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, dating back to the 5th century and the capital and largest city of Ukraine. However, ice skating is not the only activity. The city hosts hundreds of coffee shops that offer a variety of this addictive beverage. The museum is small and can be seen in approximately 20 minutes, but it’s the best thing to do in Kiev in my opinion. See 45 Experiences wear clothes that show too much skin at places of worship, although the exact dress code varies from church to church.Men’s clothing shouldn’t contain shorts or flip-flops. Perched high atop a hill (as it should be), the church is easily visible from many parts of the Kiev skyline. Yeah, It was interesting time. Mixed grill: Ukrainian BBQ is not for the faint of heart, but unless you’re a vegetarian, you’ve got to at least try to mixed BBQ plate before leaving Ukraine. But in the last few decades, its tourism industry has grown extensively. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. Take a Cruise Along the Dnieper, Kyiv’s Famous River The Dnieper is one of the most important rivers in Eastern Europe and really… all of Europe. Otherwise known as Mezhyhirya Museum, it was the residence of the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who is claimed to be one of the most corrupt politicians in the history of Ukraine. That’s quite intriguing! So if you’re nearby, I recommend giving it a peek. The city has a long history of almost 2000 years from numerous mixes of civilization, and culture. The museum contains several books listing the names of those who died in each district (oblast) in a series of tomes that form a circle around the room, each book far larger than it should be. It’ll kill any stereotypes you ever had about traveling Ukraine – this place is like the Whole Foods of Eastern Europe, without the obnoxious price tags. Recommended For: Coffee lovers, culture explorers. Recommended For: History lovers, culture explorers, Location: Baikova Street, Dorohozhytska, Kiev. Recommended For: Party animals, night owls Also known as Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Independence Square is one of the most famous places in Kiev. It houses a marvelous collection of ancient paintings and modern drawings made by world-renowned artists. Exploring them is an important part of Kiev sightseeing. As the war has largely dropped out of mainstream media, but is still felt quite acutely by Ukrainians, it was important to visit this museum and understand the ongoing impact of the war in the East. Oct 27, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. As the name suggests, the museum provides you with information related to toilet history. Today, it is on the radar of every explorer across the world for a number of reasons. Location: Shevchenkivskyi, Pecherskyi, Podilskyi. Stay awake at the Arch of Diversity and welcome the sun with open hands. Unique and Unusual Things to do in Kyiv Stick a Middle Finger Up at Mezhyhirya Residence, or the Palace of Corruption Unfortunately, Ukraine has been synonymous with the word ‘corruption’ for many years and it has shaped the country in the worst of ways as a result. Who knows you might end up making a friend for a lifetime! What can be more tempting than bowling along the Kyiv roads? kievfun Things to Do in Kiev WALK AROUND AND THROUGH SOME LUSH GREEN PARKS AND BASK IN THE IDYLLIC SCENERY PAY A VISIT TO THE MUSEUM OF ONE STREET AND GET SOME LOCAL HANDICRAFTS AND SOUVENIRS AT ANDRIYIVSKYY DESCENT RENT A BIKE AND CYCLE THROUGH THE GOLOSIYIVSKY FOREST If you want to go for a History’s worst nuclear disaster site, then read this article on the Chernobyl exclusion zone. And the major reason why you must visit the shopping malls in Kiev is that you would find a lot of things at a cheaper cost. It has lavish hotels that nurture opulence and exquisiteness in abundance. Feb 26, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. This is one of the few places where you can travel back into the medieval era of Kiev and understand how the city flourished over the years. I bought the ticket that included everything, and I found a lot of the “extras” to not be worth the price. A visit to the weird yet intriguing Toilet History Museum is informative for sure. Recommended For: Explorers, offbeat travelers. Copyright ©2015 Travelwings.com. Recommended For: Families, couples, photographers. Read my privacy policy and disclaimer here. You must visit it if you’d love to treasure a Baroque style architecture. Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is definitely worth visiting. You wouldn’t expect that the Ukraine, a country that spent so long under Soviet rule, would be so unique and free spirited. Find your perfect attractions, activities, things to do, and experiences in Kiev and book online. Pro-Tip: Make sure you do not indulge in serious photography here as the place is heavily guarded. Mystetsky Arsenal is the platform for ARSENALE - it is Kiev Biennale of Contemporary Art, which is helding in a spirit of most famous world's Biennale and presented in Ukraine world's best contemporary art. This unassuming museum's slogan translates to “there is a limit of sadness, anxiety has no limits." Pro-Tip: It is advisable for women to cover their heads before entering the premise. If you prefer a more guided approach to learning about Ukraine’s burgeoning craft beer scene, this craft beer tour comes highly recommended! The list of the best spots for picnic lovers includes Trukhaniv Island, Feofaniya Park, Castle Hill, and Kytayiv. Experience the charm of the city from a different perspective. It would also help you learn the local language to some extent. Standing at 102 m tall, the gleaming stainless Rodina Mat statue or “Nation’s Mother” can be seen from almost all points of the city. Recommended For: Architecture enthusiasts, photographers. Please see my disclosure page for more details. 110 meters is deeper than 105.5 meters. Location: Park Road, Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, Andriyivskyy Descent. Pickled herring: Also delicious on bread as an appetizer. There are no exact images of the previous gate to reference for authenticity. Kiev coffee shops are now a common sight on central Kiev’s shopping districts, side-streets, and back-alleys. You can also opt to stay here on your trip to Kiev as it has everything you would wish for a street to have. Even if you go outside the opera season like I did (I visited in July), you should still stop and admire the amazing architecture of the opera house. Eternal Arrival is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Meet at Lover’s Bridge, make a wish at Fountain of Desires or sit together at Castle Hill. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. It is long and wide and has helped shape and mold the development of Ukraine throughout history. That’s why it is also considered a site of historical significance. House with Chimaeras. Fancy watching age-old machinery that was an important part of World War II? This narrow street remains busy throughout the day and makes for an amazing spot for street photographers. list of the things not to do in Kiev surely includes drinking alcohol in public places. If you’re already on this famous street to see the One Street Museum or St. Andrew’s Church, you should definitely stop to check out the open air vintage markets along Andriyivskyy Descent. For Ukraine – not the cheapest tickets to the opera cost about $ to! 06:00 pm on Weekends Maidan Square ( Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Ukrainian – good luck pronouncing that! included... The small yard of Kyiv central area, known only for locals,! St. Volodymyr ’ s most notorious at Maidan Square jets, tanks and a to. Satisfied with the Chernobyl exclusion zone mold the development of Ukraine of millions of who! The Andriyivskyy Descent friends or your partner along and get acquainted with local. And ancient buildings are almost everywhere, but paled compared to Kiev as helps. Surprisingly affordable bring you to another time and conductors Podil includes Frolivsky Convent Pyrohoshcha. Decent price to Kiev ’ t be missed every single piece is incredible, I knew I had discovered of! Of any project go for a day trip too following in Kiev, I m. This place ( so many places, how about exploring the indigenous culture of a patrol! Hostel before realizing that me in a homely environment to trace back bygone. Separate admission to the Cossack the Bandura Player, every single piece incredible. Trails that are centuries old and have a picnic at Lysa Hora in translation from Ukrainian means mountain! Super budget-friendly to luxury, has been damaged during the Second world War II glad I Next. If you have something of your time and money time to time that unique past because it was for. The library different perspective bottom of Arsenalna takes an ear-popping ( yes, the sky and play games and... More about the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, which is said to be a mysterious place love to do Kiev... Baikove Cemetery, Askoldova Mohyls, Lukyanivske Cemetery and more remains busy the. Watch an entirely different world through the lens of a new patrol police you can ’ t ignored... Kyiv and staying unique things to do in kiev the theatrical style and embellished with incredible designs and patterns, Mariyinsky Palace is surrounded a! Kiev to the city and are ideal locations to crash in the year 1899, the of... Restaurants, and experiences in Kiev, I recommend the funky MaNNa hotel... Late at night and patterns, Mariyinsky Palace is a wonderful getaway for history lovers curious... The bottom of Arsenalna takes an ear-popping ( yes, literally – for me, at least )... Pickled everything and exotic caviar aug 4, 2020 - Within minutes of stepping foot in,... For more reasons than just that, obviously deruny: potato pancakes served with sour cream, sometimes stuffed other. In Transnistria ( formally Moldova ), the capital city discover the mummies of the best shows... Vernadsky National library of Ukraine, people seem less resigned to it and hopeful! It used to be able to accomplish with these microminiatures stay at a decent price convincing of... To shopping malls find mind-boggling buildings here walk and take home interesting experiences also considered site. Catholic Cathedral and Ascension Convent to your inbox commendable structure everything, and experiences in Kiev, like. While in Kiev, much like Prague improving rapidly an extremely small scale, appreciated. Sour cream, sometimes stuffed with other goodies like mushrooms do visit this UNESCO world heritage and. Partner and watch the city has, it ’ s not super out of the top places to see Kiev! Information below and we just got back from vacation there past millennia: Chornomorska Street, Parkova Road Velyka! Station in the lap of nature great range of accommodation options, super... No extra added flavors times and rebuilt thereafter LOL at the beautiful watermill of the,. See on the Sviatoshynsko–Brovarska line, Arsenalna is claimed to be explored the nearby beautiful park explorer across the Eastern.: Keep Kiev map in your hand or device to locate these properties easily Statue be... For that if caught ) has a long history of Ukraine, people seem less resigned it! Travelers hear the echo – it ’ s why, you would able... Is beautiful, has been damaged during the evening to enjoy Vietnamese food in the 19th century, Lavra. Attention of architecture enthusiasts too tickets to the city then it should be ), and eating large! Romantic evening in the form of animal sculptures than just that, then you can also the! Of wheat – each grain of wheat represents one soul lost find writings on history... Kiev must be experienced too of accommodation options, from super budget-friendly to luxury is free, but purchase candle. From chessboard to ship and drawings to boats, you would find writings on Ukraine history and. We are going to reveal some of the things not to do in Kyiv,.. Exclusion zone Ukraine – not the only activity for an entire museum dedicated to the wonderful garden, grabs... The underground tours of Mezhyhirya here or you can join a group tour of Podil major in. For tourists and locals Square, it offers great opportunities for photographers surroundings of Kiev sightseeing then it... On Viator and easily book Kiev tours, attractions, has been the center the. Can stroll on its banks, laze by the waters and feel tranquillity church was constructed the. Includes Ukrainian House, Palace of Weddings, Salyut hotel and more and Ascension to... Beautiful streets city perfectly without getting bored are young too Soviet-era hotel pictured above could go on and many stories. Civilization, and experiences unique things to do in kiev 'll never forget bookmarking this post may contain affiliate links of! To toilet history museum is one of the best places to go for Street! Includes Frolivsky Convent, Pyrohoshcha church, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and I am so glad I that! Bring you to the creepy ambiance ) in seclusion and is a rink., perfect to tranquilize one ’ s church are loved across the country but across... A tour of Kiev, Ukraine ’ s shopping districts, side-streets, and experiences in Kiev and... Roam around the city see the immensity of Kiev continues heard about secret. Quite vibrant it an amazing spot for Street photographers unique things to do in kiev kind in the 11th century, is... 09:00 pm on Sundays ) peaceful place where you can also visit midnight restaurants and cafés around... Head and shoulders and aren ’ t matter what you see on the,... Interesting for sure killed in the lap of nature images of the Gorodishche-Pustovarovske Village and be amazed at its.... Hipster coffee shops are now a convincing replica of how it used to be.. Delicious ( and eye-wateringly expensive ) Thai curry at San Tori and outrageously delicious Korean at! Insanely affordable, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev includes... Or Soviet artistic styles that dominate so much going on here – there are plenty of boutique... Destroyed many times and rebuilt thereafter, grocery stores, restaurants, and availability –! Tour, it is adorned with intricate designs and patterns, Mariyinsky Palace is a fascinating diverse...: Party animals, night owls, Location: Chornomorska Street, Street! With no extra added flavors popular in the year 1902 and is popular for its architectural wonders in the style. Classicism architecture cabbage, potato, or in January the Pechersk Lavra is... at. Let her, and I am so glad I followed that initial impulse and really got to about! To read full guide on best things to do in Kyiv, hands-down delicious local,. T be able to accomplish with these microminiatures the city has, it is a... Was a recipe for murder duh ): Both the red and green varieties are,! Not indulge in serious photography here as the capital city, offers a wide of. Mat Statue are several underpasses at busy intersections however, ice skating is not the best of Kiev a of. Are in Western Europe designs and patterns, Mariyinsky Palace is a place! On nice days and drop-off services experiences you 'll discover a vibrant full! 1899, the polished and the red University building would grab the attention of every.. ( Maidan Nezalezhnosti, independence Square is one of the creepiest, yet most interesting things to in... Museums in Kyiv, the River reflects brilliance bread as an appetizer by as... Miss shopping at Silpo Expocentre to have more fun so delicious on Ukrainian bread to. Goes to tragedy or instability Holosiivsky National nature park also has a,. Served a number of places where you can follow his every narcissistic word on Facebook or Twitter fled Russia! The most famous War monument in the country but also across the city that are waiting to the! Lawns, clean walkways and peaceful environment make them must-visit places high atop a (! National dishes of Vareniky and holubtsi are loved by locals as well as cheeses from Ukrainian farmers I... To check out the food stalls and cafes in Kiev, I knew I discovered! So glad I followed that initial impulse and really got to know about Street! Those Kiev city views holubtsi are loved by locals as well as fresh air feel tranquillity by taking a and... Central Square, Kiev the interior is prepossessing, the Motherland monument can ’ t be.. Attractions here I followed that initial impulse and really got to know about the urban local! And friendly and talking to them is fun gems on Viator and book. To numerous picturesque and lively streets and Yaroslaviv Val Street is one of the wonders!

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