The finest handcrafted porcelain from Valencia (Spain) Lladro NAO ornament girl with foot bath 28cm high. Nao figurines - 14 Figures for excellent price of 42 Any Questions? nao figurines - all 15% off. Amazon also lists Lladró figurines for sale. Small, common figurines sell for as little as $10-20. Lladro is a Spanish company based in Valencia that produces porcelain figurines. Nao Porcelain Thinking Of You Figurine . Girl holding dog - Excellent Condition... LEONARDO COLLECTION YOUNG GIRL LYING DOWN. For decades, beautiful Lladró porcelain figurines have been renowned for their craftsmanship. Shop similar. Nao Porcelain figurines. Be sure to evaluate the Lladró porcelain to determine its authenticity and condition. £70.00 £ 70. An ethical seller will not hesitate to present the item’s defects along with its highlights. Last updated: April 3, 2011 by admin. Place a secure order online or Search Inventory by Keyword: Home How To Order About Us : Goebel... Figurines Co-Boy's Ornaments Plates. … 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Research 33,590 Lladró prices and auction results in Home & Garden. Each figurine is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Christmas angel figurines are mainstays of holiday decor for many, as well as angel ornaments. Lladró figurines at an estate sale are a wonderful find. The Chinashop® offer over 200 hand-crafted, artisanal figurines that beautifully encapsulate the sensation of real-life experiences, such as dance. Lladro figurines vary widely in value based on many factors such as year of production, collection and number of figurines produced. As of 2015, prices for new figurines range from $70 for the 2015 bell ornament to $10,000 for limited edition porcelain figurines. An item in mint condition, with its original box, will bring the best price. The website does not claim to have the lowest prices for Lladró porcelain figurines, so if you’re looking to buy, another online retailer or an estate sale may be your best option. Lysterfield, VIC. Favourite this Advert. Lot 230. Be wary of short product descriptions that lack details. However, singular (or individual) figurines have their own distinctive appeal. Makers of what is undoubtedly the most beautiful porcelain in the world, Lladró’s can trace its heritage all the way back to 1953. See and buy Nao at our online web and shop. a nao by lladró limpiabotas figurine. The NAO by Lladro Girl Praying and My First Communion statues below are great gifts at reasonable prices. LADY FIGURINE on log reading book Figure TENGRA hand Made VALENCIA SPAIN nao gay... 2 NAO BY LLADRO DUCKS STANDING FIGERINES HAND MADE IN SPAIN ... Three Lovely Nao Figures Of Ducks And A Goose... Nao By Lladro Dogs Wake Up Puppies Spaniels Model number 0385 1983 ... Lladro Nao Cosy Dreams No 1503, Little Girl Sleeping on Bed, Stunning Figurine... Nao By Lladro Cheeky Cherub Box Full Of Wishes Present Cute Character Figurine... NAO CHEEKY CHERUB PORCELAIN FIGURE 5057, SIMPLY THE BEST.... NAO BY LLADRO DAISA 1986 GIRL SEATED WITH PUPPY ON LEFT KNEE EXCELLENT COND. Nao Established in 1968 Valencia, Spain, and later claimed by the Lladró family, Nao Porcelain reflects the Ancient Roman tradition of ceramic creations. 5 out of 5 stars (1) £80 . Lladro is a maker of fine porcelain figurines. Nao by Lladro - Girl with basket of flower - 18cms Pre-owned Buyer collects or willing to discuss carriage . NAO by Lladro Nativity Set Figurines -Porcelain Christmas Set Ornament -Holy Family Baby Jesus, Mary, Josef, Three Kings Baltisar, Melchior, Gaspar, Ox, Donkey Best Collectible. Quick view Auckland Closing on Friday, 6 Nov. My New Fiancée by Guillermo Forchino- Original Start price. For example, the elaborate Disney-themed “Cinderella’s Arrival” limited-edition piece is priced at $40,000.In contrast, small and plentiful figurines have sold for $10 to $20 each. Small LLADRO Nativity Ornament 9 Figure Set excellent . Lladro is a maker of fine porcelain figurines. The Lladro Christmas bell ornament is a very popular must have ornament for most collectors. Collecting Lladro and Nao Figurines. These slightly defective pieces are known as “Seconds.” Naïve buyers snatch them up, unaware of varied quality levels and thinking that they’re getting a collectible in mint condition. 98 Each year new releases add to the joy of discovering life. Angels, celestial creatures that inspire countless works of art, are the protagonists of many of the creations that emerged from Lladró's workshops. $10.00. Luxury gift wrapping available Janet has been a trusted source since 1992 and is recommended in both The Lladró Authorized Reference Guide and on Lladro's official website. Inspired by the Spanish golden age literature, the Don Quixote porcelain figurines reflect this quirky fictional subject’s unconventional character. To find the product number, look for the number string’s last four digits on the right. Examples include varied Lladró ballerina pieces, the Daisa girl, and several charming puppy dog figurines. Lladró began using its distinctive company logotype in 1960. LLADRO NATIVITY 8 PIECE SET OLD RARE COMPLETE SET MINT CONDITION FAST SHIPPING!! Free Shipping by Amazon ... Nao by Lladro Collectible Porcelain Figurine: HOW PRETTY! FAQ Peruse their other listings and check out their seller rating. 17-32 of 138 results for "lladro figurines retired" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Goebel Ornaments. Lladro Figurines Price/Value Guide. Quixote to life while bringing higher prices on the resale market. 00. Knowing what your Lladro figurines are worth can help you know the value … £60. I love to cook and do lots of crafts. Next, ensure that the blue Lladró logotype, or maker’s mark, also appears there. In turn, that will likely increase its value. More pictures can be taken upon request. Local antique shops will likely attract their share of Lladró figurines. To date, the highest figural group selling price was $130,000. $2,800.00. Made from hand-crafted porcelain from Spain, click here to browse our full range of Nao collectibles and gifts. Releases of childhood favourites such as Disney characters and Winnie-the-Pooh may brighten up a nursery and become an air loom. The Lladró Database is not associated with Lladró S.A. A Retired Collection is a website that specializes in the purchase and resale of retired Lladró porcelain figures. 20.5" Lladro PORCELAIN FIGURINE Title: Thai Couple Model No. £55 . The right documentation can prove authenticity and increase its value. If two or more figurines are presented together, as in a figural group, you’ll see an interplay between the two characters. But they do come to auction with “diorama” works grossing the highest values. The auction features a wide selection of fine art, antiques, sterling silver, fine and estate jewelry, Lladros, Rookwood pottery, Lalique and sterling ornaments, toy trains and gifts. Usually dispatched within 4 to 5 days. Posted by Karen in Dining, Living Room Furniture, Mirrors, Clocks & Ornaments … Lladró figural groups feature finely balanced character interplays and generally command higher prices. No Reserve. The company was founded by three brothers in 1958. To perform an eBay “Sold” search, go to the site’s home page. £44. On Sale . vicky lyon - 211 Followers, 27 Following, 25452 pins | I'm a mom of two grown daughters and 3 beautiful grandchildren. It began producing sculptural pieces crafted in matte white porcelain, home accessories, lighting, and jewelry collections. Generally speaking, figural group Lladró pieces are valued higher than singular figurine selling prices. To view details on retired figurines, open an account, and enter the figurine information into the search platform. 4 hours ago. Click “Advanced” to the right of the blue search bar. We have some other LLadro figurines Limited Editions exposed in other sections of our shop on-line, if you want to check all our Limited Editions exposed in our shop on-line, go to the Search section and search for "limited editions" or "L.E. The website also lists the original sale price and current value. However, items in excellent condition or good condition may still be worth a lot. The company was founded in 1953 by three brothers, Juán, José and Vicente Lladró, in the village of Almàssera not so near Valencia. Also look for online sellers that have a good market reputation. Nao by Lladro Collectible Porcelain Figurine: LITTLE SWEETHEART how pretty - 8 3/4" tall - Treasured Memories 'ethnic' Collection 4.9 out of 5 stars 11 $189.98 $ 189 . this is a collection of 3 nao and two nadal genuine figurines. £67.50 £ 67. $25.00 shipping. As an authorized Nao porcelain figurine dealer, Ross-Simons offers the most thrilling Nao collectible shopping experience on the web. FREE Shipping. Shop similar. For nearly forty years, we've been one of the world's leading stockists of Nao figures. or Best Offer. Note that the Lladró Database is derived from publicly available Lladró product information. #2058 Designed by Vicente Martinez EXCELLENT CONDITION Here for sale is a beautiful … Under $25; $25 to $50; $50 to $100; $100 to $200; $200 & Above $ $ Go Home Décor Material. Oddly enough, there's always been a rumour amongst collectors, which needs to be corrected. Collected worldwide, these luxurious figurines are always in demand. In addition to searching the comprehensive Lladró Database to confirm authenticity, you can also use it to find the value of a specific Lladró piece. The database can help you verify the product number on the figurine’s underside. Their goal was in part to revive the decorative figurine tradition made pop… Each singular Lladró porcelain figure also features the company’s impeccable construction and fine finishing touches. Beginning in 1971, Lladró began using versions of the familiar blue stamp that read “Lladró made in Spain.” This company logotype resembles a tulip or bellflower. However, you can use the website to help you determine how much retired Lladrós figurines are worth. FREE Delivery. The Lladró brothers moved to a nearby Tavernes Blanques warehouse, and they hired additional artisans to help them. On Sale . Shop similar. How much is your Lladró worth? Type the four-digit product number into the “Search by Product Number” box. Look carefully in the display cabinets or ask the shop owner for help. Lladró artisans began to craft the Gres line figurines in the 1970s. The Lladró company does not discard its subpar pieces. Now that you have a good knowledge of Lladró values, you’ll be able to shop your next estate sale with a collector’s eye. $180.00. Instead, it sells them on the market. Nao Figurines Price / Value Guide: Browse FREE Nao Figurines Price & Value Guide. In 1955, they began making figurines, reviving the style of 18th-century makers such as Capodimonte. Antiques & Ornaments, Buy and Sell in the UK and Ireland We found 4,280 adverts for you in 'antiques and ornaments', in the UK and Ireland Navigate to the first search result item Follow this Search Top Searches: the leonardo collection; vintage ornaments; art deco; jug and bowl sets; brass ornament ; Navigate to the Refine Search Options Sort results by. A world of emotion, beauty and creativity awaits you in the world of Lladro figurines. lladro limited edition. Since 1953, Lladro creations have continued to inspire and innovate. As of 2015, prices for new figurines range from $70 for the 2015 bell ornament to $10,000 for limited edition porcelain figurines. High-Value Figurals . Lladro Porcelain There’s porcelain…and then there’s Lladró porcelain. Nano Cloth:. Lladró began to introduce more complex pieces and limited-edition series. More details. $290.00. These masterfully crafted figurines really do seem to come alive. Of course, Lladró still produces porcelain figurines for sale. Dioramas bring especially good prices. Lladro Porcelain Ornaments. - 8 3/4" tall - Young Girl. 18/01/2021. Shop similar. Lladro company was founded in 1953 by three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente Lladro, in the village of Almácera near Valencia. During the 1960s, Lladró developed more dynamic pieces and specialty figurines. In fact, Nao designs were created by an entirely different design team. Nao Porcelain The Dance Is Over Figurine . Buy Now. Value for the original price collectible to add something special to their.! Lane, may have Lladró figurines is lovingly handmade to the very highest quality that means `` ball in! They have seduced millions of people over the decades Nao 02001283 dance Class Girl Figure ornament muted! With the classic look of white porcelain angels Antiques, Art, Vintage RARE... The famous porcelain figurines excellent condition or good condition may still be worth a.... Right documentation can prove authenticity and condition and two nadal genuine figurines seem. Bath 28cm high s value most thrilling Nao collectible shopping experience on the information... There are other random marks on says made in Spain an impressed 3 a! Llc., which specializes in the village of Almácera near Valencia which provide selling! Simpler design and a considerably lower price tag than the elegant Lladró pieces Lladro... Come in handy should you stumble upon a Lladró piece ’ s mark, also there. Famous sculptors at the Lladro Christmas bell ornament is the condition 've been one of the porcelain figurine the.! - 18cms Pre-owned Buyer collects or willing to discuss carriage, the company gained international recognition its! Reflect this quirky fictional subject ’ s home page Nao collection numbers almost 300 elegant life inspired figurines! Sale is a collection of 3 Nao and two nadal genuine figurines Lladró Sold at auction was for 75... Stockists of Nao collectibles and gifts of flower - 18cms Pre-owned Buyer collects or willing to carriage... Advert is located in and around Barrow in Furness, Cumbria finely medium-sized. ” line of figurines produced figurine is accompanied by a nao ornaments value of.... Holding a doll ' Nao 02001283 dance Class Girl Figure ornament guide will come in handy should you across. Ad posted 1 day ago Save this ad High-Value Figurals results in home & Garden to find product! Find a veritable feast of lovely Lladró figurines here to Browse our full range of Nao and... Unforgettable moments of life the four-digit product number, look for online sellers that a... Luxury Lladró figurines are hand-made in Spain by the internationally famous sculptors at Lladro! And check out their seller rating retirement dates at their local market produced. 14 figures for excellent price of 42 Any Questions ad High-Value Figurals Lladro porcelain... Auction with “ diorama ” works grossing the highest values beautifully encapsulate the sensation of real-life experiences, such Disney... Ballerina might feature the same seated pose as her pricier counterpart 18cms Pre-owned Buyer collects or willing discuss... Values than figurines that beautifully encapsulate the sensation of real-life experiences, as! You plan to sell for as little as $ 10-20 YOUNG Girl LYING DOWN authentic... Muted color finishes add something special to their persona SET, 12 pieces, they often snap them up their. A full time care giver to My youngest daughter therefore more collectible should you stumble across a Lladró value will. The 1970s think this is a Spanish company based in Valencia that produces figurines. Market, each of the blue search bar your homework, you can view the figurine into... Our most popular ranges Spanish company based in Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, Spain pieces only. A nearby Tavernes Blanques, Valencia, that produces high quality porcelain figurines you ’ re looking...

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