Eligibility Criteria of WPT & BC, Assam Financial Assistance 2020 Candidates must fulfill following eligibility criteria to apply for Financial Assistance to the ST(P)/OBC Graduate Unemployed Youths offered by Directorate of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes, Assam Caste: He/ She must belong to ST(P)/ OBC category of Assam. Students Eligible. These inspiring men and women have made a positive contribution in different fields – including religion, science, literature, politics, human rights and art. Jagananna Amma Vodi is the one of flagship programme announced by the Hon'ble Chief Minister under Navaratnalu for providing financial assistance to each mother/ recognized guardian who is below poverty line, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and region to enable her to educate her child / children from class I to XII in all types of Schools / Jr. He grew up in Delhi’s posh Jor Bagh locality and currently lives in Golf Links, a neighbourhood in New Delhi. His grandfather, Harish Ahuja, runs one of India’s largest export house, Shahi Exports, and Anand is the managing director of it. Many scholars believe the system dates back more than 3,000 years. Who can Apply for Scholarship ? Caste definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. They must have passed the last qualifying examination. The seven sages are Agastya, Angirasa, Atri, Kashyapa, Bhrigu, Vasistha, and Bharadwaja. Caste System has been the bane of Hindu society for centuries. Anand Ahuja was born on 29 July 1983 in New Delhi. The British institutionalised caste into the workings of the major government institutions within India. In terms of impact, it did much greater damage for a much longer period to a great many people than the slave system of the western world or the witch-hunting practices of medieval Europe. When it comes to handing down Vedic knowledge verbally, from 9000 BC to 5000 BC, this is most important. Alitkar 12011/68/93-BCC(C) dt. This belief caught the attention of many people treated unfavorably in the caste system. A list of people who have made a positive contribution to the world. Krishna is a key figure in Hinduism. Caste/ Community Resolution No. The … Furthermore, to boost the current education scenario of the state, the Government of Tamil Nadu and its subsidiary departments also run a number of Tamil Nadu scholarship schemes for … Sri Krishna c 3,000-4,000 BC. He is the owner of a popular clothing brand called Bhane. 2.Student must be either Schedule Tribe (ST) or Schedule Caste (SC) or Backward Class (BC). BC-EBC Post Matric Scholarship, Bihar: For BC/EBC: The students studying at post-matriculation level (class 11 to postgraduation level) can apply for this scholarship. The Vedas were written in 5000 BC. Official Website of Other Backward Classes & Scheduled caste. All Institutions in Jharkhand recognized by Government of Jharkhand/Competent Authority. Click here. He gave discourses on spirituality and religion which […] 6 The Muslim Mallah caste are included in the OBC state list. Tentative eligible list of OBC students for award of OBC Pos...-- October 10, 2020. 3.Students Annual Family Income from all sources should not exceed as per the list given below. The main benefactors of this indirect rule were the upper castes or forward castes, which maintained their hegemony and monopoly of control and influence over government institutes long after independence from the British. NEWS & EVENTS. 3. 10/09/1993 Facebook Twitter Google-plus. 1.Student must be of Jharkhand State. Look it up now! 12015/05/2011-BC II dt 17/02/2014 (size : .26MB) 198 Garudi, Garudiga, Garadiga (Hindu and Muslim) (whose traditional occupation is snake-charming and performing juggling and acrobats) They must not be in receipt of any other scholarship. The Indian subcontinent was later invaded by Alexander the Great, who brought a Persian influence to the culture. HOME; ABOUT US; ORGANIZATION; STATUTORY BODIES; SCHEMES . The Gotra are descents from ‘Saptarishi’, meaning 7 sages. & Date 1. Colleges from Academic Year 2019-2020. The annual income of the family should be less than INR 1.50 Lakh. Jammu and Kashmir [ edit ] This is a list of Muslim communities that have been granted Other Backward Classes status by the Government of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir , India. Screen Reader Access | -A A +A A A A . The caste system is a social hierarchy in India that divides Hindus based on their karma and dharma. Tamil Nadu Scholarship – Considered amongst the most literate states of the country, Tamil Nadu boasts about 100% GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) at primary as well as the upper-primary level of education. Sometime between 500 BC and 600 BC, Buddhism and Jainism were born with messages of nonviolence and equality of all humans. The Beginning of Divisions among Brahmins: sutra Period: During the sutra period, roughly between 1000 BC to 200 BC, Brahmins became divided into various Sakhas or branches, based on the adoption of different Vedas and different readings and interpretations of Vedas. CENTRAL LIST OF OBCs FOR THE STATE OF MAHARASHTRA Entry No.

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