My students who aren't great at math usually feel like they're far from their target scores, but what they don't realize is that Rome wasn't built in a day. Assistant school principal; Ed.D. The rest of the QUESTIONS can be found Here. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. Across the country, the teacher shortage is growing. topic: Professional Ed/Career Development Original Question/Response : 07 Jun 00 Interviewing questions by Jimmy Whiteman: 08 Jun 00 Re: Interviewing questions by Pat Ballew: 08 Jun 00 Re: Interviewing questions by Gail: Public Discussion: 08 Jun 01 Interviewing … Fawn is on the leadership team for UCSB Mathematics Project that provides professional development for teachers in the Tri-County area. Share on linkedin. They even see you as a “publicist” for the school, reinforcing the culture, strengths, and values of the school to parents. Interview with Cossondra George, Michigan Middle School Teacher Cossondra George recently set aside time from her hectic day to talk to us about her experiences as an educator in Michigan. There are a variety tools and techniques via Khan Academy and iTunes U. April 23, 2014 Cathy O'Neil, mathbabe. But the final moment when they're able to walk through it themselves and arrive at the right answer really makes me feel like theirs and my hard work is worth it. "When I was teaching middle school math, we had a lesson on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers and my students had difficulty remembering which result was positive and negative. Science Teachers teach scientific concepts to middle and high school students. Middle school teachers serve as an important bridge that link elementary education to high school education. For grades 3 and up, you may require students to have an assignment book that has to be signed each night. Continue practicing by visiting these similar question sets. our editorial process. Show that you are willing to work on this teaching weakness, or indirectly show how one of your strengths can make up for that weakness. Be wary of candidates who are impatient and disorganized. Don’t get caught in your underwear! During her twenty years in the classroom, Cossondra has taught social studies, math, American history and technology to middle school students. Feel free to add more to your personal story as the interviewer wants to know you more about you than what's written on your resume. Job interview questions and sample answers list, tips, guide and advice. She is the author of "Making ADD Work" and "Test Success: Test-Taking and Study Strategies for All Students." This skill will certainly come over time, although it's great that you are addressing this already. One more quarter would give me 3.25. Good qualities for teachers include: Won't take more than 10-15 minutes and I would really appreciate your time! "My homework philosophy is: do it to the best of your ability. We have thousands of questions and answers created by interview experts. … Top 10 Middle School Teacher Interview Questions and Answers. ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. Plus, to further show my appreciation for your time - I would give a $20 gift card to every teacher who is interested in speaking with me! Schools are in need of qualified and dedicated teachers like you. - patience: persistently explaining to students of different levels Another student may say, "25 cents is a quarter. But over the years I've learned to get more creative and be persistent with helping them figure out the missing pieces. ", "Some may perceive my lack of experience as a weakness.". Findley advises that you really gather an understanding as to what the school cares about before going into your interview so you can show how you would bring that same passion. I try to encourage them that way so they keep trying. Some of my students really struggle with abstract math concepts and I incorporate figures, role-play, drawing, building with shapes, or animations to help them understand concepts.

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