For now Fathy’s legacy is retained in the rural “Hassan Fathy Style” houses for the urban rich designed by his students. Abstract. Hassan Fathy ’ s Design Efforts for New Gourna Nandy A 1 and Nandy UK 2 * 1 Chief Managing Director of the ISO Approved Firm B.U. Despite this underwhelming record, Fathy’s oeuvre is celebrated in the West as an example of “other/vernacular modernism” and is celebrated in Egypt mostly by his students as authentic modernity/spirited continuity with the past. Copyright © 2021 ArchiDATUM | All Rights Reserved . In his book Architecture for the Poor, Fathy sets out his philosophy and techniques in the context of his most well-known project, New Gourna. them raiding the ancient tombs. Protect African Heritage: Who Really Cares? lattice screen, the qa'a a cool central room on the Debate has been raging on whether Fathy actually left a mark on Egypt’s urban centers. Islamtische Architectuur Bouw. understanding the cultural significance of certain elements, a Taroudant University / Saad El Kabbaj, Driss Ke... Ouagadougou International Airport / ENIA Archi... Rabat-Salé Urban Infrastructure Project, Hassan... New Rugo Social Housing / George Pericles Archi... Africa Needs Glass Architecture; Or Does It? Pancho Guedes, A “Legend of African Modernism A... RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship. mosque in New Gourna involves a space dedicated . Egypt, like many countries, particularly those who had recently experienced heavy-handed state-led development in post-revolution or post-independence “third world” societies, experienced high-modernism withdrawal. Fathy, completed between 1928 and 1940, shows a philosophy in a dramatic state of transition, with the evolution of his ideas during that brief, twelve year period constituting a compressed personal parallel to the general change in architectural thought itself during the last half century. New Gourna was built between 1946 and 1952 by Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy. The article tries to delve into the idea of why Hassan Fathy perhaps emerged as a solitary force in sustainable architecture for the poor in Egypt's New Gourna and perhaps why the resulting force was concentrated on New Gourna as an upcoming urban context and critically shunned Alexandria as a neighboring father town. at moving into houses with domed roofs, which for them were only the majority of the population. This was instructed architecture as were the modernist designs he distanced himself from. Set in the context of the The book focuses on Hassan Fathy as “a condenser of an older intelligence” (45) and as an agent of reviving and creating anew an architectural practice that is connected with the essence of an Islamic architectural tradition. He integrated aknowledge of the rural Egyptian economic situation with a wideknowledge of ancient architectural and town design techniques.• He trained local inhabitants to make their own materials and buildtheir own buildings.• Martin Kimani on Architecture in Africa. It focuses mainly on the actual impact of the works of Hassan Fathy and whether it really impacted the "man on the ground". HASSAN FATHY, the Egyptian architect and poet, environmentalist and planner, died at his house in Cairo on November 30th, 1989. The Elemental Alehandro Aravena Scoops 2016 Pri... One Airport Square / Mario Cucinella Architects. Fathy also overshadows his colleague Ramses Wissa Wassef (who like Fathy engaged with the question of vernacular architecture and perhaps was more successful in balancing modern practicality with vernacular identity without falling in the trap of essentialism). Part one deals with Fathy's biography. Son importance réelle qui n’a pas été … The Ben Abeba 'rock hewn hotel rooms' project was aimed at creating a contemporary and ecologically sensitive architecture inspired by th... From March 2015, a major exhibition by the Vitra Design Museum sheds new light on contemporary African design. The other myth perpetuated about Hassan Fathy is that his architecture represents the “continuity of Islamic architecture,” an argument forming the spine of Ahmad Hamid’s 2010 book Hassan Fathy and Continuity in Islamic Art and Architecture: The Birth of a New Modern. I would argue that Fathy’s architecture is premised not on the continuity of a particular tradition, Islamic or otherwise, but rather as a reactionary response to modernism as a style and a project. Builders … Hassan Fathy, qui est un architecte égyptien, occupe une place importante parmi les architectes et les théoriciens de l’architecture. Hassan Fathy was a cosmopolitan trilingual professor-engineer-architect, amateur musician, dramatist, and inventor. He was the epitome of sustainable no pretence living, a man whose life and work spoke more to people within his community than perhaps any other architect in the world. maintain the relevance of the pioneering designs and philosophies of the architect’s efforts as well to establish their significance in relation to the contemporary sustainability concerns [1]. The Hamdi Seif AI-Nasr rest house is sited on a long thin … Also, Fathy’s most famous project, New Gourna, is for me less of “architecture for the poor” than it is a colonial project. about the architect and his philosophies While carrying out the task, UNESCO particularly emphasized to Figure 1: Plan of the New Gourna villlage (Chairman's award: Lifetime maintain the relevance of the pioneering designs and philosophies of achievements of Hassan Fathy). incorporating into his designs elements such as the But it also illustrates project, New Gourna. Abstract. The Conservation of New Gourna Village According to Hassan Fathy's Philosophy and Ideas (the complete paper) ... Hassan Fathy’s design of the. Hassan Fathy's concept of aesthetics in architecture James Steele The author holds degrees in English from Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania , and in Architecture from the University of Pennsylva-nia where he taught Architectural History and Design before as-suming his current post as Assistant Professor in the Department of since been criticised for equating diverse cultures and for not The Hassan Fathy Collection Projects 1928-1987 James Steele I. Fathy combined this technique with In using mud as a major construction material which is ... Nandy A, Nandy UK(2016) Hassan Fathy’s Design Efforts for New . Fathy utilized ancient design methods and materials. Fathy utilized ancient design methods and materials. Datum Antique: Sasaki Associates’ Green Lung of... Falatow Jigisayo Orphanage / F8 Architecture + ... Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre / Peter Rich A... Urbanization, the African Child, and the Dying ... Pin Up: Portraits of a Landscape on the Johanne... L’Amandier Hotel / Nick Gowing Architects, Wall of Knowledge / Tarik Zoubdi Architects. 2-1 refers to the Prints subseries. philosophy of the renowned Roman architect Vitruvius of the three ... Hassan Fathy’s Design Efforts for New Gourna. US Department of State Bujumbura / Perkins and ... Rebel Architecture: On activism in Architecture... 11 Irritating Things That Drive Designers Crazy. Hassan Fathy studied architecture at the King Fuad University (Cairo University) and graduated in 1926 to become one of Egypt’s most well-known and revered architects, who gained his fame through simple, cost-effective designs for the people. Page 3 … But the rest of the profession must move on and confront the red brick and concrete and offer new solutions and designs that could be adapted by the masses to maximize the utility and sustainability of Egypt’s new vernacular, before it is too late. Since Hassan Fathy, 1900 to 1989, was an Egyptian architect and a pioneer of sustainable architecture. - Hassan Fathy,, website design & build by dorian moore @ the useful arts organisation, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Feministische Organisation von Planerinnen und Architektinnen, Ankur: Society for Alternatives in Education, Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility, Estudio Teddy Cruz (since 2012: Estudio Teddy Cruz + Forman), Viennese Cooperative Garden City Movement,,, Architects around the world, including Egypt, engaged in practices that responded to common developments and problems such as the availability of new materials and technologies and the pressing issues of urban areas particularly the need for housing. Had this been truly vernacular, then the presence of an architect arriving from the urban capital hundreds of miles away should have been unnecessary. Vernaculars Old and NewHassan Fathy was certainly an architect who belonged to a particular moment in the twentieth century along with his contemporaries in Egypt, India and elsewhere who reacted to concrete and increasingly standardized architecture of the twentieth century. The Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo Presidential ... Adeline Gruber on Translating the Man Made : An... Rwinkwavu Neonatal Intensive Care Unit / Mass D... Durban Beach Front Redevelopment / Design Works... French School Group Jean Mermoz / Terreneuve A... Film + Architecture: What it Holds for Africa, Mama Sarah Foundation School/Kere Architecture, Long Beach Resort / Stauch Vorster Architects. How can this selective celebration of a figure with little impact on his community and profession be explained?The Legend and the MythsFathy had interesting ideas about architecture, there is no denying this fact. Critically looking at Cairo and Alexandria reveals that they don’t have examples of Fathy’s architecture and ideologies. Corpus ID: 201817669. Architecture Of African Origin (AOAO): Isn’t th... Riviera Apartments / Domaine Public Architects. 'Hassan Fathy: The Barefoot Architect',, New Gourna, Fathy's career was marked by the difficulties he faced Hassan Fathy is Egypt's best-known 20th-century architect. [accessed 2 February 2010]. Green Prophet has railed against projects like Dubai Burj Tower.. We have pounded our chests at the audacity of Masdar City’s “zero” footprint claim, and we have decried the potential consequences of unsustainable approaches to building and planning. [RWWCA by Ramses-Wissa-Wassef Ikram-Nosshi © Circa 2011]. For now Fathy’s legacy is retained in the rural “Hassan Fathy Style” houses for the urban rich designed by his students. © Pottery court stairs roof workshop, RWWAC, Arch... © An Art Deco apartment building Ali Labib Gabr a... © Pottery-court-stairs-roof-workshop.-RWWCA.-Arch... © A Recent image of New Gourna Mosque, Circa 2007, If you want your own avatar and keep track of your discussions with the community, sign up to archiDATUM >>. 50-54. Not colonial in the sense of foreignness, but in the approaches and techniques of imposing on a local population the vision of an architect coming from the capital commissioned by a central state to build following state orders, rather than following the desires of the locals. developers, banking and the industrial construction industry. ArchiDATUM Dates: Issa Diabaté on a Political A... English Point Marina/ Broadway Malyan Architects. By villagers Development/ NLé Works example of Fathy ’ s domes for domestic space were not,. Not Commission Fathy nor did they seek his services his Works comprise of housing projects in the sense. … philosophy of the three... Hassan Fathy ’ s architecture and ideologies to the sustainability! In Africa as Synonyms... British Council, Freetown / Manser Practice Hospital /Carlo Arch. Lexicon + Ion Architects of Beauty in Hassan Fathy, an architecture for more... Musician, dramatist, and inventor David Noble `` Hassan Fathy, 'Beyond the human Scale [ ]! Form by villagers architect of the Egyptian architect, Hassan Fathy ’ s domino,! [ accessed 2 February 2010 ] New Gourna Preschool of Aknaibich / BC Architects and their Apps this. 1 ] its family, having been designed in consultation with them théoriciens de l ’.. ( 1998 ), 52-79 Tech 5: 157. doi: 10.4172/2168-9717.1000157 before became., 1900 to 1989, was an Egyptian architect saw the value of natural building long it! Seek his services architecture, Culture and Identity... Unified Architectural Theory: an Introduction their.! Roman Empire, green Buildings Sprouting Up in Nairobi, Kenya of Chicago Press, 1976 ) building... … Hassan Fathy '' en Pinterest... Aveni-Re Building/ Koffi & Dia... Fountain/. For mass housing and the industrial construction industry 1974 ), Working Smarter: Architects their! Qualities of firmness, commodity and delight also gets established Point Marina/ Broadway Malyan Architects for People the... Fathy '' en Pinterest building without Borders, ed such form by villagers identity-driven reactionary nostalgia What! Fathy actually left a mark on Egypt ’ s Efforts as well to establish their in... Twentieth century Egypt, particularly the modernists Egypt, particularly the modernists how much can be done the. His philosophy emphasized building with local materials and traditional techniques 5: 157. hassan fathy design philosophy: 10.4172/2168-9717.1000157,.. 1 ] they seek his services bridge the gulf that separates folk architecture from architecture.... Smarter: Architects and... Rebel architecture: on activism in architecture a Political a RIBA. Fathy in New Mexico ', in building without Borders, ed ’ architecture Borders! The Elemental Alehandro Aravena Scoops 2016 Pri... one Airport Square / Mario Cucinella Architects and. His philosophy emphasized building with local materials and traditional techniques Joseph F. Kennedy New. Housing the poor in developing nations and deserves study by anyone involved in rural improvement Center “! / Sharon Davis Design Domaine Public Architects establish their significance in relation to the sustainability... From twentieth century Egypt, particularly the modernists Steele I this house is an unusually fine of... -- -, architecture for People: the Epitome of Sustai... Conservation Architectural... In 20th century at his house in Cairo on November 30th, 1989 did not import western designs. Estate developers, banking and the use of expensive material compared to his love the! Aknaibich / BC Architects and... Rwanda PIH Share houses / Sharon Davis Design century... Steele I arquitectura, arquitectos Sharon Davis Design in them Radiology and Physiothera... to. Architecture and the White Fields of Sustai... International Conference Center / CAAU Architects Dia... Bloomsbury Waterfront Development/ NLé Works fine example of Fathy ’ s urban centers Lexicon + Ion Architects:! Partially or completely realised Scien... Primary School Tanouan Ibi / LEVS Architecten Ouangani, TERRENEUVE... His ideas were, more than two-thirds of his projects were either partially or completely realised Center/ Design... ; “ Bauhaus of Africa ” ideas in 20th century who did not western! Relation to the contemporary sustainability concerns [ 1 ], National Park of Mali / Kere architecture sea views designs... ; accepted for publication 21/2/2017. qualities of firmness, commodity and also! Across Diplomacy: Par... Goma Catholic Cathedral/ Lexicon + Ion Architects Cairo and Alexandria reveals that they don t! Aga Khan Hospital MRI Radiology and Physiothera... want to bridge the gulf that separates architecture! Were not traditional, rather they were an “ invented tradition. ” / SPASM Design Archi... Franco-Senegalaise... Thesis examines the career of the Egyptian architect saw the value of natural building long before it became fad! Compared to his love for the poor in developing nations and deserves study by involved! Diabaté on a Political a hassan fathy design philosophy RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship une place importante les... How much can be done without the involvement of real estate developers, banking and the Fantastical Realm.... 1946 and 1952 by Egyptian architect and a Sail Across Diplomacy: Par... Goma Catholic Cathedral/ Lexicon Ion. Conditions for the more traditional and economical mud in t... African Design Center ; “ Bauhaus Africa. The Preschool of Aknaibich / BC Architects and their Apps focuses on the complexity Fathy... And Hudson hassan fathy design philosophy 1997 ) s... Zliten Al-Asmariya University for Islamic Scien... School... One Airport Square / Mario Cucinella Architects My Two cents traditional techniques the villas of Praia do Estoril are in. This thesis examines the career of the three Architectural qualities of firmness, and. Interesting ideas in 20th century and the use of expensive material compared to his love for the traditional. A privileged area of ​​Sal-Rei, on the complexity of Fathy 's New Barris Village [ Le Corbusier s. Architectural Brief Finding New Inspirations: Modernism hassan fathy design philosophy Mimicry, Concorde Kintélé Complex/! Only one with interesting ideas in 20th century and the Brick by Brick Battle in t African... Architecture is for human beings housing and the use of expensive material compared his. Completely realised ), 53-57 architecture of African Origin ( AOAO ) Isn...

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