Price: $41.67. Next to this, the material, length, and power of a fishing rod are also worth remembering. It’s also beneficial to think of the types of fish you prefer to catch. This is a good thing to get and add to your collection. Bedok Jetty. We think it’s one of the most amazing fishing rods in Singapore today. We looked for the best-performing fishing rods available in the country today. Berkley - PowerBait Realistix Kicker Frog - Soft Plastic Frog Bait; Berkley - PowerBait Sick Fish - Soft Plastic Swim Bait; Berkley - SW PowerBait - Bubble Sardine 2in - Soft Plastic Swim Bait; Berkley - SW PowerBait - Bubble Spear 2.2in - Soft Plastic Craw Bait; Berkley - SW PowerBait - Sabiky 1.8in - Soft Plastic Swim Bait; Daiwa Lure: Baitcasting, Buck Tail, Crank Bait, Double and Treble Hooks, Harimitsu, Inchiku and Madai Jigs, Jig Head Hooks, Metal Jigs, Others, Poppers, Rubber Jig, Saltwater Minnows, Soft Plastic, Spinner Bait, Spoons and jigs, Squid Jigs, Stick Baits, Terminal Tackle, Top Water, Trolling Lures, Trolling Skirts, Vibration. Thus, what you have is a smooth bend when you load the road. Are you looking for a fishing rod that can fit within a tight budget? On the other hand, if you only plan to catch small fish, then it’s best to use a spinning rod. Some even claim that it hits two birds with one stone because it’s also capable of catching small fish, should users be in the mood to catch some. Live Bait … At Decathlon Singapore, we offer the best fishing equipment for the best prices! Singapore Southern Island Fishing . To some anglers, fishing … I plan on purchasing another one of these reels in the very near future and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great reel. It takes up minimal space and is so easy to use!! Similar to the previous Goture model, this one can be used by both professional and beginners. Best for Overall Value. When fishing live bait, you will usually get you best results deep drop fishing. Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-7:30pm Right after the materials, the next thing you should consider is the length. Night Herring or “Tua Bak” Night herring come near to the jetty under the light. Graphite rods are also known for their fighting power. The best times to fish are when the fish are naturally most active. For beginners, it’s advisable to go with a length not more than 7 feet. If you like catching larger fish, then a casting rod would be perfect for you. If so, let us know about it so we can evaluate it too! Totally recommend this rod, pair it with a 4000 size reel and the uses are pretty wide.”. “This rod has been pretty handy for this exact purpose. Ocean Thug’s Light Jigging Model is designed for a more sensitive fishing with light jig works in shallow waters. Large place but not so clean. Terro T300 has satisfied customers everywhere due to its… Come and join us for 4 hrs fishing trip with your family. Despite being more on the expensive side, this fishing rod will definitely make your fishing sessions more enjoyable and productive. If you don’t buy the idea of cheap items being durable, then consider this one different! Large fish can be found here. More information about the Private Fishing Trip. Since Goture is one of the most trusted names in fishing rods, it’s no surprise that another one of their models ended up on our list. If you’re relatively new to this, though, it’s better to take your time knowing about what makes a fishing rod great. The power of a fishing rod usually boils down to its ability to lift and carry both bait and fish while bending. Singapore fishing charters do not typically provide fishing gear for their customers, although some may have some you can use for a nominal rental fee. To further expound on what we’re talking about, let’s go over each point below: The different fishing rod types are meant for different environments and fish. A customer who bought the product on Amazon commented: “My new Goture Aquila spinning reel is one of the smoothest spinning reels that I have ever used. Reservoir Parks., Accel, Active, Anglers Support Service, Apia, Avail, Awabi Honpo, B True, Basic Gear, Bassday, Beat, Belmont, Biovex, Black Engineering, Blue Blue, Bombada, Breaden, Buddy Works, Capoon, Chase Baits, Cony, Coreman, Cranka, Crimson, Cross Two, Daiichi, Daiwa…, …Decoy, Deps, Duo, Eagle Claw, Eastaboga, Eclipse, Ecogear, Evergreen, Ezo Hachi, Fast, FCL Labo, Feed, Fina, Finesse, Fins, Fish Arrow, Fisherman, Flash Union, Fuji, G loomis, Gamakatsu, Gan Craft, Gear Labo, Gee Crack, Golden Mean, GPC, Handmade…, …Hapyson, Harimitsu, Hiyoshiya Five Two, Hots, HPA, Ima, Imakatsu, Issei, Jackall, Jackson, Jigskinz, Jumprize, Jungle Gym, Kahara, Kamiwaza, Kanji, Kikuchi, Line System, Little Jack, Live Target, Livre, LSD, Luhr Jensen, Lumica, Magbite, Major Craft, Malin…, …Mangrove Studio, Maria, MC Works, Megabass, Meiho, Melon Ya, Mustad, Nikko, No Brand, NOL Corp, Nories, NT, Ocean Ruler, ODZ, OFT, OGK, One Bite One Fish, OSP, Overboard, Owner, Palmarius, Paz, Pisiz, Power Pro, Pro Cure, Prox, Rad Sense…, …Rapala, RBB, Reel Spa, Ring Star, Rodio Craft, Rucks, Ryugi, Sanyo, Sasame, Seaguar, Seven Guide, Shimano, Shout, Siyouei, Smith, Snowpeak, Spro, Storm, Studio Ocean Mark, Sunline, T-Reign, Tackle, Tackle House, Tackle Tactics, Taka, Ten Mouth…. That said, we recommend that you use it only for small fish because it may not be able to handle bigger ones. Since fishing rods should be able to carry the weight of a fish, it’s only proper that they’re made with strong and durable materials. In addition, there are materials that are great for beginners sharpening their fishing skills. In terms of its power, it’s specified as heavy to medium heavy. All anglers know that one of their most important pieces of equipment is the fishing rod. Often, catfish, lake trout, salmon, pike, striped bass, and other heavyweights … It handled some redfish action with no problem at all. For those who don’t want to carry a bulky and heavy fishing rod, then the Sougayilang Blue Mini is a must-have for your fishing trips! Casting rods are also ideal for deepwater fishing. However, if you are looking for a bigger catch, going on a fishing charter opens up your options considerably. Most buyers of the Goture Sword adore how perfect it is for catching heavy fish. Just look at its elegant and sleek design! Like the models mentioned before, you can choose to have either a spinning or casting rod with this one. One of the best bait fish around. The rod is lightweight so it’s comfortable to use and portable—you can bring it anywhere you go. Cloth: Fishing Wear, Gloves, Head Gear, Life Jackets, Belts, PFDs, Others, Shirts. Many buyers were impressed with the quality of the Goture Xceed Fishing Rod, as well as its affordability and unique features. The best feature of the rod is that it eliminated the uneven weight on each joint. When Is the Best Time to Go Fishing? There are several companies that provide fishing charter. Being lightweight and portable, it can be ideal for beginners who are looking forward to sharpening their fishing skills. It’s also one of the few fishing rods made with high-density 24 carbon fibre and glass fibre, which contributes to the strength and power of the rod. Cast your spinning reel anywhere along the walkway, and wait for your bait to be picked up. Danish Design Co – European Designer Furniture in Singapore, G&B Comics – Comic Book Store in Singapore, POSB Branches in Singapore - Banks in Singapore, SAM Machines in Singapore - Locations & Opening Hours, Sea Horse Shops Singapore - Mattresses & Pillows, Jollibee Outlets in Singapore - Locations & Opening Hours, Nike Shops in Singapore - Sportswear & Footwear, Build-A-Bear Workshop Toy Stores in Singapore (CLOSED), Montip – Fashion Accessories in Singapore, Madera de Mango – Home Decor Shop in Singapore, Luxebags – Luxury Designer Bags in Singapore, Lush Addiction – Swarovski Crystal Jewellery in Singapore, MoneyMax Jewellery – Preowned Rolex Watches in Singapore, Lifexp – Mobile Phone Accessories in Singapore, 3D Watch Shop – G-Shock Watches in Singapore. This jetty is one of the most popular fishing spots of all time. Line: Assist Rope, Braided Lines, Ester Line, Fluorocarbon, Nylon, P.E Lines. What makes spinning rods different from casting rods is that their guides are at the bottom of the blank, not at the top. Terminal: Assist Hooks, Assist Rope, Bait Rigs & Sabikis, Baiting Hooks, Crimping Tools, Double and Treble Hooks, Hook Bonnets, Jig Head Hooks, Lure Parts and Accessories, Others, Single Hooks for Lures, Sinker and Weights, Snaps, Soft Plastic, Solid Rings, Split Rings, Swivels, Trolling Skirts, Wire, Worm Hooks. Aside from these reminders, respecting Singapore’s rules regarding fishing is key to avoid any issues. I am Alo, from Singapore, and I have been fishing regularly since the 1980s. Further, it is ultra-sensitive to movements and it has a superior grip power. Scad is a year round fish at the jetty. The two most common types are called casting rods and spinning rods, both of which have their own unique uses and features. Their travel rod series is available both in spinning and baitcasting style so you can choose between the two. Fishing Rods, Reels, Tackles & Equipment Online in Singapore. If your heart’s set on making fish and chips out of your catch, by the way, you may want to look at our list of the best deep fryers in Singapore. These should crisp up your meal perfectly for a truly satisfying dinner to cap off your day! Storage: Jig Cases, Lure Parts and Accessories, Others, Pliers and Sheaths, Reel Bags, Spool Cases, Squid Jig Boxes and Cases, Tackle Bags, Tackle Boxes. I am a big backpacker and backcountry hunter/angler and have always owned various break down or telescoping rods. 3-hour fishing trip facilitated by Wanderlust Adventures, a member of Marine Stewards Singapore, an organisation promoting sustainable fishing practices in Singapore. Price:$17.90 (3 pack set) Limited Stocks At Shopee, Buy Now. Many customers who purchased the Sougayilang Telescopic were very satisfied with its unique features. It will be completed within a day on the scenic Lazarus Island, one of Singapore's best kept secrets. Especially for its price. Very impressed with its action and sensitivity. Overall, most customers said that they would buy the Goture Sword again if given the choice. It is very hard to plan for a long vacation, but a short fishing trip is a perfect getaway. On top of these, it also comes in a variety of lengths that allows users to pick out their desired rod length. It makes me want to upgrade my cheapo real.”. This is the Goture Sword, and we believe that it’s one of the most attractive options out there. This is where I share my shore fishing experience in simple step-by-step guides, catch reports and answers to frequently asked questions. If there’s a downside to this fishing rod, it’s that it’s only ideal for catching small fish. Visiting the store in Bussorah Street, you can buy, within the three shop floors, fishing clothing, decals, lines, lures, reels, reel parts, rods, rod parts, tools, hooks, as well as storage solutions. Best Fishing Charter Singapore Can Provide. Fishing rods come in a variety of lengths. "A few days before, our guide, Aaron, was thoughtful enough to email us details regarding the trip and a few tips on things to prepare such as motion sickness pill, and sunblock, for a more enjoyable experience." Lure Haven – Japanese Fishing Tackle in Singapore If you’re a traveler and you love fishing, then Voyage Rod should be your choice. If you don’t already know, the usual length of a fishing rod usually ranges from 6 to 12 feet. You will learn both the basic theory and practical aspects of fishing during a weekend getaway. It’s still pretty strong for its size, though. Punggol Point Jetty. My father used it more than I did, although we both used it, and he thinks it is great quality and wanted me to leave it with him to use in Taos. Fishing enthusiasts know that the equipment plays a very important role in determining the success of your catch. Punggol Jetty is a considerably short and small jetty where you can fish if you … For more experienced anglers, we believe that the length of 7 feet and up would be better. Goture Xceed. That way, you can make sure you pick the best rod for your requirements. As such, it’s a great match for those who like deep-sea fishing and catching large fish! All fishing gears are available for rent, so just come with your luck and some snacks. In Singapore, there are deep sea fishing trips organised by some boat owners at regular intervals, either weekly or fortnightly. I love saltwater surf fishing and bought this reel for that purpose. "We had an amazing time learning how to fish from a kayak, did a really good workout with the peddle kayaks and really enjoyed the times spent together on the waters." A customer who attested to its reputation of being travel-friendly commented: “This is perfect for traveling, I was able to take this to our vacation home in Taos, New Mexico and it was perfect for trout fishing and easy to store with our limited travel space. By the end of this article, you should have chosen one that will improve your fishing sessions. In terms of preference, professional anglers usually like fishing rods made from graphite because of their durability. For example, fish tend to feed more at sunrise and sunset, and also during a full moon (when tides are higher than average). On top of this, most of them agreed that it’s one of the most eye-catching fishing rods they’d ever laid their eyes on. Trying to find out its strength and power, a customer even used it to lift a gallon of water (successfully). Fillet-O-Fish Stripper. You can use a conventional or spinning rod and reel that is rated for 20 - 40 lbs. Further, it has an easy grip which makes it more convenient to fish. The ones we found are convenient, easy to use, and offer excellent value for you money. So, if you prefer to use one over the other, then there’s nothing to worry about! Unlike most fishing rods, this one comes in both spinning and casting options. Still, we think that it’s perfect for people who want to try out fishing but have no experience, because it’s easy to use and has no complicated features. Anyway, with that, we end our list of the best fishing rods in Singapore. 10 Best Salmon Baits January 2021 Results are Based on. This means that you won’t have to customize your existing rod just to fit your preference. Fishing is not only fun, but one of the best recreational activities you can do over the weekend or during a holiday. This is because they work well with most techniques and lure types. From pay ponds to jetties, a fishing spot is always easily within reach. The Sun, Moon, tides, and weather all influence fish activity. A good rod can make all the difference between landing a fish and losing it. Very impressed with its strength vs it’s weight. Unlike most fishing rods, its length goes up to 3.6 meters, making it perfect for professional anglers who already know how to control longer fishing rods. Take your kids for boat fishing in Singapore. Singapore has many legal places for fishing enthusiasts to enjoy. Apparel: Fishing Wear, Gloves, Head Gear, Life Jackets, Belts, PFDs, Others, Shirts. These boats will supply you with rods, reels, and bait. Drop your baits (ideally cigar minnows or pilchards for red snappers or sardines for groupers) down deep into the water column. If there’s anything that we love about the Goture Xceed fishing rod is that it’s perfect for both beginners and professional anglers, making it one of the ultimate fishing rods in Singapore. They’re filled…, The 9 Best Fishing Rods in Singapore for No More Than $50, What to Consider When Choosing a Fishing Rod, Comes with warranty and pouch for convenience, Made with high-quality and durable materials. In choosing the length of a fishing rod, you should consider the environment in which you usually catch fish. Light rods are ideal for smaller types of fish while heavy ones are perfect for deep sea fishing. The better your equipment, the higher chance you have of catching your target. This option makes the rod easier for beginners to use and control. The Beginner Angler's Course aims to introduce fishing to those interested in trying out fishing or searching for a new hobby. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble and comes with a handy hard carry case, to protect it as I go through the woods. Power usually ranges from ultra light and light to heavy, medium heavy, and ultra heavy. Pure Salmon Oil for Fishing Bait Liquid Feed Attractant & Boilies 1 Litre 9.8 9.3 9.9 2: More often than not, great fishing rods are made with either fiberglass or graphite — sometimes with both! Nonetheless, it remains to be durable, versatile, and flexible. Artificials are your only option for freshwater fishing in Singapore’s reservoirs: using natural bait may result in a fine of up to $3000. Welcome to, where you will find tried and tested tips and insider’s know-how for successful shore fishing.. It is easy to use for those of us that are amateurs and great for the advanced fishermen as well.”. Fishing around Singapore Southern Islands and take a break from the noisy city life is a wonderful thing to do. Additionally, it has a collapsible handle that’s interchangeable, so don’t worry about being left or right handed. Leaving your fishing lines, used bait, and hooks is not a good practice because it will pollute both the water and the park. The best places for fishing and prawning in Singapore You're sure to get hooked on fishing at these fishing and prawning spots By Jude Elliot Tan Posted: Wednesday February 20 2019 Not only is it ideal for deep sea fishing and catching large fish, it can also be used in almost any environment. Good bonding session at the sea is a great way to unwind. ATC Fishing Village (Jurong Hill) To efficiently catch fresh prawns perfect for the grill, ATC Fishing Village is your best bet. Best Fishing Times We Are One Of The Leading Fishing Tackle Retailer/Wholesaler For Premium Quality Fishing Products From Japan. As anglers, you will be met with a variety of fish that will test the strength and power of your fishing rods. offers premium live fishing bait, preserved & frozen bait and live pet feeders, shipped directly to your door at unbeatable prices. Singapore 199488 It’s measured from the end of the tip down to where the handle ends. Show Now On Shopee. 10 Bussorah Street Now that you know what to look for in a fishing rod, it’s time to move on to our list of the fishing rods we found to be worth your attention and money. But only certain time of the year the size is bigger. With live prawns generally considered the local angler's preferred weapon of choice, the Southern Islands also serve as a popular fish trap for a diverse range of bottom dwellers and rod-bending forage, including Grouper, Tuskfish, Grunts, Trevally, and many more! Live bait fishing, most people spend extra for live bait like prawns. If there’s … For a small red dot, Singapore has no shortage of fishing spots. Do you have a fishing rod in mind that wasn’t part of our list? Any of these options will definitely improve your fishing trips for the better. To purchase Japanese fishing tackle in Singapore, one of the best stores is Lure Haven, which operates within Rochor district, at 10 Bussorah Street. Additionally, it’s made with premium carbon materials, so you shouldn’t worry about it breaking anytime soon if you take care of it! Catch and cook the fresh fish for your lunch this weekend. Whether you are in the island state for a vacation, business, or employment, fishing is an activity that you can enjoy with your family at any time. …Tenryu, The Fish Grip, Tict, Tiemco, Toray, Tuf Line, Valley Hill, Vanfook, Varivas, Vickitan, Viva, Water Land, Waterside Peterpan, Whiplash Factory, Wild Lures, Xesta, Yamaga, Yamashita, Yamato, Yarie, YGK, Yo Zuri, YT Fusion, Zeake, Zeal, Zipbaits, Zman, and ZPI. Jurong Bird Park and the Science Centre aren’t the … I have taken it out twice and each time it has worked great, I’m surprised at how sensitive it is but I can easily feel my eggs bumping on the bottom when I’m drifting eggs. Lure: Baitcasting, Buck Tail, Crank Bait, Double and Treble Hooks, Harimitsu, Inchiku and Madai Jigs, Jig Head Hooks, Metal Jigs, Others, Poppers, Rubber Jig, Saltwater Minnows, Soft Plastic, Spinner Bait, Spoons and jigs, Squid Jigs, Stick Baits, Terminal Tackle, Top Water, Trolling L… Before we go over them, we’ll give you a few important things to consider before getting yourself a fishing rod. It even comes with a carbon blank that provides extra support and toughness for catching heavy and large fish. Having a portable fishing rod will definitely make your fishing sessions hassle-free and easy. ATC Fishing Village (Jurong Hill) – from $12/hr. In spite of that, it’s amazingly light and portable! You will enjoy the sun, the sea and the breeze. Singapore prohibits the use of live bait for fishing in designated areas within its reservoir parks that provide fishing facilities for anglers. You are also free to choose your desired rod length. It’s also perfect for beginners because it’s smaller and doesn’t weigh a lot. Too many people, rare chance to catch if you never been here If you do not want to fish on a crowded boat, you can fish … This is definitely the highest quality rod I’ve owned. It’s also made with premium materials that are designed to be durable. This fishing rod usually comes with the guide on top of the blank — that allows you to place your casts with accuracy. Free shipping on all orders. This one will definitely last for a long time, and that’s why it’s at the top of our list. Lastly, it’s one of the most beautifully crafted fishing rods we’ve ever seen! I think I have a co-worker sold on this reel also.”. Tool: Bait Rigs & Sabikis, Electrical Fishing Tools, Fighting Belts and Harnesses, Fish Grips, Fish Release Tools, Head Gear, Knot Tying Tools, Lanyards and Safety Lines, Line Cutters, Line Spooling Devices, Lure Parts and Accessories, Maintenance and Repair, Nets and Gaffs, Others, Pin On Reels, Pliers and Sheaths, Reel Bags, Reel Maintenance, Rod Straps, Rod Tip Covers, Sunglasses, Terminal Tackle, Tools and Essentials. If you’re a professional angler, you should consider the materials of your fishing rods carefully. You will be fishing with a lot of other people and it could be crowded. If you prefer to go after large and heavy fish, then you should definitely get this one because it’s one of the strongest fishing rods out there. Thus, if you’re a fan of their products, you won’t ever go wrong with this. Despite being lightweight, it does the job of catching fish pretty well. You won’t have a hard time carrying this one anywhere. Not every time you able to get them. Fishing rods made from fiberglass are a great match for beginners because of their easy maintenance, on the other hand. If you’ve used the Sougayilang Mini Telescopic before but want to move on to a heavy duty variant, then you should take a look at the Sougayilang Telescopic. What’s more, it has a comfortable and wear-resistant handle that won’t hurt your hands even after hours of fishing. The current moonphase is a Waning Crescent and 6 percent of the moon is visible. Taking multivitamins has become quite a necessity to make sure that our body is…, Getting your hands on the best umbrellas in Singapore is an effective way to…, Fish oil supplements are known to be the most beneficial supplements nowadays. However, you should also consider your casting styles and techniques before choosing the length. Catches like grouper, rabbitfish and even barramundi await. Prawning . If so, you can make this activity much more enjoyable when you’re equipped with the best fishing rods in Singapore! Jigbutt takes pride in having the very first detachable rod extension in the market. Set sail from ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove and cruise around the Southern Islands with on-board fishing activity If you already know what you want, though, feel free to jump ahead to our list of the best fishing rods in Singapore now! For example, one of the first things you should consider is the type of fishing rod. A customer from Amazon wrote this feedback: “All in all an awesome product. If you want a fishing rod that can last for a long time and endure multiple uses, then you should check out the Goture Aquila. The line may also cause unwanted accidents if left lying on the ground. Yet, it is also sturdy if you want to hook a bigger fish. Decal: Lure Parts and Accessories, Stickers / Decals, Wappens / Patches. This model still retains the signature multi-axis wrapping of other Jigbutt’s rod. Fiberglass rods are also known to be sturdy but can be a bit heavy. Visit Our Site & Start Shopping! Today's Solunar Fishing Times for Singapore, Singapore According to our calculations, today Nov 13, 2020 has a 2 out of 4 rating ( ) and is a average day for fishing. Their travel rod series is designed specifically to cater individuals who love to venture places or spots for fishing. Its rod is made for those who love fishing in reefs. It's also not allowed to fly fish in most areas. Shorter rods are generally easy to control and less likely to bend. Kam Hong her or Ikan Kambong. The 10 Best Fish Baits 5,823 reviews scanned The 10 Best Fishing Bates 3,858 reviews scanned The 10 Best Fishing Line For Basses 1,391 reviews scanned Product comparison table # Is fishing one of your favorite hobbies? Most who have purchased this product are in awe of how sturdy and durable it is despite its low price. Kambong is a season fish at the jetty also. If you are, look no further than the Tokushima Fishing Rod, one of the most affordable fishing rods in the market today. Established in 2004, the company is a Japanese fishing tackle specialty store, one of the leading local retailers of premium Japanese lure fishing brands.

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