A very brief description of the Bosch capacitor discharge transistorized ignition system. An 'S' engine with yellow dot Spica should achieve 3% consistently. for the missing gaskets are 3310 (the distributor drive flange/blanking plate gasket and 3323 (the upper timing chest gasket In the USA, the units can be repaired by Bob Ashlock of AshlockTech, 1218 N. Lemon St., Fullerton, CA 92831, Tel 1-714-651-1631. When procuring drive and suspension parts be aware that some Montreal components can look the same as parts for 4-cylinder 105-series Alfa Romeo cars but are in fact made from stronger materials to support the greater loading. Leon Magistro has equipped his 1974 Montreal with three-piece Australian made 7J x 16" wheels branded Simmons. The capillary tubing must be silver soldered in place, as soft soldering is not sufficiently strong. Left and right side front sections cost USD 365 each. The original Alfa Romeo tool was made by welding together a castellated ring, a protection ring, a spacer tube and an end piece. A Montreal appeared in a brief promotional video for the release of the single "Benvenuto" by Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini in September 2011. Mal's car has been equipped with a raised bonnet. The Spica injection pump lubricating circuit has an additional oil filter which is integrated with the front support of the pump. Once energised, the relay contacts are held open until the operating switch is released. Andrea Militello, a professional transportation designer from Luxembourg who works for the IDEA Institute in Turin, has used modern graphics tools to make an artistic representation. Dirk Van Rompaey made a right-angle 13mm wrench to access the forward nut of cylinder 4. 5. The clutch pedal cover is the same as that fitted to all other 105-series cars and replacements are readily available at low cost. The following part numbers may be useful: There is some variation in the depths of the packing rings. Two happy foxes drive a yellow Montreal in Richard Scarry's book for children "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go", published by Golden Press in September 1974 and reprinted in May 1997 (ISBN 0307157857). Robin can accept a core TA from a 4-cyl car and rebuild it to a Montreal one for USD 350. 305930), initially developed under the "Victory" brand name by the Italian manufacturer Sivocci Est, can now be supplied by Athena Spa, Via delle Albere 13, I-36040 Alonte (Vicenza), Italy. 73, 1996. On 24 February 2017, metallic gold 1972 Montreal AR1426501, with 91,766 km on the clock, was sold on Bring A Trailer for USD 77,000 plus 5% buyer's fee. While there is no confirmed evidence of its utility, some owners add a little Marvel Mystery Oil to the fuel with the objective of adding some lubrication. A 2-year guarantee is provided. The original welded studs which hold the clips can be replaced by Opel GM 164361 parts which can be secured by a pop riveter. But this material is relatively brittle and easily fractured by a minor frontal shock. 4 (Acceptable condition): GBP 4,300, Cat. The list price of the book was GBP 40. Steve Merrihew has reported that a 45-degree fitting cannot be used as a replacement for the original 30-degree fitting at the oil reservoir. Current production Continental 195/70-R14 tyres have the CV 90 tread pattern. These wheels can normally be recognised by a reduced 14.5 mm diameter counterbore on the outside of the hole for the valve, while the conventional wheels have a 24 mm diameter counterbore. In this movie Caine's Paris-registered AR825 metallic brown Montreal and Maureen Kerwin's yellow Porsche 911 chase each other amicably over a country route for a 3 minute sequence. In his "first life" Volker had worked as a car mechanic in a small but fine garage, mostly on Alfa Romeo cars, and he planned to make the completed car look just as if it had been manufactured by Alfa Romeo. It is easily dismantled for service. First purchaser (owner's name and city for cars sold to customers in Italy, otherwise normally the Alfa Romeo importer for his country), 1973 - 316 . Coupons for the free services A at 700-1200 km and B at 5000-6000 km. It participated in a number of classic races such as the Historic Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort carrying the No. In this position, only very short wires are required to connect the relay. The regulator can also be replaced by the linear transistorised model 0192062007, which does not generate switching transients. 10 1971. Jaeger stamped the dates of manufacture of the fuseboxes inside the covers, as well as on other components such as the main instruments and steering column switch. Timo Jaatinen reports that one lug of his Montreal steering box broke after failure of the spot welding of the chassis member to which it is attached. The Montreal wiring diagram shows the switch energised through the upper Luci Città fuse, so that it is active only when the parking lights are on. A suitable tool to replace it can be fashioned from a hard plastic cup of dimensions and profile such that it presses only on the periphery of the emblem. Dipping the bare wheels in acidic or alkaline cleaning solutions is not advisable because this could lead to stress corrosion cracking. (16 x 22 mm indicated in the Parts Catalogue), Spica oil filter 31 x 37 mm. Minor changes, mainly affecting internal trim, made to the last vehicles to be made (see next section). This powerful coupé was marketed in Germany as the Alfetta GTV 2.6i V8 for DEM 50,000. Then at RM Sotheby's sale in Paris on 8 February 2017, Swiss-registered white 1972 (described as 1973) Montreal AR1426330 was sold for EUR 78,400 following an estimate of EUR 80 - 100,000. This series was exported to many other countries. The catalogue comprises mechanical, electrical and coachwork sections and a numerical index. Several different versions of the Montreal marine engine were produced, including a 260 bhp version of the normal 2593 cc one. A-level sets comprised the basic tools required by Approved Workshops for ordinary service operations, while B-level sets were intended for all Dealers who might be required to carry out work on any of the mechanical components. The steering wheel lock will not be applied provided the key is not removed from the switch. The callipers require mounting adaptors, which are included in the kit along with a full bolt pack. of the solenoid valve is listed incorrectly (should be The car, located in the Canary Islands, had been in storage for 30 years after running for 114,100km. The size of the mesh at each corner meant for torsion reinforcement in a rectangular slab of size (Lx ´ Ly) is Lx = shorter span Lx = Longer span [A] 0.1 Ly x 1 Ly [B] 0.2 Ly x 0.2 Ly [C] 0.1 Lx x 0.1 Lx [D] 0.2 Lx x 0.2 Lx Answer : D 278 The span/over all depth ratio for a simply supported two-way slab according to IS : 4562000 is given by The Montreal headlamp shelters are one of the most distinctive features of the car's styling. Beware vendors offering it at grossly inflated prices! Len Leeb has described a procedure for replacing the pivot shaft without opening the hydraulic lines. With the later twin equalizers mounted on the air intakes the idling air is controlled by the adjustment of the inlet pipe union, which compresses an O-ring in each equalizer block, and by the size of the apertures communicating with the intakes to the air cleaner box. It has ports for directing cooling air to the front brakes. The vehicle pre-delivery check slip. 12.5 mm, ext. The O-ring is 29.87 mm ID x 1.78 mm diam, 70 shore hardness. The 33rd meeting was held from 5 to 8 September 2019 in Luxembourg, based on the 4-star Hotel Légère in Munsbach. For a TA that has a negative offset, a longer cam centring screw can be fitted if the 12 mm one would have too few threads engaged. (See the "Horns" section for Montreal horn control variants). Shrink-wrapped back numbers of the hardcover English-text version of this publication were available from La Libreria dell'Automobile for EUR 9.30. However, some quality issues have been reported with 2HL plugs of recent manufacture. ATE vacuum servo-assisted double circuit ventilated disc brakes with rear circuit pressure regulator. Note that the HBE front springs are stiffer than the original ones and have an uncompressed length of 29 cm compared with 35 cm for the latter. The 195/70-VR14 XWX are still listed in Michelin's 2000 catalogue "Tyres for veteran, vintage and classic cars" (French version "Les pneus pour véhicules d'époque" and German version "Reifen für Oldtimer und Liebhaberfahrzeuge" also available). "Essai: Alfa Romeo Montreal" by J. Rosinski, Sport Auto, August 1972. However, it may have been a polyethylene glycol of higher molecular weight than ethylene glycol, such as PEG-300 or PEG-400. The cost for recharging the pair was AUD 50. The Montreal is equipped with an electric town horn and strident Fiamm Series 2000 TA/O, TA/OP or TA/OPF electro-pneumatic horns for highway use. While the Montreal was frequently reviewed by the specialist press during the early 1970's, Alfa Romeo published rather few advertising illustrations for it. It has also been exhibited at major automobile shows, such as the Autodelta 50th Anniversary event at Monza in September 2013. Alfa Romeo emphasized that correct cylinder head tightening procedures are very important for the Montreal's high performance engine. These imaginative renderings reflect the brilliant psychedelic colours of the 1970s. A few examples: The Montreal prototype from the Arese museum was exhibited by the German Alfa Club at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at Nürburgring in August 1997. 18-page booklets "Montreal: Directions for carrying out free service coupons A and B and the chargeable coupons" ("Montreal: Istruzioni per l'esecuzione dei buoni A e B e dei tagliandi chilometrici del libretto di servizio", DIASS No. Robert Marksteiner reports satisfactory results with the sports system and has provided a 49 second sound file (1 MByte) revving to 3000 rpm. When re-assembling the pump parts, the screws should be tightened while moving the front part of the pump around with the motor running until it sounds at its best. This small dossier, which can still be found with auto documentation vendors, contained in a brown folder nine A4 sheets describing the merits and technical specifications of the vehicle and a set of black-and-white photographs of it. "Faster than the wind" could be the English title of a computer art interpretation of the Alfa Romeo Montreal by Manfred Kopp. Note that different versions of the CS-130 may have mounting ears with different dimensions and orientations other than 6-12 o'clock. "L'Alfa Romeo Montreal" by Pierre Leleux, Belgique Automobile, April 1971. The piston of the damper is made of synthetic material and has a nominal diameter of 13.5 mm. This book is now out of print. The handling kit can be installed without the use of special tools. The AM line may be coloured white. The Part No. A 17-page "Air Conditioning System" manual (Publication No. 1643 (April 1971), which is included in the Montreal Shop Manual. The bulletins were numbered progressively and published in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The 1972 Montreal of Gene Brown was fitted with an RD12 Sanden SD-505 compressor. This includes 4 springs, a 30 mm diameter front anti-roll bar and ball-joint drop links, but the rear anti-roll bar is not changed. The RIAR have indicated that only three Montreals of this type were built. 30, January-February 1972. In the 3rd Tour de Espana in November 2001 Machoïr and co-driver Jaquinot were placed 9th in the competition section, ahead of 7 Ferraris, and gained 3rd prize in the post-1965 category. The calendar features illustrations of cars of Montreal Forum members in a wide range of different colours. By adjusting the scale, emblems can be cut in sizes suitable for the rear of the vehicle, the engine or other locations. The final 8 sets from this batch are available at a special discounted price of USD 69.95 per pair plus USD 21.95 for registered airmail shipping. A simple way to determine whether fuel is leaking into the oil from the pumping elements or past the sealing rings is to apply compressed air and see where the bubbles appear. Bosch electronic capacitive-discharge ignition by 0227200002 CD units. A reproduction blanking plate with the Bertone emblem can be supplied by Giorgio Penatti. After replacing the microswitch, set the adjustment screw such that a test lamp just lights up when a 1 mm feeler gauge is inserted between the operating lever of the microswitch and the rubber oil seal of the actuator. However, Manos Protonotarios reports that the fuel filler cap of the Alfetta GTV, which can be locked with a key, can be fitted to the Montreal. The original voltage regulator fitted to the Montreal (Bosch 0190601006 AD1/14V) is an electromechanical type which controls the alternator field current by a vibrating voltage-sensitive switch. A broken hand throttle operating lever can be repaired and strengthened. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic it will not be possible to hold the 34th meeting as foreseen from 3 to 6 September 2020. This compression chamber has a screw which allows the fluid volume to be adjusted accurately, and simple readjustment in the case of a minor leak. The gear lever knob is a push fit and can be removed by turning and rocking it while pulling upwards. (320 pages, 950 illustrations, hardcover) -, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon US, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon UK, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon Deutschland, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon France, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon Canada, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon Italy, Click here to order the Alfa Romeo Montreal book from Amazon Spain, Beautiful (non-technical) hardcover Alfa Romeo Montreal pictorial book! In order to exclude air when refilling, he recommended assembling the TA submerged in glycol. Montreals have also participated in the annual classic events at the Hockenheim ring and Nürburgring in Germany and the Circuit Park at Zandvoort in the Netherlands. In June 2015 Hubbard Auto Center of Scottsdale offered the car for USD 167,000, claiming a mileage of only 6334. This was retained by the vendor after signature by the purchaser of the car. This sequence is cast into both cam covers, and is sometimes mistaken for the Engine No.! The lamp should light immediately and extinguish again when the engine speed falls below 1400rpm. The blower fan is only used for recirculating cabin air and the lower control lever should not be pushed fully to the EST (outside air) position when the fan is operating. In the earlier version, separate Part Nos. Unlike the steering boxes of many other 105 series cars, the Burman box in the Montreal is not secured by through bolts with nuts. The valve has been known to stick with the delivery port closed or with the return port open! The colour AR825, poetically named by Alfa Romeo "Luci del bosco metallizzato", has been incorrectly described as everything from olive to silver. "The Sophisticated Steal" by Nigel Boothman and Lyndon McNeil, Classic Cars, April 2006. 2 (Very good condition): CHF 28,400, Cat. The Montreal is also featured on the January page of the 1998 "Roaring Seventies" calendar (DEM 85) published by Kontor 11 Grafik-Design, Deichstrasse 29, D-20459 Hamburg, Germany. This can be misleading because the firing order for this circuit is 2-3-8-5. These are very solid, accurately made castings, that are highly polished instead of being plated. For night driving, the shelters pivot downwards to clear the beams of all 4 headlamps entirely. While the Part No. All the brochures were printed in France, and even the English version shows a LHD Montreal. The Montreal appears on the gatefold sleeve of the double-LP album. "Concept Car" by Brian Palmer, Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, August 1990. The maximum permissible runout is 0.22 mm. The flexible hoses in the engine compartment should be of a type that has a smooth internal wall and resists fuel, temperature and pressure, such as Angst+Pfister Benolpress Type 06.5324.2010. The Montreal version of the gearbox has an additional peg welded to the gear change extension which eliminates any possibility of contact with the rotating output flange. When replacing the stalk securing bolts in the central transmission tunnel verify below the chassis that they do not snag the hydraulic brake line on the left side or the fuel lines on the right. In spite of the protection provided by the oil filter, Mal Nicholson has reported finding an oil pressure release valve blocked by debris. From 1974, to avoid damage to the lower oil seal by internal pressure build-up when the box is heated by the nearby exhaust manifold, the steering boxes were fitted with a filler plug having a breather slot. It appears to be a reproduction of the drawings initially made by Bruno Betti for "Quattroruote" in 1970 and also published in "Autocar" on 10 December 1970. The lines for the rear hatch are routed through a tube to the cavity behind the left side internal air grille. Note that the lengths of the throttle control and tie rods can be adjusted simply by rotating their hex centre sections, which have right hand threads at one end and left hand threads at the other. The length of the bolt should be about L = 49 mm measured from the mounting flange (about 37 mm from the bottom end of the casting). Gene Brown reports that the luggage straps can hold two cases of wine safely while doing some spirited driving during the annual wine tour of the Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California. The Montreal door pillars are steeply raked. In addition to an article on the Montreal "Vera opera d'arte" (A True Work of Art), the publication contains a brief review of some of the events of 1973 and a very short biography of the Montreal's mechanical design engineer, the late Giuseppe Busso. With the TA removed, use a non-metallic gauge to check the free travel of the mechanism on which the plunger presses inside the Spica logic unit. The Montreal accelerator pedal is linked by levers and a cable to a mechanism which rotates the control arm of the Spica injection pump and opens the eight throttle plates in unison. The two-colour Alfa Romeo drawings include three elevations and a plan of the Montreal unitary chassis with engine, drive train and suspension. "Alfa Romeo 4C - Montreal" by Pierluigi Mancini and Igor Gentili, Elaborare, July/August 2014. These badges have been sold in Alfa Romeo spares bags labelled with the same Part No. The electrical connections must be sound and to minimise voltage drop it can be advantageous to run a separate ground wire to the pumps directly from the battery connection to the chassis. The maximum compression figures for each of the eight cylinders should be recorded and compared. Buy Bilstein front shocks for the Alfa Romeo Montreal Buy Bilstein rear shocks for the Alfa Romeo Montreal. The barometric capsule (BC) of the Spica altitude compensator can be removed with its mounting flange for inspection or replacement without removing the injection pump from the engine. The moulded clevis sockets of the Spica link rod often split after they have been removed from the ball joints many times for tuning adjustments. In addition to the main BAT terminal, which connects to the red wire in the Montreal, the CS-130 has a connector with S, F, L and P terminals. At the 2002 Geneva Salon, Pirelli advised me that these tyres will continue to be available for at least the next 2 years. Oliver Heinisch has written a note (5.3MB PDF file) about the procedure. Uncondensed vapour is vented to the atmosphere via a tube connected to the upper port which exits just forward of the drain from the fuel filler housing. Door lights (No. A finish plate indicating the make and type of the paint employed should be found on the underside of the luggage compartment cover of the vehicle (location 4). The Montreal clutch master cylinder (ATE 03.2422-2801.3, Benditalia 6 06495) has a larger 7/8-inch (22.23 mm) bore than the 11/16-inch (17.46 mm) one (ATE 03.2417.0301.3) fitted to other 105-series cars. It can be replaced by a more modern 4-pin electronic flasher unit such as the Ring RFL5 if the unswitched side of the dashboard pilot lamp is connected to chassis ground instead of to contact 49. There are two versions of the tool with slightly different drilling. At the same Paris auction a 1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 sold for EUR 3.9 million. 25 mm). The twin-plate 1977 Alfetta types left, right (GR codes 60735642/43) are also compatible. The HG500 is no longer manufactured but gasket sets are available from CyrSa. The free-flow sports version, which has a higher sound level than the original, is claimed to offer a 5-7% power gain. "Essai RA 19/1972: Alfa Romeo Montreal", Revue Automobile, 17 August 1972. Peter Diamantes, Ed Geller and Jack Rugh have reported satisfactory results with StrongArm 4744 Buick/Cadillac/Oldsmobile hood lift supports, which are available for less than USD 20 each from several US suppliers. This should occur at a pressure of 25-28 kg/cm2 for new injectors and a minimum of 18 kg/cm2 for used ones. His experiments have shown that the return oil which enters the timing chest from the Spica pump naturally runs down to one of the ribs of the bearing housing. Spare parts procurement for the Montreal, of which fewer than 4000 were produced, can be substantially more difficult than for more popular classic cars. Montreal unit-construction monocoque chassis engineering layout drawings (Schema autotelaio Montreal, 26 April 1971). Notes on the checks to be made at 500 km intervals and items requiring occasional lubrication. The same disposable cartridge type was fitted to many 4-cylinder 105-series 1300, 1600 and 2000 cars, with the exception of the 1300 Giulia TI, Giulia Super, GT Junior and Spider Junior, the 1600 Giulia Super and the 1750 models, which had a canister with renewable element. Re-attach the labels with M2.5 screws having a maximum length of 4 mm since 6 of them are located just above the air filter elements. Replacement 80mm dia main seals for the filter canister are provided with the filter elements supplied by Classic Alfa and AMS Montreal-Service. The 60 x 40 cm original, printed by Grafiche Calderini of Bologna, is of splendid quality and merits conservation and framing. A replacement master cylinder with the correct 7/8-inch bore can be supplied by Giorgio Penatti. 1786 - October/1971 (1000 printed). "Alfas Bester", Motor Klassik, January 2000. In this process, pellets of solid carbon dioxide at about -79 deg C are propelled against the surface by compressed air. Richard Morris can supply a framed cartoon sketch of the Montreal, customised with the finish, wheels, badges and registration plate of the purchaser's own car. The Italian version is DIASS No. The front and rear Alfa Romeo badges of the Montreal should be the plastic (not enamelled) type with silver (not gold) laurel leaves, with or without "MILANO" according to the date of manufacture of the vehicle. "Riding Impression: Alfa Romeo Montreal" by T.C. The condition of all the flexible and rigid fuel lines should be checked regularly. These cost a further EUR 35 each. Some examples: Dust is an enemy of finely detailed miniatures. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? With the seasonal temperature compensator lever set to the "Above 15 deg C" position, 8 teeth (counting from the top of the notched lever) should be engaged at a barometric pressure of 741-760 mm Hg and temperature of 15-30 deg C. The smaller the number of teeth engaged, the greater the effective radius of the lever and hence the greater the fuel delivery for a given cam lift. The switch is a simple 3-pole one. The sizes required are approximately: All the oils should be drained when hot, taking appropriate precautions. The Type No. 1784 - October/1971 (1000 printed); the German version DIASS No. Do not try to separate the drum with the gear puller alone and do not strike the disc with the mallet! The crank may be stored in the vehicle glove compartment. When the FCS is activated the mechanism should move with only slight spring resistance, and retract when the solenoid is de-energised. The universal profile code for the pads is WVA 20437. Paul Irvine has described the repair of an Alfa Romeo hazard warning switch which appears similar to the type ( fitted in the Montreal. The thin hub flange for the emblem can be damaged by the mounting arrangements of some wheel balancing machines if their conical securing device is overtightened. Agusti Vilella has reported good results with NECTO FD51A pads. Owing to their greater length, mechanical modifications are required to install even the smallest Sanden compressors in the Montreal. The GR Code is 60715768. The hex portion is 9 mm high and the thread is 35 x 1.5 mm. Manfred Kopp has replaced the original Montreal engine water pump with an electric one. Here are some links to websites that usually list some Montreals for sale: The authorities in Bern homologated the Montreal for public road use in Switzerland as Type CH 0017.10 on 2 July 1970, some 14 weeks after the 40th Geneva Salon closed its doors. Unlike conventional pop-up headlamp designs they allow the headlamp flasher to be operated without delay. In some cases, it can be difficult to separate the drums from the wheel hubs to change the brake shoes. Since the future availability of spare parts was uncertain, he started to acquire additional mechanical parts for the car, and in the late 1990s he acquired two Montreals in pieces. The Montreal data given in Luigi Fusi's "All Alfa Romeo Cars from 1910" (3rd edition published in 1978 by Emmeti Grafica s.a.s., Milan) are quite superficial. Please indicate your interest to John as soon as possible. "Canada Goose" by David Vivian and Stan Papior, Autocar & Motor, March 14 1990. 2 (Very good condition): GBP 11,400, Cat. Reproduction supports can be supplied by Classic Alfa, AFRA and OKP. More colourful hub emblems can be made from the plastic badges intended for the front and rear of the vehicle. In December 1971, Franco Giliberti's Montreal-powered speedboat carried off 3 world records in this class at Sarnico on Lake Garda. In August 1971 Alfa Romeo produced a 98.5 x 70 cm German poster (Publication No. "Rostende Denkmale", Auto Zeitung, 8 December 1999. The complete pedal is the same as that fitted to some other models, such as the Giulia 1600 TI and Super, and new ones may be purchased for around USD 45. Some of the artistic paintings of the Montreal by Jennifer Taylor are also available on greetings cards.

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